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RM 2.0, LP RM 2.0 Reboot

Discussion in 'Reos Mods' started by Eric Parlin, Sep 6, 2017.

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  1. CagedSpam

    CagedSpam Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 12, 2015
    FoPo, Oregon
    @Vapefiend you probably can but it's not optimal and you may need small diameter wire.

    @JC Okie As of the writing of my earliest post they were out of stock, very interesting, thank you for the tip.
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  2. JC Okie

    JC Okie REOnaut Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jul 2, 2010
    Tulsa, OK
    I know, @CagedSpam. I followed your link and they were out of stock. Yesterday. So I just clicked "notify me"....and I had an email in my box this morning saying they were back in stock. LOL.
    I think you should have gotten me involved earlier. I obviously have some magic touch. :lol: :lol:
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  3. ENAUD

    ENAUD Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Yougot a couple 14mm aties sold for them ;)

    Eric, I was one who asked about the non LP RM2, I had hoped that there was some stock remaining and just hadn't been updated to the website. So many times a new product comes out, and it only takes a short time before the cloners are selling them for a quarter the price of the originals.

    It's good to get a feel for what folks want, regarding stuff like this, but your just hearing from a small base of users here, I'd say, go through the records, and see what kind of volume of sales there were on these atties for the past year, or two even, if that is possible, or pick Robs brain and see what he sais.

    that 14mm attie in the 3F vape link looks like a pretty well built and might just fit the bill for fitting the non LP REOs mods, I am hoping they will fit into my mini's that had narrower catch cups than the later editions.

    P.S. a couple things that I liked about the RM2 was the rather small holes for the wire in the posts, they work good at capturing thinner wires, like 30ga, without cutting them. The airhole was pretty small on the attie, and I was one who liked to enlage them slightly to my liking, as many did. Good luck.
  4. Spydro

    Spydro Sindoyen Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 20, 2013
    IMO an important suggestion that @Eric Parlin will take note of. If the small usage of the reopened Reoville forum so far is an indicator, the current active Reo customer base is no where near what it was before the forum shut down nearly one and a half years ago. Eric will need to rebuild slow and steady, and will need the support of the remaining loyal REOnauts.
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  5. SteamStack

    SteamStack Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 7, 2014
    Macomb, MI, USA
    New products will fix that fast! Always draws them in and creates a large buzz.
  6. Vapefiend

    Vapefiend Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 24, 2015
    To be fair, I became a reonaut after the original forum closed, the first Reo I bought was 11months ago, I've since bought two more reos, a bunch of spare parts and close to 20 bf rdas in less than a year. New reonauts will come in time.
  7. Eric Parlin

    Eric Parlin Forum Supplier

    Aug 1, 2017
    Once again, @Spydro nailed it. Our current active Reo customer base is way down from levels of two years ago. I would love to introduce new products (i.e - an updated RM2.0, a resin mod, a new wave of Woodvils), but all of those things take both time and money. With the decreased sales over the last few years, there has to be control on spending on our end in order to remain financially viable as a company.

    Right now, we are pretty heavily focused on overhauling the website and getting a good amount of stock on our core products - P67's, Grand LP/SL, and Grand LP's. Mini's and reomizers, along with all of our components are all fine for our current sales volume. Anything above and beyond the current product offering is just an item on our "ideas" board at this point.

    I know that a majority of the Reo base is still out there and that it takes time to get them back after a long hiatus here at ECF and a slowdown in production over the last two years. I want to make sure that as they come back, we have a website, products, and business processes to support the increase without sacrificing quality or having products that are out of stock.

    I appreciate everyone's feedback, input, and well wishes. We will get Reos back to it previous level of activity with all of your support, with efforts to get back some of our long-lost Reonauts, and with the addition of new members to the Reo family.
  8. SteamStack

    SteamStack Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 7, 2014
    Macomb, MI, USA
    Honestly the place was super slow long before he closes the doors on this forum. Many new products out there and boredom prob played a roll in that plus the slow down of new products on reosmods may of played a roll.

    This place and prob any forum gets hopping when new products are talked about..i'd still say the resin and new woodvils will bring this place back..a resin reo that has the option for a chip would bring in many new people to the reo! Imagine all the video reviews out on youtube plugging reosmods!

    The resin reo in my opinion should be at the top of the list!

    Honestly people are only interested in the rare new hard to get items.. the reos are there waiting on the site whenever people want them.. no rush. One of these days they may order it but in the mean time that new shiny has there attention most that will be a limited release that comes out in a few weeks.. :/

    Me personally currently have 2 l.p. Grands and a 14500 mini and a 2015 woodvil and a p67.. One of these days (hopefully soon) I want to order a tra sl reo grand.. and when I order that I'll order a bunch of other stuff that I need with it for my other mods.

    I always see reos on the classifieds but I'd rather support the new owner of reosmods cause they need our support!
  9. Tamer El-Meehy

    Tamer El-Meehy Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 30, 2014
    Cairo, Egypt, Egypt
    If I remember correctly the last round of RM2 atties didn't last that long. Where did Rob get the Triangles for this run from?

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  10. SteamStack

    SteamStack Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 7, 2014
    Macomb, MI, USA
    I still say make this baby in stainless steel! Great atty and really all one would need on a reo grand!
  11. CMD-Ky

    CMD-Ky Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Sep 15, 2013
    100 likes.jpg
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  12. Spydro

    Spydro Sindoyen Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 20, 2013
    ^ For some folks I'd agree. But not all I'd need for my Reo Grands (it would need to be dual coils for DLH's).
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