Recommend me an a atty! :)

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomizer Systems' started by Immortel, Nov 23, 2016.

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  1. Immortel

    Immortel Full Member

    May 2, 2016
    Hey guys.
    I'm soon about to buy new atty but I would really need some recommendation, because I'm little bit lost in all those atomizers.
    My specifications:

    - DIY. This. I was making my coils from beginning and I really don't like any changeable heads (bad experience and I need to save money on this).
    - Big deck as possible. I always liked extremes, so big long fused staged claptons and such is something I'm going for. So lot of space for building is needed.
    - Two to four coil deck. Doesn't matter, but no single coil deck.
    - Doesn't care for taste but that doesn't mean i want to vape burned oil :) Taste is just not that important for me as a vapor production. I like chuck and big clouds for every day using but still, I'm vaping just where I can vape and where I will not bother others. So don't worry, I'm not a a-hole :)
    - Can be bought from GearBest. I know, very limiting but still; Shipping is another part where I need to save some money.
    - Juice control or no major leaking problems.
    - Sufficient AFC.

    I know this is a tough one but something little bit close to TFV8 will be enough.
    Will gladly read any commentary or recommendation.
    Sorry for bad English :)
  2. Eskie

    Eskie Vaping Master Verified Member

    May 6, 2016
    Crius Plus has a dual and quad deck. Limitless Combo RDTA has lots of deck designs to buy, and a big chamber suited for couls as well. Modfather if you eant a big tank.
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  3. Immortel

    Immortel Full Member

    May 2, 2016
    Thanks for reply, Eskie! :)
    Crius Plus looks good and I've watched it before but what it bothers me maybe little limited AFC.
    I had Limitless Plus RDTA and that was best atty I had. Great build quality, big deck, nice good clouds and no problems burning cotton or such.
    Little bit leaking when tilted for long time which is something you need to count with (all genesis suffer from this), but nothing too serious. Not sure why I let it go...
    Well, not sure I want another genesis.

    I was started looking for TFV8 with RBA but lot of guys from here says there is really none or bad taste when you chainvaping on high wattage.
    So, this little bit killing it. I know, I said I don't care for taste but burned taste or none? Nah...

    So... I think I've made decision and even when I said I don't want RDA, I will probably buy Mason RDA 30mm.
    It will fit my RX200s and it's real beast.

    But I have still some days to make better decision :)

    Edit: That Modfather... Yes, big atty but small deck. Just 19mm. Even Crius Plus have 22mm deck.
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  4. Eskie

    Eskie Vaping Master Verified Member

    May 6, 2016
    The Mason RDA should work nicely. One thing I will say on the Crius Plus is with top and bottom airflow, I never felt it was restricted, but as I'm more flavorcentric, it's not really as much of an issue.
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  5. KenD

    KenD Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Aug 20, 2013
    Stockholm, Sweden
    The Aromamizer Supreme

    Sent from my M7_PLUS using Tapatalk
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  6. Immortel

    Immortel Full Member

    May 2, 2016
    The Aromamizer Supreme... Didn't test it out but had first Aromamizer and there was just too much of taste (I'm probably first saying this) and what heard, all aromamizers are made so you can feel the taste better.

    I've made my decision finally and will go for Mason. Oh how I'm excited! :D
  7. ErrrKT19

    ErrrKT19 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 23, 2014
    c.r., co
    surprised no one said goon or tm24, but deck space in a 30mm dripper cannot be matched by any 24s lol
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  8. mongo74

    mongo74 I'm your huckleberry. Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Nov 15, 2016
    RDA? Mason 30-40mm. The 40 is ridiculous! I went with a Mason Gemini Advocate 27mm, and it overhangs just a bit off my RX 3/2, but it vapes wonderfully. Definitely a flavorful cloud chucker. Vaperz Cloudz Obese Buddha 36mm is another monster.

    If you want an RTA that puts out good clouds and great flavor, The OBS Engine is my favorite.

    Ninja edit: Pharoah is my favorite 25mm RDA by far. I have two. The flavor and vapors are amazing.
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  9. Joergl100

    Joergl100 Super Member

    Pharaoh, Sapor, Euphrat, Troll, Goon, Temple, Mrs. Soaky modified (completely opened!), Kennedy, Velocity...and some more. I do not like Rampage Competition...and some more also.
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  10. Immortel

    Immortel Full Member

    May 2, 2016
    Thank you all. Finally I've decided and bought Mason. Pretty happy with it, but I need to get used to it :D

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  11. mimöschen

    mimöschen Full Member

    Jul 15, 2016
    The Crius Plus however is my personal favorite. Easy to wick, really good flavour, and plenty of supersmooth airflow and therefore big clouds.
    The quadcoildeck is totally unnecessary, as the dualcoil deck has enough room for your big chunky coils.

    Other than that, you should go for an RDTA like the Limitless Plus, Combo or Limitless Classic. Although the Orcish RDTA is a good choice as well and is available on Gearbest for 16 bucks or so.

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