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Discussion in 'Vapor4Life' started by ravendove, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. ravendove

    ravendove Full Member

    I made the switch to ecigs awhile back and my sister is now vaping too. We both purchased 78mm Volt batteries from Smokeless Image. We are both quite happy with our devices. But my sister doesn't really like the flavor's they sell. She's interested in maybe buying some from Vapor4life. The big question is, will they fit the Volt batteries? Or is there somewhere else she could look to find some that fit?
  2. katz-in-boots

    katz-in-boots Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I don't really know the answer, I'm hoping a resident expert will be along to help you shortly. Looking at the website, the batteries appear to be compatible but they are regulated to stay at the same voltage from charge to recharge, whereas V4L batts are unregulated, coming off the charger at around 4.2V and dropping down until needing a recharge. I mention this only because when I tried V4L flavours on my (non-V4L) regulated batts, the flavour seemed muted but they worked okay.
  3. Morandir835

    Morandir835 Idiot Guru ECF Veteran

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    They'll fit Ravendove (guessing Ms.?) but as Ms. Katz said you won't get the full affect of the flavors with the V4L cartos on the gen 2 batteries.....
  4. BHam

    BHam Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Thank you both for responding!
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