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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Energon, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. Energon

    Energon Full Member

    Hi, new vaper here. I've read tons of threads the last couple of days that say how great passion flower can be along with e-cigs. I'd give up my analogs completely, and had done, but I found myself ending up in a near-homicidal rage so I reluctantly smoke a couple a day just to eliminate that effect. Apparently it's because of the lack of MAOI and passion flower can replace that... The problem is, the threads aren't too clear on what form the passion flower should be in. A few people say they added it to their juice, but some posters also say it tastes rather nasty, and I don't want to wreck the taste of my juice. I certainly wouldn't enjoy it if it tastes wrong! (I've always been very sensitive to anything remotely yucky, despite the supposedly-deadening effect of analogs. Yes, this does mean that I'm ecstatic to no longer have to taste the analogs themselves.) I was thinking of using the pill form that Vitacost has rather than trying to gag down any funky-tasting tea or ruin my juice. Will that work or am I doomed to the liquid form?
  2. swedishfish

    swedishfish Vaping Master Verified Member

    Energon, you're vaping and you still have cravings? How long have you been vaping?
  3. Energon

    Energon Full Member

    Only about a week.

    The thing is, I don't really crave analogs - as in, there's no typical nicotine fit feeling. I think I'd be fine if I could go into seclusion for about a week or two.

    The problem is, I can't, and I become very aggressive if I don't have at least a couple of analogs a day. It was all I could do to refrain from physical violence against a certain aggravating person! Reading this forum I got the impression that it could have something to do with the lack of MAOIs...
  4. Padishah

    Padishah Full Member

    I am interested in this also im two and a half weeks down and i dont even crave analogs havent touched one in all this time but i and those around me noticed i have a short fuse lately my nic on my juice is 18-36mg. so it has to be something i refuse to go back to analogs so i need something
  5. cookiebun

    cookiebun Ultra Member

    Supporting member
    Go ahead and have a few analogs.
    I didn't give up the analogs for at least 5 weeks after I started vaping.
    Don't get your self into a boat load of trouble just because you're trying to quit smoking.
    When you are ready to switch entirely to vaping it will just happen without a struggle.
  6. swedishfish

    swedishfish Vaping Master Verified Member

    Everyone doesn't quit on the day they start vaping. Many people ease into it. I didn't start vaping with the intention to quit so for me it was a pleasant surprise that I actually didn't want a cigarette.

    Make vaping fun! Slowly you'll enjoy the flavors more and no guilt feeling of being able to vape when, where and as much as you want! Within reason of course.

    I just wouldn't pressure myself so much.
  7. Energon

    Energon Full Member

    I hadn't originally been intending to quit either, but when I got my PV I saw how easy it could be. Then I read the "success stories" section and there's a load of people there saying they were able to insta-quit.

    In just a few days, I could feel the good of not smoking the analogs. That's even more motivation.

    It frustrates me to be so close and yet not on it. It's like missing the lotto by one number. :mad:

    I'm going to go ahead and order the passion flower today. Patience has never been a virtue of mine once I've decided to do something!
  8. swedishfish

    swedishfish Vaping Master Verified Member

    Instead of frustrating yourself, just enjoy the fact that you're smoking so many less cigs. You've only been vaping for a week.

    What exactly is passion flower supposed to do? If it worked, wouldn't everyone that smoked try it?
  9. Energon

    Energon Full Member

    You ask "why frustrate myself..." but my mindset is "why go through mental anguish 'toughing it out' or even waiting when I can pop a perfectly legit supplement and avoid that?"

    Anyway, passion flower is supposed to help replace the MAOI ordinarily present in cigarette smoke. The effect is calming and anti-depressant as well. The Health, Safety, and E-Smoking forum here on ECF has quite a few threads about it - but many of them end up getting too technical for me after a couple of pages since people seem more interested in extracting the active ingredient than just taking a supplement or drinking the tea ;)

    "Everyone" doesn't try something until everyone knows about it - and even then, the bandwagon doesn't start until it's super-easy. Many have tried it. The only problem is, they started getting into talk of extraction and the like and I couldn't find too many details at a layman's level.

