Photos of vape products claimed to cause injury

Discussion in 'APV and Mods Discussion' started by sofarsogood, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. sofarsogood

    sofarsogood Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Oct 12, 2014
    This news story is one of the rare instances where an injured vapor discloses what devices he was using. There is a photo of a tank, regulated mod and packaging that batteries were supposed to be in. Does anyone recognize the battery packaging? Is there any way to figure out what batteries it might have contained.
    E-cig explosion victim with serious burns out of hospital
  2. aikanae1

    aikanae1 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 2, 2013
    Why don't they ever blame the batteries?

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  3. puffon

    puffon Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 18, 2014
    The Villages, FL
    Somewhere on this forum there is a thread about this one.
    It shows a pic of the mod with 6 burnt LG HG2s.
    It looks like another loose batteries in the pocket situation.
    Can't find the thread. Anyone?
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  4. puffon

    puffon Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 18, 2014
    The Villages, FL
    Or the user....
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  5. somdcomputerguy

    somdcomputerguy vaper dedicato Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Dec 3, 2014
    Rupert, WV, USA
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  6. 93gc40

    93gc40 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 5, 2014
    Same reason they blame the gun.

    But in this case it just ignorance. And the fact they are reporting on an incident not determining cause.

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  7. DebbieNY

    DebbieNY Super Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 11, 2013
    New York City
    According to the article:

    Rubenstein (lawyer) said FDNY fire marshals are examining the device, but will returned it to Gooding (burn victim) after completing their investigation.

    Rubenstein called for the federal Food and Drug Administration to look at banning the sale of all e-cigarettes “until such time as the manufacturers figure out and correct product defects that cause these e-cigarettes to explode.”

    He said there have been 97 cases of exploding e-cigs since 2009.

    “At an appropriate time, after we’ve had the e-cigarette examined by our experts, we intend to pursue appropriate legal action and we will be getting custody of the e-cigarette.”

    A photo of the tank's, the device's, and the batteries' packaging is included in the article and the battery boxes clearly shows a photo warning about placing batteries in a pocket or purse, yet they are considering filing a suit against the e-cig manufacturer and calling for the ban of all e-cigs due to possible "product defects"... Ya can't fix stupid. :facepalm:
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  8. ChelsB

    ChelsB Ultra Member Verified Member

    Dec 12, 2016
    Santa Rosa, CA
    I agree. And I wonder if batteries in medical devices ever explode? Whose fault is it then?
  9. Cheallaigh

    Cheallaigh Ultra Member

    Aug 13, 2016
    Georgian Bay, Ontario
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  10. SteveS45

    SteveS45 Vaping Master

    Jan 27, 2016
    Long Island, New York
    Too bad we can't voice out true opinions on this ID-10-T and the loose batteries in his pocket. 6 batteries for one MOD? My RX200S lasts more than a day with constant chain vaping. I might bring another MOD with me but I have never seen the need to carry more batteries. Maybe if I am going away for a few days there is a need.
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  11. Cheallaigh

    Cheallaigh Ultra Member

    Aug 13, 2016
    Georgian Bay, Ontario
    my spares are always in a case, even in the house they go into a 4 pack battery case... but i do usually have 2 mods with me at all times, a tank and a squonker, and both are turned off in my pockets separate from anything else.
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  12. SteveS45

    SteveS45 Vaping Master

    Jan 27, 2016
    Long Island, New York
    Yes, all my batteries are in protective cases also. I don't keep them stored any other way..........
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  13. mongo74

    mongo74 It's just a flesh wound! Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Nov 15, 2016
    The surveillance footage is on youtube. If you maximize the video, you can see something slowy glowing and then sparking in his pocket before the explosions occur. I'm no expert, but I still think this is user error.
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  14. Bad Ninja

    Bad Ninja Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jun 26, 2013
    Salton Sea, CA
    Look, the fact is, exploding batteries are nothing new.
    Its not confined to the vape industry.

    Apple has already been through this with laptop batteries years ago.

    If they had a snowballs chance in hell of using exploding batteries to ban a product, laptops and tablets would be the first to go, followed by smartphones.

    It aint gonna happen.
  15. juicynoos

    juicynoos Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    From a consumer safety standpoint, the days of bare 18650 cells being used in mods may be coming to an end in many main-steam devices. As with other electronics they will most likely continue to feature in vaping products in a protected form such as in battery packs or individual sealed units.
    Regulated devices take much of the risk out of the equation but the human error element will always mean handling lithium cells in their current form carry's some risk for the uninformed.
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  16. Bad Ninja

    Bad Ninja Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jun 26, 2013
    Salton Sea, CA

    Replaceable batteties in mods, as well as mechanicals are not going anywhere. Neither are specific to vaping.
    A mech is a flashlight.
    Just because a small section of society chooses to remain uneducated on safe usage, yet carelessly uses a tool, the rest of the world won't be punished for their actions.
  17. juicynoos

    juicynoos Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Of course you are correct, we will be able to purchase 18650's, as mainly a mech user I better not be punished for others carelessness but if safe usage requires education, I can see a time when manufacturers of devices will be put under pressure to make them much safer in general, idiotproof specifically because Joe Public just wants to vape instead of smoke, without needing to make any effort to educate themselves in the process.
  18. KenD

    KenD Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Aug 20, 2013
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Difference is that a gun has no other real function than to kill.

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  19. Bad Ninja

    Bad Ninja Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jun 26, 2013
    Salton Sea, CA
    The sole purpose of a gun is firing a projectile. Period.
    I have lots of guns that get used quite alot.
    None have ever killed a person.
    Most have never killed anything...
    except a cardboard target.
    In fact, guns dont function at all on their own.

    Pressure from who?
    Most gear is manufactured outside the US.
    There isnt any legal precendent to redesign products because some users cant spend 5 minutes learning to use them properly.
    A warning may be required, but no one will be "pressured" to redesign mods for the uneducated.
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  20. Cheallaigh

    Cheallaigh Ultra Member

    Aug 13, 2016
    Georgian Bay, Ontario
    there was a time laptops were banned from air travel, i've posted the videos before, any battery can be an issue... people like to focus on the vaping aspect, forgetting the human factor as usual, and i've used that argument on a few. i practice battery safety, i don't abuse, store incorrectly, or over charge my batteries, and unlike a laptop i know exactly what batteries i am dealing with.

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