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Discussion in 'UK Forum' started by Floyd the Barber, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Floyd the Barber

    Floyd the Barber Full Member

    Hi there,
    I have to say after 6 months I am still struggling to find a decent Uk e-liquid supplier. I really like the look of some of the organic juices on http://www.ukecigstore.com/e-liquids/organic-eliquid, but the majority of them are always out of stock. A bunch of other suppliers I have found through the forum and google searches are so badly designed they just look like a bunch of charlatans - for all I know it's a teenager knocking up unregulated e-liquid in his bedroom.
    My daily vape to date has been 9mg Vanilla liqua from gorichie. This is the standard juice found across europe but i find it difficult to obtain here in the UK. I'd also like to find a nice menthol but have found most (even the one from the liqua range) have a rather unpleasant after taste.
    I realise this question has been asked before but wanted to see if I could discover anymore legitimate e-liquid suppliers with a quality variety of juices. I do not even know what the most popular brands are?! All I know is that I want to avoid Chinese imports and find something that has been as regulated as much as possible within the current guidelines.
    What are your favourite websites to buy liquid.
  2. djsvapour

    djsvapour Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    There are lots of reliable UK e-liquid vendors who either a) make their own gourmet liquid b) make regular high quality liquid or c) sell liquids made by other companies which have high standards.
    What are you after?

    I use VapeEscape for "Grizwalds". I sometimes shop at the Alchemists cupboard. Liberty flights must sell high quality US liquid. ecigwizard make their own wizmix range, some of which is excellent, they also sell Vermillion River. Puffin e-liquid is high quality too.

    You are right to be suspicious of some of the UK liquid sites.

    The "China" issue is only really an issue if you buy from unknown names or dodgy dealers. There are plenty of sites that sell genuine Hangsen liquid, and contrary to popular (misguided) belief, the Hangsen factory does have very high standards. The only issue I can imagine is vendors using the Hangsen flavours to make their own....which is not what I would buy.
  3. Ref Minor

    Ref Minor Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Liqua is decent too. Made in China to Italian recipes. Their vanilla isn't their best one though
  4. Ref Minor

    Ref Minor Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You can get 30mls of Liqua from FastTech.com for £3.50 delivered, that site is £4.50 for 10ml with delivery on top.

    Are you connected to MASSvapour MASSoud?
  5. Chrissie

    Chrissie Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

  6. Ref Minor

    Ref Minor Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Delivery is 10-14 days usually, I accept that is the downside of the cheap prices.

    The Liqua is genuine retail boxed. Liqua is a Chinese made fluid (for info Dekang actually make 90% of the worlds eLiquid and many UK liquids are mixed using Chinese made bases). The website you quote sells the same Liqua and Dekang product made in the same Chinese factory at a massive markup to FT. That site purchases them from a Chinese retailer (they are not an authorised Dekang reseller so do not order direct from Dekang) and has as much chance of being fake as FT but at 5 times the price.

    The quantities I purchase in have not triggered any customs or VAT charges so far.

    I can confirm I have NO connection to FastTech, just a happy customer, who can buy many more items with his vaping budget.

    I note you didn't answer my question MASSoud, about whether you have a connection to MASSvapour, as every one of your posts is total unqualified praise and recommendation for MassVapour. It is generally considered poor form and often against a sites ToS for a poster to plug his own company without revealing their connection.
  7. djsvapour

    djsvapour Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    w.t.h? This website crashed my computer and isn't even in the UK as far as I can tell.
  8. djsvapour

    djsvapour Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I've reported this user and this post. It really annoys me that people come on a blatantly SPAM.
    I can live with these things, but when it crashes my computer, I'm NOT happy.
  9. djsvapour

    djsvapour Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    by the way....Liqua is a Chinese-made liquid.

    I love liqua liquids, never had a bad one in over 10. The fruits are very bland, but if you like that kind of thing....
  10. Chrissie

    Chrissie Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    DJs, it looks like the ECF moderators (as always) are on the ball & Massoud has been suspended.
  11. djsvapour

    djsvapour Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Thankfully. It takes ages to restart my 'pooter and sneak in a quick RY6 blast, not to mention helping vapers in Lichtenstein avoid supermarket e-cigs that do 2,100 puffs.
  12. bastonjock

    bastonjock Full Member

    hehehe and i thought i was the only one picking up on massoud .
  13. Ref Minor

    Ref Minor Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    It stopped my iPad, had to close Safari, that takes some doing
  14. Floyd the Barber

    Floyd the Barber Full Member

    Thanks Chrissie. A good place to start I suppose. My main gripe is that apart from the terrible website design and dodgy packaging the names of some of these liquids just make it sound like some kind of mind expanding drug. The whole thing is reminiscent of my youth whilst experimenting with various paraffinalia associated with smoking .........:vapor:

    I think the problem is that like anything in it's prmiative stages there is no regulation, so as a consumer I am overly sceptical since any man and his dog can produce something for the market.
    I read this the other day http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/new-study-shows-that-electronic.html
    which just makes me even more wary of current suppliers. Would have been good if they told us which ones are the most trustworthy.
  15. trouble1000

    trouble1000 PV Master of Valinor Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I DIY most of my juices.
    But my sister and niece buy from Liberty Flights and love their juices, I've had some flavour concentrates from them and can't knock them at all.
    I also buy some kit from Vape Escape and everytime I've been in the shop it's always full of people buying their juices. So that to me, is always a good sign.
    Also Totally Wicked seem to get good reviews for some of their tobacco type liquids. Again, I've only bought nicotine solution and flavourings from them.

    These are just my personal opinions, tastes are subjective :D

    Forgot to add, I've ordered a couple of sample bottles from Fasttech, just out of curiosity :laugh:
  16. Ref Minor

    Ref Minor Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    My FastTech juice collection, 300ml for £35
  17. Ash2Ashes

    Ash2Ashes Full Member Verified Member

    my main go-to are
    liberty flights
    and the classifieds on UKV :)
  18. Ref Minor

    Ref Minor Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  19. bluelob

    bluelob Full Member

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