OREO flavored liquid?

Discussion in '"Where can I get a .......?"' started by Xanax, May 27, 2010.

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  1. Xanax

    Xanax Ultra Member

    I am in love with Oreos. It's pretty serious, if the Food Pyramid was made of only Oreos I would be a happy camper. So does ANYONE know of an Oreo flavored liquid? Or one that just tastes like Oreos? I don't mean just chocolate cookie flavor, I mean Oreo! Help! I'm fiending for Oreos hardcore.
    PS: if you don't know of any Oreo liquids could you point me in the direction of someone who could try to make it for me?
  2. VRubin

    VRubin Vaping Master

    I was wondering the same thing today.......
  3. Xanax

    Xanax Ultra Member

    I'm glad I'm not alone. If I could just... Eat Oreos, drink an Oreo milkshake and vape on Oreo juice I'd be in heaven lol
  4. mianker

    mianker Super Member Verified Member

    WOW this is beyond weird, as I was driving to town today and thinking of DIY a recipe for Oreos was my number 1 thought. Unfortunately I haven't thought of how to make it. Hmmmmm
  5. Xanax

    Xanax Ultra Member

    WEIRD! One is a coincidence but two is a sign. We need to make Oreo liqui somehow! Are you a mix master?
  6. muttSRT

    muttSRT Supplier Associate

    try jerry at vaporbomb...he likes challenges
  7. VRubin

    VRubin Vaping Master

    I make a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and it has an oreo cookie crust, I was thinking I could try to make a juice but it would be lacking the crust.. and thats just not the same :(
    Someone help! lol
  8. Xanax

    Xanax Ultra Member

    I'll give him a try. keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. funguy

    funguy Senior Member

    Now I'm curious. Let me know how that works out Xanax. That could be tasty, but, you'd have to vape it with a glass of milk handy.
  10. Xanax

    Xanax Ultra Member

    LOL! Yes! This is true. Jerry (I think) from Vaporbomb Pmed me saying he would try it out so I think that we might have a chance!
  11. DaliMama

    DaliMama Senior Member

    Oh my! Count me in on the oreo juice request!
  12. Nagios

    Nagios Senior Member

    All the flavor, 0 calories? I'm in!
  13. Xanax

    Xanax Ultra Member

    Revival! Any takers?
  14. nicv827

    nicv827 Full Member Verified Member

    any update on the oreo vape? If Jerry is successful in making that flavor, that would AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd be VERY interested in purchasing some!
  15. Xanax

    Xanax Ultra Member

    I'm with you there! Updates? Any word? maybe?
  16. beast775

    beast775 Super Member

    this post makes me want oreos!:D
  17. GoG8trz

    GoG8trz Super Member Verified Member

    Count me in as someone who now wants an Oreo. Count me in if this gets perfected!
  18. marclap

    marclap Super Member Verified Member

    Never thought of this one... but now... I WANT IT!
  19. hdpjr68

    hdpjr68 Forum Supplier

    This is not an easy one let me tell ya, we are working on it the first few mixes feel just short, awaiting a special ingredient before we continue, will keep you posted.
  20. Happy Domino38

    Happy Domino38 Supplier Associate

    Not trying to steal Jerry's thunder, but have you emailed Geoff at Tasty Vapor?
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