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Discussion in 'ProVape' started by DjSaneR, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. DjSaneR

    DjSaneR Senior Member

    How long does one battery last you? Mine lasts about an hour until it slowly begins it's blink. All said and done it lasts about 2 1/2 hours.. Both batteries. I bought the ones from ProVape
  2. AlmightyGod

    AlmightyGod My friends call me A.G. Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Sounds like a charger issue.
    What are you using?
  3. DjSaneR

    DjSaneR Senior Member

    I was thinking the same. I'll post the specs/name of it when I get home from work.
  4. otrpu

    otrpu Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I've never really timed it. The shorter battery w/MAP Tank, I have to refill the MAP before the batt ever begins to blink. I usually swap it out as soon as it starts to blink. If I had to guess I'd say at least 6 hours, and maybe on towards 8. I'm talkin about when I'm home and doin nuttin but sittin watching tv and vapin pretty much the whole time. I hit it at least twice a minute. JMHO

  5. undertheradar

    undertheradar Senior Member

    My charger gives my 18650 IMR high drain batts from Provape a 4.0 or 4.1 charge, according to Provari's built-in tester. Starting with this level of charge, I run a batt down to 3.7 volts after two hours of heavy vaping with the Provari at about a 4.2 volt setting. That's when I switch batts in hopes of making them live longer (last for more recharges). A short (18490) batt, also from Provape, will start flashing after two hours of same, which happily matches my charger time for recharging the 18650s. Lower voltage settings definitely give more vape time on a charge.
  6. cuseguy

    cuseguy Ultra Member

    I went 9 hours on a 18490 yesterday. It started blinking just shortly before that, so I could have pushed it longer. That was with a 3.2 MAP at 5.1V. I have noticed the lower the resistance the faster the batt dies, dramatically. My 2.6 MAP only got 7 hours.
  7. Cee_Jay

    Cee_Jay Super Member

    First use of an AW-18650 batt took about 12 hours to run 7ml thru my MAP tank using a CE2 that measures 3.1Ω on the Provari set at 4.0V
  8. DjSaneR

    DjSaneR Senior Member

    OK, I'm looking on the back of mine. 99% is in Chinese, however, the input/output figures are not.
    Input: AC100-240V/47-63HZ
    Output: 1.2V/700mA
    Multi-function intelligent charger
    Model: HG-1206W

    The batteries:
    Color - RED
    Sticker - AW
    IMR 18490 3.7V 1100mAh
  9. Valentine Michael Smith

    Valentine Michael Smith Senior Member

    Buy a Pila Charger.

    Why spend the kind of cash you dropped on that Provari and not make sure you have a good charger?

    Just my opinion.

    I have a Provari on order and I already have the batts and a good charger waiting for it.

    Just my two cents.

  10. DjSaneR

    DjSaneR Senior Member

    I agree and don't have a problem spending money on a quality charger. The only reason why I used this one is because it charged the 3.7 batteries of my Chuck. With that said, are the specs that I posted not up to par for the batteries I have?
  11. DjSaneR

    DjSaneR Senior Member

    What charger are you guys using? Also, is there a big difference between the 18650 and 18490/18500 batteries?

    *Edit* Seems that the 18650 is physically larger and requires an extended cap?
  12. DjSaneR

    DjSaneR Senior Member

    After about 45 minutes of digging through e-receipts I found that I am indeed using an incorrect charger for these batteries. THIS is the one I have from MadVapes.
    Just ordered the correct one from ProVari. Hopefully they have one in stock.

    Thank you to all who offered assistance and input!
  13. otrpu

    otrpu Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I use a Tenergy Multifunctional charger Model TR-001, got it with my ProVari. Yes, the 18650 batts require the extended cap with the ProVari. I ordered everything during the Pre-order. It seems to charge the AW's fine. JMHO

  14. Tasteles

    Tasteles Super Member

    If I'm reading that correctly, your info shows it runing an input voltage of 240 volts to put out 4.2 volts. I would check the charger with a multi-meter and see what the volts measure on the battery while it's charging.

    House hold current in the US is 120 volts.
  15. Scottbee

    Scottbee Vaping Master

    Actually, it shows that it will take anywhere from 100VAC to 240VAC. That flexibility is becoming more and more common for the input stage.
  16. Tasteles

    Tasteles Super Member

    But at 100 volt input it only gets 1.2 volts output according to his specs. I know freq. plays a roll in this too, house hold freq. is 60 Hz. Still yet, I wouldn't think he'd be getting 3 volts output at 120v input.
  17. Scottbee

    Scottbee Vaping Master

    That's not generally how it works since these are more than just a simple transformer. They have an adaptive input stage (being able to handle large voltage variations) and DC regulation on the output stage.
  18. Tasteles

    Tasteles Super Member

    I think I understand this now. Still sounds like he has a bad charger and not outputting the correct voltage.
  19. Scottbee

    Scottbee Vaping Master

    I don't disagree. I'm thinking that the "full charge" cutoff voltage may be wrong for the batteries that he is using.
  20. stubear62

    stubear62 Ultra Member Verified Member

    Hey peeps,
    I have one question about the batteries used in the Provari..
    I know it says to use the AW Red Batteries (unprotected) on the site but can you use the AW black (IC) batteries also?
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