PG & VG - Where to buy?

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by Joe Joe, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Joe Joe

    Joe Joe Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I guess the title is pretty obvious. Where can I buy PG & VG?
    Trader Joes?
    Rite Aid?

    (fyi, I'm located in California)

  2. RandallFlagg

    RandallFlagg Super Member ECF Veteran

    Hang on. Digging up a past post about this...
  3. RandallFlagg

    RandallFlagg Super Member ECF Veteran

    From a post on another thread:

    I found a place near me that sells propylene glycol, and another that sells pure vegetable glycerin.

    I bought an z bottle of PG from the cigar shop off of 47th and Wadsworth. It's on the east side of Wadsworth at the turnoff right before you get on the highway (I-70/I-76). Less than ten bucks for it.

    I bought a 16oz bottle of VG at Natural Grocers located at 11465 Washington street. It's in the skincare area and cost me $7.57.

    I hope this helps folks in my area here around North Denver.


    So, look either in Cigar shops, or natural foods stores in your area..
  4. Ice199

    Ice199 Full Member ECF Veteran

    Hi Joe Joe here are some online links for some VG and PG it's 100% pure and USP grade.
    And here is one for PG
    It can be hard sometimes hard to find local stores. Hope this helps you.:)
  5. scintar

    scintar Super Member ECF Veteran

    Michaels has small bottles of VG 2 oz wiltons for about $3.00
    If you don't want to order PG online, Most feed stores carry gallons for about $26.00 MAKE SURE IT IS USP GRADE.
  6. planetofthevapes

    planetofthevapes Super Member ECF Veteran

    If you can't find propylene glycol at a farm store (it is used for cows/sheep) then try your local veterinarians. I called a vets office yesterday and she asked if I wanted it for sheep I told her I just wanted it for a fog machine. She asked how much I wanted, I said 16 oz or less. She had it waiting for me when I got there. I got 20 oz or more for about $10. It is 100% propylene glycol, no additives, U.S.P. (I think that's food grade right?). Obviously if they take it from an open bottle make sure that they didn't add anything to it (they shouldn't, but just in case). Other than that, I use the glycerine from walmart in the skin care section, I know it is only 95% pure but it hasn't hurt me yet. I do not however advocate using it, it's best to use the stuff from the cake isle (wilton's?) but our walmart didn't have it. So, if you use the skin care glycerine, do so at your own risk.
  7. planetofthevapes

    planetofthevapes Super Member ECF Veteran

    Please be careful of getting PG at cigar shops. It tends to be 70% and has antifungals and other additives in it. If you find some at a cigar shop, make sure it is 100% USP with no additives!
  8. scintar

    scintar Super Member ECF Veteran

    I have heard good and bad from the wal-mart brand. I beleive it to be Humco? I would try to avoid it if possible. Some have no problems with it. I just don't do anything wal-mart myself.
  9. Joe Joe

    Joe Joe Senior Member ECF Veteran

    somebody found this:

    I got both VG and PG. :thumb:
  10. mamu

    mamu Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I wouldn't use Walmart or CVS or Walgreens stuff - just read the label and you'll know why.

    I've found LorAnn's glycerine to be tops with vapor and consistency.

    Mix it with distilled water and grain alcohol (Everclear) and a little ethyl maltol and you have's ECOpure :thumb:


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  11. dawnmarie

    dawnmarie Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    i am so excited finally found usp grade pg ...called sams club pharmacy and they ordered it for me.... 8.70 for 480 ml... ordered 4 thats like a 1.2 gal...
  12. WOB1010

    WOB1010 New Member

    Does Anyone know where to buy E-Liquid....WITHOUT Glycerine added?

    Everything I've got so far has 5 to 20% added.

    (I can't stand the stuff...It leaves a sicking sweet odd after taste clinging in my mouth ... Makes me spit and spit and drink lots of water juce trying to clear the palet)
  13. DragoonZeph

    DragoonZeph Senior Member

    Try juicyliquid, johnson creek, or liquid express, or totallly wicked....... After typing all these out, I would think your just not looking or reading through the forums here at all.....
  14. Rogue X2 v2

    Rogue X2 v2 Moved On

    I'm also from CA and got fed up asking around. So I went ahead and ordered an 8oz from Lorann's. The idiots working at Walmart, Rite Aid, and other stores around here are so clueless. It's funny, every time I ask for glycerin, the first thing they would say ask -- suppositories? LOL!
  15. Elendil

    Elendil Assclown Exterminator Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
  16. WOB1010

    WOB1010 New Member

    Yes buying your own PG and mixing is the way to go..
    (I'm holding a bottle of "totoly wicked"( mentioned above) - 20 %VG + 10% chemicals I'v never heard of ,and am sure no one has a clue as to there efects on the human body)

    But where to get the NICOTINE ?....I did a quick search...only found some used as insecticide with some other additives.
    {Have you actualy checked the ingredents of the others you mentioned ..or just guessing..Dragon}
  17. DragoonZeph

    DragoonZeph Senior Member

    Checked my bottle from juicy. From what I can tell its just PG and nicotine. I would assume that the bottle from totally wicked uses 10% for artificial flavoring of sorts. If you carefully read through the forums you will note that there are specific references to what kind of chemicals MIGHT be released when we smoke our e-cig. Most importantly though, you should note how many chemicals we are NOT inhaling because we are not smoking analogs.

    Your nicotine question can be answered with a simple search of the forums. Or here:
  18. cap10nemo

    cap10nemo Full Member ECF Veteran

    On another post Walrus directed me to:

    PG is 6.05 for 16oz #34616
    VG is 3.65 for 16oz #27216

    Hope this helps
  19. Joe Joe

    Joe Joe Senior Member ECF Veteran

    HA HAAAAAAAA, everytime I asked for glycerin all the pharmacists at Rite Aid and CVS said the same exact thing.

    I guess people in CA need a lot of suppositories. You know why? Cause a lot of people in CA are full of ****. LOL j/k!

    I wonder if anybody has tried using Glycerin suppositories? I'm sure there is somebody out there that has tried it. If you have, let us know if it worked. Fess up!

    Anyway, somebody on this site mentioned
    I ordered PG and VG and their prices are awesome. Maybe that'll help you out.

    Good luck.
  20. eSmoknLVN

    eSmoknLVN Full Member Verified Member

    hah.. my bro in law works in a pharmacy and I asked if they carry glycerin, and he asked why and I told him for my e-juice and he replied "I wouldn't smoke that sheit it's a suppository" haha...
    but in all fairness since I'm in the medical field also, If you go into a Pharmacy and you ask for stuff like that, they won't know what you are really asking for and your intent so yeah, no point in calling them idiots they are basically doing their jobs. Honestly, just try going to Michael's they sell Wilton glycerin in the baking area or online.
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