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Review of Myepack V1 Power PCC Starter Kit.

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by djsvapour, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. djsvapour

    djsvapour ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Oct 2, 2012
    England and Wales
    I received this kit free of charge from Myepack (UK, London) for the purposes of trial and review. In order to show willing, I also purchased a 3rd battery and empty (blank) cartomizers to see how it would work out with different e-liquids and refilling.
    I am not affiliated to the Vendor and will send the kit on to other users.

    It is available here.

    Having already owned a JacVapour PCC kit, I knew what to expect (more or less) and what you get is this


    I set about using it straight away and have been vaping on it (not exclusively) for over 2 weeks. Everything works well, the batteries are all equal, the cartomisers are good and the PCC does it's job very well. The charging of either batteries or PCC takes a little longer than anticipated, but I am mains charging through a USB mains adapter.

    You get this for your £26.99 and I think it represent excellent value.

    1 x V1 Power PCC (portable charging case)
    1 x 63MM 180mah Battery With Red Diamond Tip
    2 x pre-filled cartomizers(tobacco18mg)
    5 x pre-filled cartomizers/choice of flavour and strength
    1 x USB Cord (for charging the PCC)
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Gift Box
    2nd Battery choice of 63mm or 78mm

    My kit has one longer battery and you can see the size difference here


    or here


    Mostly, I have to say I have enjoyed vaping on it. My wife has been puffing on it and one of my relatives will be buying the same kit having tried mine.
    I do not generally vape on this sort of product. I do not generally recommend this sort of product.

    A small cig-a-like electronic cigarette has some drawbacks for me. Battery life is never great (regardless of brand) and without the PCC (portable charging case) it would be hard to see a user not encountering some difficulties. WITH the PCC and a minimum of 2 batteries I consider it to be a viable kit for somebody.
    The quality is good. The vapour production is acceptable (more on that in a minute) and none of the items have suffered with quality control issues - a situation that seems to plague some of the High Street brands.

    It is *AT LEAST* as good as anything available (in cig-a-like form) you can buy from your supermarket. It is *BETTER* than every big brand name product I have tried (although skycigs are quite strong performers). Performance is on par with JacVapour (N.B. though cheaper) and presumably matches the US brand KR808 kits too.

    This kit is limited in some ways to what it can do; but unless you run the batteries or cartomiser refills down too low it's quite a good performer.
    THIS KIT HAS A KR808-D-1 FITTING which limits upgrading and should be seen (in practice) as a stand-alone product
    Anybody looking for more vapour would do well to consider a bigger battery kit.


    The Myepack V1 PCC Kit is an excellent starter kit in the cig-a-like form. The batteries and cartomisers are good quality. The vapour is good and equal or better than anything else out there in the same form. You can certainly get 200 puffs from one cartomizer, but as a long-term vaper who puffs for longer, my mileage did vary. All the cartomisers managed the minimum 150 x 3-4 second puffs and then I refilled them with Dekang Triple 5 or Western Conqueror.
    Why this kit and who for? This is just great for a new vaper looking to try a basic e-cigarette. For the price, it is a great deal. When you consider the 5 refills are £4.99 and most brands charge £9-£10 and one brand charges an incredible £19.95, this represents EXCELLENT VALUE.
    On balance there is simply no question to answer in the case of "should I buy this or use/try the supermarket ones?"
    This beats them all hands down for performance and cost. The cartomizers are refillable (which some are not), the flavours are good and the the whole package is well-thought through and made by a decent manufacturer. It is a challenge to quit smoking for vaping, but something like this can send you down the right road for minimal cost and the running costs are a less than half what some people are paying for inferior products.
    For what it is, I cannot recommend it more highly. First time vaping (summer 2012) I didn't quite make it to giving up smoking with a product like this and in fairness if you smoke a lot, it might not work out as a 100% alternative BUT all things taken into consideration this is a great little kit at an excellent price from a respected vendor that outperforms most of the things you are likely to see in your local supermarket or if you do a basic search on the internet. Best of all, the prices of the refills beat everything else and if you top up yourself you can save a fortune!
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