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Review of GJ4, Banana Shisha and DK4

Discussion in 'Goodejuice' started by ThunderPumpkin, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. ThunderPumpkin

    ThunderPumpkin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 24, 2013
    South America
    I just got my second Good Ejuice order the other day, and I'm going to review the new juices I got. They spend three months steeping in the international postal system (not the company's fault, of course -- I chose the cheapest option, which is occasionally this slow, though normally it's only 4-8 weeks). Everything was vaped in Evods on a Vamo V2 at 7w, which is what I vape most everything at.

    As an aside, after vaping the typical Chinese juices I could get locally (South America), I tried MBV and ended up buying several liters of their liquids -- they were so much better than Hangsen and the rest! But after maybe 8 months my palate wanted something more. I can't saying anything bad about MBV --I ended up liking about 80% of their juices to some degree or another, which is pretty damned good considering I was buying blind-- but I've sort of outgrown most of their flavors. At this point I mix most of them with others just to get some complexity.

    So how did I end up trying Good Ejuice? Well, there's a ton of competition nowadays, so that didn't really narrow things down much -- there must be 50 suppliers with rave reviews. What it came down to was the fact that GEJ ships internationally -- believe it or not, most US suppliers don't, in spite of the fact that to do so requires no extra effort or cost on their part. So to them I send a hearty Bronx cheer... And to Good Ejuice I send all my love... along with a lot of my money, and quite happily so!

    So without further ado...

    The idea of an RY4 started to catch my eye after reading threads here on ECF. I actually tried concocting my own, using MBV's 555, Caramel Candy and Madagascar Vanilla, and it was pretty good, especially at first. But it's a heavy, oily vape, and I wanted to try the real thing anyway. I bought a 10 ml bottle of a Chinese RY4 I've since forgotten, and was met with... leather. No tobacco taste, no caramel, and no vanilla -- just... leather. I mean... leather!?

    So my first GEJ purchase included their RY4 and it simply blew me away. Wonderful stuff. In fact, I bought half a dozen 30 ml bottles of it in my second order. But I also started wondering... if a lab made RY4 can be that good, what would their NET version be like?

    I'd avoided NETs until now, as they scared me. Going from analogs to a simple liquid with 5 or so chemicals only distantly related to tobacco was a HUGE achievement for me, and frankly, NETs seem like a step back -- WTAs and fresh extracts from the evil plant itself.

    But then I said, "screw it" -- I'm a hedonist at heart.

    GY4 is an extremely dark liquid, reminiscent of molasses in color (but not thickness!). Its taste is heavenly! On the intake I detect a light custard vanilla note, which soon blossoms into a rich, full-bodied, moderately sweet RY4 flavor. Its so well blended that I really can't detect the other ingredients as separate flavors, which I think speaks well of it.

    The other thing to note is that GY4 is somehow "heavier hitting" than GEJ's Lab RY4. I can't really describe this, and it's not a matter of TH -- I vape the same strength of everything, and the TH is essentially the same between these two. But somehow GY4 is just more "powerful" or has more "body". Or something. These may well be WTAs or something similar. The TH is good, but it has decreased in time. This may be my atty getting gunked up, mind you. That's the only non-optimal aspect of this liquid.

    Anyway, this is a ROCKING vape! A lot of ejuices (including GEJ's RY4) tend to taste funky to me by the end of the day, but this doesn't happen with GY4 for some reason.

    Hightly recommended.

    E-Hookah Banana Shisha
    I tried E-Hookah Apple Shisha in my first order. As I said elsewhere, the apple taste is virtually undetectable, but the Shisha base is an incredible light, crisp tobacco that I've fallen in love with. So I decided to try Banana Shisha this time around. The story is basically the same -- the banana flavor is almost undetectable, but the shisha base rocks!The color is light golden honey, and the consistency is thin. I vape this with great joy, normally cut 50-50 with MBV banana (which will also make it last longer, to my delight). Great TH, too.

    Dekang DK4
    What the hell -- for a few bucks I had to try this. Surprisingly, it's actually a nice vape. Like all Chinese liquids, it's light in every sense -- light (almost clear) color, light (as in non-syrupy) consistency, and light (but not weak) taste. At first it was a (ehem) light caramel and vanilla with a leather note (light, new leather -- not old, dark leather coat), and a very nice flavor indeed. After a few days I perceive the taste as more leather plus a sort of graham cracker flavor. Not sure if it's the time of day or if the flavor is changing (unusual in Chinese liquids). The TH is very strong, and it's gentle on the old atty.
  2. nick78

    nick78 Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Mar 24, 2010
    illinois USA
    Nice review! Thanks for taking the time to give some insight and personal opinions:) (Thank God the package made it to you. I was getting a little worried about your customs.)
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