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Review of 5 ECBlend flavors.

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by thepassionofchad, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. thepassionofchad

    thepassionofchad Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 17, 2011
    Today we'll be reviewing five flavors from All tests done on a Lavatube with a low-res 510 atty at 3.7 volts. A little note on these flavors - they all left a mild, lingering aftertaste in my mouth that reminded me of that flavored fluoride cleaning gunk a dentist would put in your mouth at a routine checkup. It lasted forever and ruined the juices completely for me.

    All juices are 50/50% at 18mg with the extra flavor option.

    Dragon's Blood - "Described as beyond creamy with a rich dragon fruit taste.

    Taste - 2/5 - Was really excited to try this one as its one of there best seller's. Only thing I'm getting from it is bubble gum; reminds me of those square pink individually wrapped pieces I got at Halloween back in the day. Expected a lot more from it.

    Vapor - 4/5 - Really puts out the clouds, more so than any brand I've tried.

    Throat Hit - 1.5/5 - Sometimes I get a slight hint of a throat hit, but only occasionally.

    White Peach ala Zoe - "...
    our luxurious white peach... blended with super creamy white chocolate."

    Taste - 4/5 - My favorite of the bunch, barring the lingering overtaste I really love it. You get a subtle hint of white chocolate on the inhale and a sharp burst of the white peach on the exhale. If you've ever smelled a good peach brandy, thats exactly what the exhale will remind you of. Not artificial in anyway.

    Vapor - 4/5 - Clouds and clouds.

    Throat Hit - 1.5/5 - Same as above.

    Steven's Surprise - "...
    mouth-watering blend of sweet strawberries, luscious peaches and cream."

    Taste - 2/5 - Wouldn't exactly call this one mouth-watering as the word "artificial" comes to mind. Strawberry is very prominent overpowering the very light hint of peaches and I personally don't get any of the "cream". If I had to rename it I would call it "Cheap Strawberry Candy"

    Vapor - 4/5 - Makes it hard to see my computer screen.

    Throat Hit - 1.5/5 - Same as the others.

    VC Stinger w/menthol - "I
    t is a nice blend of tobacco, grape and raspberry. It is surpisingly good!"

    Taste - 2/5 - First off I'd like to say that the ECBlend menthol is just not for me; it completely overpowers the underlying flavor of this juice. You get some of the grape and raspberry but again like Steven's Surprise the taste is artificial and candy like. There's some sort of tobacco tone on the exhale but you really have to dig though the menthol and fruit flavors to discover it. Reminiscent of Nyquil.

    Vapor - 4/5 - Vapor like whoa.

    Throat Hit - 1.5/5 - Not feelin' it.

    7 Leaf Tobacco w/menthol - "A blend of seven different tobacco leaves."

    Taste - 1/5 - Mouthwash. Not getting much if any of the tobacco, just the overpowering menthol that unfortunately reminds me of my extra large bottle of generic green mouthwash.

    Vapor - 3/5 - Doesn't provide as much as the others for some reason but still decent.

    Throat Hit - 1.5/5 - Nada.
    All in all I was really disappointed. Although taste is subjective, none of these juices were really for me.

    If anyone's up for a trade, hit me up.
  2. CDnerds

    CDnerds Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 9, 2012
    Im so with you on the 7 leaf tobacco. It tasted like stale liquorice. I bought a bottle of "darkness" its a coffee and chocolate tobacco, I have hopes for it. I keep going back to them because with a coupon and shipping a 30ml is like 9 bucks.
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