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Discussion in 'Disposable E-cigarettes' started by DawnBella, Sep 14, 2013.

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  1. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    Not a disposable so move away mods lol

    Hey guys,

    I stopped by a local shop and seen the StarFire Mini kit (1 batt, 1usb, 1 cart) and wanted to try. Surprisingly very good!!


    . Same diameter as Blu, Modern Vapor Sidesho, Safecig Micro (discontinued) and the 306, etc.
    . Cartomizer cap is the soft rubber type that comes off super easy for refilling.
    . Can easily get 2 refills without issue.
    . Though they sell a box of 5 for cartomizers for $9.99, my shop is selling them for $7.99.
    . 24 mg in various flavors. The Tobacco is nothing special but pleasant. I 'think' it's Lucid eliquid or very close to it.
    . High vapor output with a 2-3 second pull.
    . Average TH for 24 mg.
    . Battery last well over an hour hitting hard.
    . Takes about 30 mins to charge.

    . The battery and the cartomizer are proprietary. The cartomizers will NOT screw down onto any of the above listed batteries and the battery will not spark other cartomizers. I was able to attach the Starfire cartomizers to a Colibri battery. (Even better vapor but looks funny lol).
    . The battery is only available in diamond tip. Sure looks sexy but only to the person watching you vap lol. You cannot see the LED when smoking. Super Grr to me like an eRoll!!
    . If I opted to order their PCC, its the old school screw the battery in type.

  2. NoAnalogs4me

    NoAnalogs4me Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I imagine the increase in vapor production is due to their carto's being VG based. Sounds very interesting! Thanks for the info!
  3. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    Yes they are though I believe a mix. The high vapor output with soft drag is not a VG thing though. I would imaging the carts are LRs. They kit does work very well for what it is. The funny part was forcing their cart on to the 7.8mm Colibri battery and it giving more vapor then an eroll on a good day. :p This setup looks funny (not flush and not screwed all the way down) but wow it works great!

  4. IndyJones

    IndyJones Super Member ECF Veteran

    I just saw an ad for starfire on comedy central cable channel. it was very impressive but very misleading in some ways. it had testimonials saying it was smooth and tasted a little better than a cigarette. it also said it was made with USA made vegetable glycerin "so you know there are good". the ad referred to "imagine smoking almost anywhere", "comes out to $2 a pack" and equated a carto to a pack of cigs.

    I recognized the name immediately. earlier this week i downloaded a "free" microsoft office 2010 program. it took hours to download but was not activated so of course i could not use it without paying for activation. I accepted some of the programs piggybacked on the office program. i deleted the office program but started getting pop up ads at the top of the ecf windows that i could not get rid of by maximizing my popup protection. it made the text bounce around so it was hard to click on a post for several seconds. in addition, it would bring up a new window advertising starfire that i could not get rid of without verifying i wanted to navigate away from the page so it took a few seconds to get back to the ecf window. after a few days i figured out that the pop ups could be eleminated when i uninstalled one of the piggybacked programs, it was called lyrics-say.

    it is good that they offer a good product and don't overcharge too much for the cartos, but i despise their marketing practices.
  5. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    They are no better or worse then the rest. Look at the wild claims NJOY makes about their $8.00-$9.00 King. The Starfire is a really nice e cig. I hate the diamond tip though. My other complaint is a lack of flavor but the vapor and TH (at 24mg) is there. Size is nice as well. Same size as the old Safecig Micro... which is about to come back as Atlantic E cigs.
  6. IndyJones

    IndyJones Super Member ECF Veteran

    Really? i can't name a single mass marketed one that is as bad or worse, can you? Just because the mass marketers cater to the ignorant beginners does it mean we should ignore or condone their misinformation campaigns? Would you feel the same way if they attacked YOUR computer with a pernitious program?
  7. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    Honestly, I'm not even sure what you are talking about or why I am wasting my time but ... I am not an ignorant beginner (4 years in with various kits and many posted reviews) and I still say the Starfire kit is a nice unit at a fair price. It out performs Blu without trying (if you wish to speak of companies preying on noobies). What are they misinforming me about and why do you feel the need to hijack this thread with nonsense?
  8. IndyJones

    IndyJones Super Member ECF Veteran

    of course i was not calling you a newbie or ignorant. that would be silly. it was obvious from your first post that you have been vaping for years. i enjoy the little auto cigalikes too.

    I don't know why you would take my criticism personally, it was not intended that way.
  9. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Show a closeup of the threads...those might be 510 threads...the "industry standard" but not sure without a better view of the threads on the carto

    But with your 4 year credentials and you saying it won't screw in..I believe you

    That teeny picture...I am almost guessing its 510...but I could be wrong

    Indy...slow your roll bro
  10. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master ECF Veteran

  11. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I do know the cartridges from a "greensmartliving" cartridge will screw into a 510 threaded device...back when I started a LOOOONG time ago...I bought one of those ecig packs from the gas station, it was a blister pack ($20)...battery went kaput...got my "new stuff" including my Vamo V3 and my USB bypass, just to see if it would fit screwed it on and took a puff...BLARRRGH
    Electronic Cigarette | Best E-Cig | GreenSmartLiving

    Realized I really like my fruity flavors...
  12. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    Vapor Girl's blog is old. It is NOT an L88B. They have changed it. It will NOT screw into a Blu battery or a MV Sidesho battery or a 510. As my pic shows, you can stuff it into a Colibri battery but it will not screw all the way down. The size of the cart is the same as the above but the threading is smaller so it will just spin. Anyway, since I can get a box of 5 for $8.00 I'm not worried. It's not my main kit. Nothing is anymore lol. I'm using the Krave King rechargeable at the moment. Not bad but has a nasty plastic taste to it. There is still NOT a real size rechargeable on the market that rocks!
  13. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    All good. Hugz~

    JJOOHHNN Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I am going to start watching for your posts. We have covered some of the same ground and I have learned from several of the posts you have made.
  15. DawnBella

    DawnBella Super Member ECF Veteran

    Thank you!!
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