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Quitting smoking while living with a smoker!

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by arms4defense, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. arms4defense

    arms4defense Full Member

    Oct 10, 2009
    So, here's my quick story. I have been a smoker for 18 years. I have wanted to quit for several years now, but my wife is never ready. I would quit for a week, or maybe 2, then seeing those cigs laying around was just too much temptation. I had given up on quitting until she was ready. Having immediate access to cigarettes was apparently just too much for me. I told a friend it was like a crack addict trying to quit, while living in a crack house. Anyway like I said, I had given up. Until I found PVs. I haven't had a cigarette in 2 weeks. I actually tried to smoke one the other night (I left my e-cig at home), took 2 or 3 drags and stomped it out. I'll just wait until we get home, I said. I could not believe the taste, the smell. I felt like I had a film on my tongue. The beauty of quitting this time is, I don't want a cigarette. There is a pack sitting in front of me right now, and I have NO desire to light up. This has to be the most innovative, life changing product on the market and hardly anyone I know knows these little devices exist. I took mine to out to bar on halloween, and no one seemed to notice. I showed several people what it was and they replied cool. Part of me wants to shout it from a rooftop, Just Try These. I guess it just goes back to what I've always heard. You've gotta want to quit for anything to work. Well these are working wonders for me. I can't imagine ever going back to regular cigarettes. A thousand thanks to whoever came up with this idea. I would go as far as to say one of the best inventions of my lifetime.
  2. windpath

    windpath Full Member

    Nov 2, 2009

    My wife is a "social smoker", I was a wake up and light up 2+ pack a day smoker. Her smoking does not bother me anymore, I just puff away and talk about her bad breath ;)
  3. pianoguy

    pianoguy Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nov 4, 2009
    Apple Valley, MN
    Maybe she'll take the plunge in time, too. I just ordered my first PV, should be here within the next day or two. My wife and I are both going to try it, and if we like it, I'll order another one pronto. Good luck!
  4. NickWgnr

    NickWgnr Full Member

    Oct 20, 2009
    SoYoCO, PA
    I know how you felt man, Id go acouple days without smoking and then BAM. There would be a cig in my face or Id get that anxious and just generally pissed off at everything to the point that someone would let me know how I was acting. And then Id light up and it would be awhile before I even thought of quitting again. But since I've found vaping thats all gone. Every day Im at work someone always asks how me quitting is going. And I almost can't hold back the excitement of telling them how long its been since ive smoked a cigarette. I almost yell out in joy how long its been. And the thing that gets me most excited is how my cravings (I call them my nicotine monkeys in my head, haha) aren't anywhere close as frequent as they were before. I can go a full serving shift (Im a waiter) which is anywhere from 3-7hrs without having a craving, its astounding!

    Wagner :shock:
  5. AshHole

    AshHole Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 29, 2009
    Pinellas County, Fl
    Ahh. Isnt a partner grand?

    My wife laughed at me ordering my ecig and she smoked the first 2 weeks I started vaping. It did make it tougher to totally quit. I did sneak a few here and there.

    I never offered her my ecig. I waited until she asked. I kept it discretely handy and never made a big deal out of it. On the 3rd week she finally asked.

    ( ;) she saw the extra $100 in my wallet and asked where it came from - told her from not buying cartons of analogs)

    She then asked if she could have one to try... :D

    She still keeps her analogs tho and has about 3 a day (down from 1 pack).

    Now after 2+ months I have very very few times where a see her analogs and think I'll just grab one. But I just drip one drop of 36mg and puff hard on it - and then I'm fine.

    What really is funny, since she started vaping more and more, we had analog smoking company. After trying unsucessfully to convert them - they left and my wife told me "God they smoke a lot - this place stinks!"
    whats funny is, less than 3 months ago were were pluming out 3-4 packs a day of analogs and thought nothing of the smell!
  6. frankie1

    frankie1 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 7, 2009
    hubby tried PV's but didn't really get into it. It is very tough trying to quit while he is still smoking and I haven't been able to do it yet.....
  7. gashin

    gashin Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    A lot of times you have to just stay back and they will convert.... this is how I converted a couple of friends. Just keep whipping it out when they're around and they'll come around.
  8. scott58

    scott58 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 23, 2009
    NorthWest Indiana
    She smokes and I plug into the wall. I smoked for 32 years and her smoking doesn't bother me at all. I just don't want one. Took a drag off hers about a month ago and it tasted like crap. I love vapor, got about 7 different flavors i go through on a regular basis and never stop enjoying it. Let'em smoke. I got the better flavor by far.
  9. dubnluvn

    dubnluvn Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 14, 2009
    San Diego, Ca
    Wow your story is identical to my own. I have been ready to quit for years but having someone who didn't want to quit in the same house made it impossible. Especially with the common withdrawal symptoms, basically I was angry every time I tried to quit and just ended up storming out to the porch and lighting up. When I found e-cigs I bought a kit for both of us. I switched completely on day 1 while she did both, but did cut down considerably. Two weeks later she finally dropped the analogs all together. I think it was helpful to her to have me already quit. Because when we tried to quit together in the past using any of the normal methods we were constantly at each other's throat. One of use would always break down and buy a pack. Not only that but we'd sneak a cigarette almost any chance we would get, so we were really not quit AND ready to chew each other's head off. Not a good combination. My transition was so sudden and without ill side-effects that I think she felt confident that it would work for her too. It did and I'm grateful.
  10. KDinKC