    Still, from what I've seen with other physical issues, there usually is one or a few molecules that are actually doing the work. So it seems likely to me that this is a key component.

    Here's a couple of threads here on ECF. Google can bring up a lot more from here, too.
  10. swedishfish

    swedishfish Vaping Master Verified Member

    I guess it's worth a try, see if that is your issue. I doubt if there are that many people on the board that magically quit as soon as their pv was delivered and never wanted a cigarette.

    If it doesn't work I'd suggest increasing nicotine level, trying a different device or mod, or just giving it more time.
  11. Energon

    Energon Full Member

    One thing about the passion flower supplement is that it's pretty cheap. A new device isn't in the budget this month. I already spent more than I intended to with all the juice, extra attys, accessories, etc. LOL Plus, I like my Riva 510. The battery lasts and lasts, and it fits in my hand well.

    I suppose the most stellar insta-quit stories are exceptions, but there's enough to make it seem doable. I've never seen anything like it with any other method - at least, not where the reviews seemed legit.

    I have played with the nic levels, but without much luck. When I tried anything with a decent-seeming amount of nic, I got roaring headaches. I don't know what's up with that. I would have thought I'd need a fairly strong juice since I've smoked full-flavored for about 30 years. :confused: But if I go over 12mg long enough to curb the urge to draw on something, my head starts killing me - and vaping less often leaves me wanting.

    If it wasn't for that I'd certainly try some stronger stuff.

    Do you think maybe it's the PG causing the headaches instead of the nic level? My original juices were 100% PG, but now I've got 50-50...
  12. swedishfish

    swedishfish Vaping Master Verified Member

    Give it a try, it can't hurt and it might help. I'd love to know how you do with it.

    You smoked for a lot of years, I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. It might just take some time.

    My mom a 60 year smoker is not completely analog free. She started out with 36 mg nic and still smoked a few in the beginning. As time went on she greatly reduced her nicotine level and smoked less and less each day. After about a month I think she was smoking one a day, then none.

    You might be the type of person that needs to ease into it. Just because it didn't happen immediately, doesn't mean it won't happen.

    Relax! But good luck with the Passion Flower.
  13. Energon

    Energon Full Member

    Thanks for your well-wishes. I ended up ordering both the passion flower caps and the drops. That way if one doesn't do anything, I can try the other without paying another shipping fee. They ought to arrive next week, so I'll find out how it works then and post back!
  14. DC2

    DC2 I'm Chucked Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Have you thought about trying Swedish snus?
  15. Tracy68

    Tracy68 Senior Member

    Hi there. Today marks my first week of vaping and being totally off the cigarettes too.
    I also don't feel entirely satisfied and have been reading about these MAOI's. Though I don't feel quite the same as you there is constantly an edginess/ underlying craving for "something" despite increasing the nicotine.
    Would love to know how you go with the passion flower so please do post if you have any results with it.
    Perhaps though, and I have read from others, that it's just a matter of giving your body more time to adjust to a new state of "normal". After all, as we know there's so much more than just nicotine involved here and a week is still early days.
    Good luck anyway. Hope you feel better soon.
  16. Energon

    Energon Full Member


    Got my passion flower order the other day.

    The pills did nothing. The first night I slept better, but the effect was so mild that it could have been anything.

    The next day I tried the drops. Even though the bottle suggests 28-52 drops or so, I tried with just 10. It tastes NASTY, but that wasn't the biggest problem. They made me feel a bit wasted and seemed to steal about 30 IQ points - but did NOT really make me calmer. It was more like it jammed whatever chemical reaction that goes with the anger response...but let it go on far enough that I got all the other unpleasant reactions of being in the presence of irritating people :p

    One thing the drops DO do is promote sleep, which is actually what seems to be the most well-known effect. Passion flower DROPS will go in my ****nal as a sleep aid. Best of all, by taking them at night, I get to skip all the unwanted mental effects.

    Many people on this forum said they vape the passion flower along with their juice. I haven't tried that yet. I had bought a couple of empty bottles so I could mix some without wrecking an entire bottle of ejuice, but they got lost, so that project's on hold until I find my empties again. I will say that it'll surely take a STRONG ejuice flavor to mask the nastiness of the passion flower extract.

