Review of the Aroma Juice's NEW P51 Mustang

Discussion in 'Aroma Ejuice' started by bigboom, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. bigboom

    bigboom Super Member ECF Veteran

    I met up with Jerry last night to pick up some juice and he provided me a sample of the new P51 Mustang. This is one of the new products he's working on as part of his new line discussed in a separate thread.

    I started vaping it on a clean atty using my Tornado. It was excellent (yes, "was" because it is no more). I normally only vape 24/26 mg and this sample was 12 mg. Before I started vaping it, I assumed there would be insufficient flavor and insufficient throat hit. Wrong.

    The P51 Mustang is a smooth tobacco blend with discernible cedar flavoring. In my opinion, it is similar to the Halo Freedom, but better. While the cedar taste is noticeable in every vape, it's pleasantly blended with the more predominant tobacco flavor. I think "robust" and "fresh" are good descriptors.

    The vapor production was impressive. At one point, it seriously looked like I was smoking a cigarette with the amount of vapor hanging in the air. The throat hit was likewise excellent. If I didn't know it was a 12 mg juice, I would have assumed it was 26.

    The juice itself was almost clear. It had only a slight pale yellow color. The aroma was rich, pleasant, and not chemical-like in any way.

    Having been pretty much disappointed with every tobacco flavored juice I've tried (dozens), I didn't expect to even like this juice but damn, I love it. EASILY the best tobacco blend juice I've ever vaped. As much as I liked it, I wondered more than once what the 26 mg would be like. I suspect it will only be better.

    In my opinion, Jerry has hit the jackpot on the P51 Mustang. I WANT MORE!
  2. nubee

    nubee Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    So how soon before it hits the site for purchase????
  3. radiokaos

    radiokaos Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    We still have additional samples to send out before our release. I can't wait to introduce our new USA LAB MADE Ejuice.
  4. nubee

    nubee Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I'll take any P51 Samples off your hands if you're still looking/needing testers :D
  5. radiokaos

    radiokaos Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Nubee...I have our testers for the P51 but if you are game we have another tobacco blend called P38 Lightning which you might like. That sample should be good to go next Monday.
  6. zelda

    zelda Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Are these strong tobacco flavors? I'm hoping strong like dekang winston or tab which are the only strong tobacco flavors so far I like.
  7. nubee

    nubee Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    You bet!! I'm in!!

    PM sent
  8. crmartin

    crmartin Super Member ECF Veteran

    I would be willing to test your new tobacco flavor in 12mg. Still trying to find one I can vape all day.
  9. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Full Member

    If you remember, please ping me when it's released and I'd be happy to give it a try. I am a fan of Halo's Freedom, so if it's as the reviewer claims it could become my all-day vape.
    Oh, and I'd be happy to test anything you have coming down the pipeline.
  10. radiokaos

    radiokaos Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    OK...I have my testers. Some posters in this thread will be notified.

    I will send 2 flavors to each tester. I can't speak for Halo but we are doing something that I think no one is doing.

    We are doing extraction to get the whole essence and additional alkaloids that you might not get from other ejuice on the market.

    I'm not going into the details but you would be surprised on the lower dosage and how well it works. Yes I will have higher dosage nic on our new flavors. I normally vape 26 MG's but found my new blend at 12 MG's satisfies my craving.
  11. bigboom

    bigboom Super Member ECF Veteran

    Last night and this morning, I tried the other sample I got from Jerry. It is a cappuccino/tobacco blend. I absolutely love it! But......this one is so unique that I'm curious as to how others like it.

    The same tobacco flavor of the P51 Mustang is evident but there is also a dry roasted coffee flavor in there. This combination is unlike any other tobacco/coffee flavors I've tried. This was a 12mg sample and again, I can't wait to get my hands on 24/26 mg. The throat hit on the 12 was decent but the vapor is insane. I don't know what Jerry's doing differently in this production process but the vapor is thick.

    Seriously, this juice is nothing like the earlier line of Aroma Juice. I suspect this could go big. I qualify that by saying again, I'm really curious as to others' thoughts on both juices, but this cap/tob blend in particular.

    Put me at the front of the line for purchasing both of these. The minute they're ready to go, let me know.
  12. zelda

    zelda Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Is the other sample the other tobacco flavor - P38 Lightning
  13. bigboom

    bigboom Super Member ECF Veteran

    I'm just guessing but I think the P51 Mustang is in the mix of the P38. Jerry?
  14. zelda

    zelda Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sorry -dont need an answer now (trying out some other tobacco flavors).
  15. radiokaos

    radiokaos Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Ok guys, here is the low down on the USA Blends.

    I will be releasing several types of tobbacco blends including the P51 Mustang, P38 Lightning, P40 Tomahawk, T6 Texan, along with some other blends.

    I want to keep the theme the same for all of my new ejuice.

    The Cap blend is my fave right now along with the P51 Mustang.

    Yes I started with lower dosage samplers but will offer up to 36 or maybe 48 MG's.

    I want to get samples out by this Friday so PM's will be sent for info.
  16. radiokaos

    radiokaos Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Good guess but the P38 uses a different tobacco blend.

    I have several pounds of new tobacco leafs coming in so I will be doing more sampling and extracting the next few days.

    I think I need to host a happy hour in Phoenix to catch up with everyone.

    I can't make it to the VIP meeting this weekend due to work commitments. Well its not work when I'm having fun but its still technically work.

    If you are out in Mesa on Sunday look up in the sky and you might see me flying in 1944 B-17 Bomber.
  17. yanks21

    yanks21 Super Member ECF Veteran


    Tobacco Flavors

    :nun: God Bless You!
  18. radiokaos

    radiokaos Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    This has been a long process and costly. After trying several methods and input from some outstanding members on the forum I think this will be a big hit.

    Trust me I'm excited but this will be a fine tunning process.

    Please feel free to suggest what you are looking for in your Ejuice.
  19. bigboom

    bigboom Super Member ECF Veteran

  20. nubee

    nubee Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    So any update/status on the test P38 juice????
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