    KDinKC Full Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 24, 2009
    Ditto... My wife and I have been together 14 years and I've been trying to quit since our first child 10 years ago. She enjoys smoking and said she never wanted to quit so it was hell for me. I've been through patches, gum, chantix, lozenges, you name it and I've tried it. I could stay quit for a couple of months and even made it a year and a half one time, but I would always end up back on the analogs. Well, a month and a half ago she sent me an article about e-cigs and I found this forum. I researched them for a couple of days, ordered a 510 and haven't looked back since. I haven't even wanted an analog at all! We're social drinkers with a large group of friends and I was worried that the e-cig wouldn't hold up to a party but I just take my 510, a loaded pcc, and an extra battery and it's waaaaaaay better than analogs. I don't hack up lung butter the next day!

    Ok, here's the kicker. After two weeks of seeing me with my e-cig the "Diehard" smoker wife asks to just "try it". A couple days later she wants one of her own to just "play with". A few weeks later she's off analogs completely!!! She didn't even WANT to quit!!! I was amazed at what they did for me, but to see an e-cig convert the queen of Marlboro floored me and I am eternally grateful to whoever invented these things!

    Some of you say you just want to shout from the rooftops and I know how you feel. I started a business with a friend of mine selling e-cigs here in the KC area and we have introduced them to all our friends, which love them and have converted now. We carry extra carts with us everywhere we go and when a smoker asks, "What's that?" we switch carts, hand it to them and let them try. I absolutely LOVE seeing their faces after the first puff. I get a contact high watching their eyes light up and hearing them say "HOLY $%^&", or "WOW" or "OMFG". LOL. This is a LOT of fun and I just hope that enough e-cigs get out there that the big tobacco companies can choke on their own product for once.
  11. arms4defense

    arms4defense Full Member

    Oct 10, 2009
    I too found myself angry, at least having resentment every time she lit up. I told myself why should she get all the pleasure. I would light up and then be angry at myself for several days. All of that is gone. I feel that she will eventually move away from the dark side. I think she would be more likely to try it if I said "these things just aren't working for me". But I just let her go outside to smoke while I sit on the couch and vape away. I can persuade friends and family much easier than I can my wife, funny. She has to come around on her own.
  12. Antha

    Antha Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 28, 2009
    Southeast Michigan
    When I was married, I always had these problems. We'd try to quit together, but we'd want to rip each others' faces off. A few times, he suggested that I quit first and he'd quit smoking. His logic was that if we both tried at the same time again, we'd fail again because we'd give in to each other because we both wanted to be "let off the hook" by the other. Well, this didn't work either, because I had quit for 2 weeks, and during those 2 weeks I'd say, "Alright. I quit. Your turn"...and suddenly he'd give me permission to smoke again because he just wasn't ready.

    Once I get my e-juice I ordered, I don't plan to smoke real cigarettes. I want my boyfriend to make the switch, but I don't think he'll go for it, because although he wants to quit and sees how this could really help, he doesn't want to get razzed at his job by the other men (its a manly-man type of job).

    Once I've quit, although it may seem hypocritical, I don't want him to smoke inside my home. One of the reasons (amongst so many) to quit is that I want my house to smell nice again and stop polluting it with cigarette smoke. My house probably smells like an ashtray (one of the times I quit I was repulsed by the smell). Plus, I'm hoping having to go outside to smoke (without me to keep him company - I live in Michigan, it gets cold here) that he'll have more incentive to quit and/or be more open-minded about trying a PV.
  13. Dredbull

    Dredbull Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I have my mother living with for her finances, I gave up the smoking ghost on 9-26.

    She still smokes and has been increasing the amount recently, I cant stand the smell and do not harp on her.
    I have resorted to not riding in the car with her or talking to her when she lights up.
    I cannot stand the smell at all now. I cannot call myself a non smoker since I do have 1-2 a day if that.

    Its a struggle but one that is quickly going away.
  14. arms4defense

    arms4defense Full Member

    Oct 10, 2009
    Don't give up the fight. The end result is worth it. I have realized with my wife I cannot push her. I just have to give subtle clues. Very subtle. Make her think she decided on her own.
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