Protank 2 leaking

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by Outcast, Nov 1, 2013.

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  1. Outcast

    Outcast Senior Member

    My tank leaks throw to the battery connection its really bad any ideara
  2. JonnyB88

    JonnyB88 Ultra Member Verified Member

    So many variables.

    Are they stock coils, or rebuilt ones?
    Either way, did you remove the flavor wick?
    If rebuilt coils, what's your wick (silica, Ekowool, cotton, mesh)?
    What's the PG/VG ratio of your juice?
  3. BCWDragon

    BCWDragon Senior Member Verified Member

    What ProTank? 1/2 full size mini? How long have you been using the current coil? Premade Coil? Rebuild? At a guess I would say clean the center tube with a q-tip/blow out any extra juice that may have gotten in there when filling.

    Also could be:
    o-rings in top/bottom
    old atty break down
    coil not screwed in tight
    top/bottom not screwed in tight

    Vape on :vapor:
  4. Outcast

    Outcast Senior Member

    Had tank for 4 days so that's how old the head it protank 2 full coil is premade
  5. JonnyB88

    JonnyB88 Ultra Member Verified Member

    If you've done no tinkering with the stock coils, then I would simply suggest trying a new coil. You could just have a bad apple.
  6. Outcast

    Outcast Senior Member

    I did not remove a flaver stick shod i
  7. Outcast

    Outcast Senior Member

    I use 100%vg
  8. JonnyB88

    JonnyB88 Ultra Member Verified Member

    With 100%VG, removing the flavor wick could help with wicking. But, try a new coil first, and see how it goes.
  9. BCWDragon

    BCWDragon Senior Member Verified Member

    Agree 100% with Jonny, may be just a bad coil. If that doesn't work id check the seals.
  10. Outcast

    Outcast Senior Member

    OK thanks I will try the coil
  11. fundoodman

    fundoodman Super Member Verified Member

    I agree with the above also. Those are all good ideas. Or there might be a hole in your protank? haha :D
  12. Sthur

    Sthur Vaping Master Verified Member

    Did you screw the coil down tight? Sometime easiest fix is the problem
  13. Criticalmass

    Criticalmass Ultra Member Verified Member

    I have noticed that the coil on my mini-protank 2 will come unscrewed (heh) each time I refill (though I didn't notice it when I visually checked it). I found this out last night when it leaked all over my hand. lol. So I have to make sure to tighten it up on each refill. This does not happen with my EVOD tanks.
  14. Ld3441

    Ld3441 Super Member Verified Member

    I have 3 and have had no problems with any of them until last night when I cleaned one along with cleaning others. It was leaking popping gurgling like crazy. When I took it apart again to look and see what was going on, I had an EXTRA o-ring in there. not sure exactly how that happened. Upon putting it back together again it works perfect. Check it out and make sure it all together properly. :)
  15. joeybear

    joeybear Super Member Verified Member

    If not the coil, check the o-ring on the base
  16. WidowsSon

    WidowsSon Senior Member Verified Member

    Had my pro tank 2 for two weeks very light use (2 uses as daily vape), will leak overnight after leaving leftover juice in tank to finish next day... I'll check some of these suggests.
  17. Translations

    Translations Full Member

    I would suggest getting a new tank, I have had three protanks and they all started leaking at the o-rings. Might want to check out crave tank clones there around the same price but the quality is 100% better, got one a while ago and have not had a single problem with leaking and they come with extra o-ring's if you do have a problem.
  18. BCWDragon

    BCWDragon Senior Member Verified Member

    I've just had the one protank and have had 0 issues. If the o-ring gives out just replace the o-ring. Also I think you may have been screwing it together to tight if you had the same issue with all three. Build quality on it is amazing IMO.

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  19. AlterUrEgo

    AlterUrEgo Super Member Verified Member

    The new boxed PT2's , mini's and prolly other kangers that take the protank heads have a opaque silicone looking positive insulator and its real crap. Its the heads that are included in the box, they are so soft that its easily squished and cutting off airflow and could cause leaking. The heads in the blister 5 packs are whiteish and more rubber looking. I got both PT2's, mini's and heads from the same coop the other day and have 2 different color of insulators. Just gently pull the pin outwarda iota and pull the insulator down and reround it and you should be good until you add that extra 1/16 turn and it squishes again especially if its saturated with juice..What a Pain. I'm very unhappy with this and have to waste all the included heads to save myself the frustration.
  20. danca90

    danca90 Ultra Member

    Not until you know how to rebuild them.
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