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  1. chino82489

    chino82489 Full Member

    What do Low Resistance, Standard Resistance, and High Resistance mean? How does the Resistance affect my vaping experience? Which is better?
  2. john333

    john333 Ultra Member Verified Member

    refers to the ohms reading on the coil/atomizer. a low resistance reading would be around 1.5, a stand 2.0 and high 3.0. those are ballpark numbers. if your device/pv is non variabe - you cant change the volts - it probably puts out 3.7 volts in which case you and most people use the low resistance carts/atomizers but can also use a standard 2.0. if you have a VV or variable voltage device you can run higher ohm carts/atomizers. the rule of thumb is low volts low atomizer - high volts high atomizer. typically you'll see higher vapor production with a variable voltage device simply by adjusting the voltage accordingly. good luck
  3. *deleon517*

    *deleon517* Ultra Member Verified Member

    lower resistance- great on items like a ego battery to simulate higher voltage vaping. usually considered 1.5ohm to 2.0 ohm
    standard resistance - great for smaller batteries as they are easier on the battery life which is usually limited, ohms would fall between 2.2-2.6
    higher resistance- designed for higher voltage devices, like variable voltage/wattage and 5/7.4v devices. these usually have a ohm of 2.6+

    which is best for you all depends on what your set up is, i actually use more lower resistance and standard resistance even with variable voltage mods
  4. tj99959

    tj99959 ECF Guru

    This little tool will help you figure it all out.
    Ohms Law Calculator
    All said and done it's tha amount of power (measured in Watts) that is applied to the e-liquid that we want to know. Each of us will like a different power level (called our "sweet spot"). For instance I normally will like between 7.5 and 8 watts. So if I know that my atty or carto has 3 ohms of resistance, that little calculator will tell me that I will need between 4.5 and 5 volts to get my desired power.

    2.5 - 3 ohms of resistance use to be the norm, that's why it's called "standard resistance" (SR). Low resistance (LR) came about to simulate 5 volt vaping on a standard 3.7 volt battery and is between 1.5 and 2 ohms. So LR simply allows that 7.5 to 8 watt power range at the lower voltage. High resistance (HR) simply simulates 5 volt vaping at 6-7.2v. (two 3.7 volt batteries)
  5. chino82489

    chino82489 Full Member

    Okay so I have a 3.0 Dual coil Volcano Lavatube cartomizer. I can set this to 4.5 volts to get the right performance, right?
  6. DiNet

    DiNet Super Member Verified Member

  7. Hero507

    Hero507 Moved On

    Hello, I´m new to the forum, even though i started reading from about six months ago, and vaping from about 4. Probably the best thing to do is start trying which setting suits best for you. I use a Vision spinner, with a Nova Tank with 3.2 coils at about 4.5 ohms. Same setting for my Provari. I feel i get the best of the juices I currently vape!

    Happy Vaping
  8. dlmarti

    dlmarti Senior Member

    (4.5 * 4.5) / 3.0 = 6.75 watts, for me that is at the just-acceptable line.

    check this chart, and find out what works for you:
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