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Public Vaping in Montreal (Quebec)

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by TTP, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. TTP

    TTP Full Member

    I was out & about today with my GreenSmoke (yeah, yeah, I know. But it's the only thing I could find short term while waiting for my replacement X-Power 900c). I went to 3 different government offices for business and in all of them at least one person wanted info as to where to get an eCig.
    Since getting my PV, I am Vaping in full view, in public and getting a very favourable response from everyone.
    I have yet to be told that I am not allowed "to smoke" (well...being 6' 02"/220lbs might have something to do with that also...:p) even if :evil:antismoking zealots are rampant around here.

    I'll keep posting updates on the reactions I am getting (eCigs are VERY new to Montreal) and how long it takes before being harangued by an ignorant busybody for the first time.


    I'll keep posting updates on the reactions I am getting (eCigs are VERY new to Montreal) and how long it takes before being harranged by a zealot for the first time
  2. cookiebun

    cookiebun Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 6, 2011
    Central Ohio
    Good for you.
    How do you get e-cigs in Canada since the import ban, or shouldn't I ask?
  3. TTP

    TTP Full Member

    I just spent the evening vaping in a restaurant downtown with no problems. With the exception of one busy body that asked me "How come YOU are smoking inside?" (to which I replied by taping the battery on the table before she could say "What makes YOU so special?"), everyone just looked puzzled as to why they couldn't smell the smoke they were seeing me exhale (I must say that, although overpriced, the GreenSmoke does an excellent job at that). I ended up pointing 2 more interested (and soon to be ex-smokers) to Canadavapes website.
    (Side note: I, and a few others, had a good laugh at the (shall remain nameless) busy body's expense, since she is a VERY heavy smoker and looked utterly jealous of my PV and completely "miffed" at not having discovered vaping first:laugh:).

    Montreal is a VERY accepting place and Montrealers love hi-tech stuff/gadgets, so I'm guessing that when the rules are eventually changed, Montreal will have been at the forefront of it.

    So far, I guess (Canadian) retailers are using up their inventory, but I'll tell you more in a week or so when my replacement XP900 (it WAS NOT defective, I just plain lost it when it fell out of my jacket pocket at some point and I didn't notice) is supposed to come in.
    We'll see if it gets blocked at custom or not.:unsure:

    Just in case; does anybody know of a Vaping retailer in Plattsburgh New York? (It's only 45 minutes away from Montreal and would solve the problem of Canada customs confiscating packages sent through the mail)
  4. scote

    scote Full Member

    Mar 9, 2011
    I am in the UK and in the year or so since I have been vaping more and more people know what they are. It normally goes something like: "Is that one of those....." Then I tell them what it is, the fact that there is no tar or co, then some people are surprised when I tell them it has nictotine.
    Its on airplanes where I am more self concious as I dont want to be told to stop, so usually I try to be subtle, hold the inhale down so not much vapor comes out and if I want to have some big hits i go to the toilet, the alarm doesnt go off
  5. TTP

    TTP Full Member

    In Canada in general (and in Quebec in particular) almost nobody has ever heard of vaping.
    eCig are just starting to come into the collective conciousness, and it's mainly because of all the media coverage surrounding their ban by the government (I'm quite sure the burauctrats have not yet realized that, so far, their ban is the best publicity eCigs have gotten here...).
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