    I also hate feeling at all wasted, so I have my doubts that even the method of vaping a small amount of passion flower will end up working for me. It surely has something more than the MAOIs in it!

    I wasn't at all pleased with the "lightly blazed" feeling it caused. People who like to drink or maybe smoke/vape...alternative...plant material would probably like it a lot more. As for me, I'm feeling glad that I woke up to my normal self today with all of its mind-altering effect worn off!

    On another note:

    I tried some of SwedishFish's suggestions, and...

    I had a free sample of 24mg nic that had come with my order from FSUSA, and I've found that an occasional hit on that will definitely fix any true nicotine desire. For sure!! But if I have more than a few hits of it, I get a headache, pounding heart and other nic overdose symptoms. It didn't calm me down in any way, but it did allow me to quit chain-vaping the lesser stuff.

    I have some 18mg stuff hanging around too, but it's pretty nasty tasting so I won't bother with it. I got that with my ecig kit and it's a great example of the concept of hardware suppliers not knowing how to do juice. Maybe with my next order from FSUSA I'll get a couple of bottles.

    Mods - I've been trying some cart mods, and while that's fun, it hasn't affected my physically. Right now I've got the blue foam in the carts and I'm waiting for brass screens to arrive so I can try the brass screen mod.

    I think I'm just going to have to be more patient in getting 100% off of analogs. That's not the end of the world, but I would have been very bothered if I hadn't at least tried the passion flower.

    Edited to add: I'm still at only 2 analogs a day, so it's a definite improvement over the 1 1/2 - 2 packs a day I used to smoke!
  17. ShannonA

    ShannonA Ultra Member

    Just try to remember you're not giving up nicotine but nicotine is not the only adictive ingredient in a tobacco cig. Your body is adjusting to giving up all the CRAP. For me it was all but trouble free. I felt like I was missing something here and there but that was about it and a very mild feeling at that. For hubby... well he was a real bear for a few It was tempting to go buy him a pack of smokes... maybe I should have but he has (for lack of a better term) an addictive personality so I was afraid if he lit up again he would just go right back to smoking full time. Instead I counted to 100 alot reminded myself of what he was going through and we made it past the rough patch.

    I'd say the amount you've cut back so far is one heck of a leap. Give yourself a few weeks and cut back to one maybe your fav cig of the day. Give it a few more before you try to let go of that last one and if you need it let yourself have it.
  18. Energon

    Energon Full Member

    That's why I'm a bit worried about not giving up those last 2 right away. I can practically feel Philip Morris breathing down my neck like a greedy vulture whispering "just ONE wouldn't won't end up smoking even more"

    Same feeling I got when I first started smoking so long ago. This time I know not to believe it, but it's still a temptation I'd like to stamp out completely just in case.
  19. swedishfish

    swedishfish Vaping Master Verified Member

    Thanks for the update Energon. Interesting regarding sleep.

    Give yourself some time, and a lot of credit! I think you're doing really well. 2 a day is fabulous!
  20. Tracy68

    Tracy68 Senior Member

    Interestingly over the weekend someone mentioned the passionflower - they had used it to get off smoking dope. Reckoned it helped them, but then again from what you've said, how it made you feel I can understand why perhaps. I can't stand anything that makes me feel 'funny" so it probably wouldn't help me. I'm happy to report though that I seem to be over some sort of a hump and I feel significantly better. Wondering whether I should actually risk going to 24 mg or if I should just stay where I am?
    Perhaps it just takes time for your body to adjust not only to all those missing "other things" in smokes but also to the reduced amount of nicotine you get from vaping. You just don't get the nicotine the same way - you're missing that almost instant satisfaction that a cigarette brings. I think the body (and mind) protests because its something new and doesn't quite feel the same.
    Energon to have gone from almost 2 packs a day to only 2 cigarettes is bloody amazing don't you think? Don't beat yourself up about a couple a day for now. There's no time frame that says you HAVE to give them all up right NOW. Do what you have to do to get by and keep reminding yourself of how many smokes you haven't smoked!
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