Rocky Mountain Giveaway!

Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Vapor' started by Myshkin, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Myshkin

    Myshkin Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    To celebrate having our own forum we will be having a giveaway tomorrow at 5:30PM mountain time.

    The prize will be 1 Complete copper 510 (1 battery, and 1 atomizer) a USB charger, 10ml of RY4 18MG and a 5 pack of cartridges.

    It will be a trivia question

  2. seadooman

    seadooman Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Myshkin, Any way you could bump that forward 1 hr to 6:30???
  3. Myshkin

    Myshkin Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    sorry can't I might be leaving town tomorrow for the weekend
  4. Nuck

    Nuck Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    gratz on the new forum and gratz to me on winning the contest!
  5. speedracer

    speedracer Full Member

    Congrats on the sub forum.

    I hope I win. I have been happy with my purchases in the past from RMV.:D
  6. Puff Daddy

    Puff Daddy Full Member ECF Veteran

    Sweet I could use a another copper backup.
  7. gatsby

    gatsby Super Member ECF Veteran

    Darn I will have to miss it, but I am always happy to see anything scheduled in Mountain Time. Nothing is ever scheduled in MT.
  8. Myshkin

    Myshkin Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    1 1/2 hours to the copper giveaway
  9. Judge Mental

    Judge Mental Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Congratulations on your sub-forum! I've been impressed and pleased with both your prices and service and highly recommend you to others looking for a good deal.

    I'll wait until after the contest to place my order so you can ship the winnings and order together. :D
  10. Robert

    Robert Moved On

    Is the answer John Denver?
  11. mtndude

    mtndude Senior Member ECF Veteran

    heheh... now i got that song stuck in my head
  12. Myshkin

    Myshkin Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    it is definitely not John Denver
  13. catholic83

    catholic83 Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    5:30 i will be here waiting lol.....
  14. Vaporer

    Vaporer Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Are PM answers ok?
  15. Ridewithme38

    Ridewithme38 Moved On

    Its B! The Answer is always the second choice!!
  16. Myshkin

    Myshkin Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Category is Geography.

    I can hear the moans
  17. PatriciafromCO

    PatriciafromCO Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    lol lol I had that once in 6th grade lol..
  18. Richie G

    Richie G Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran


    Ooooh, here's a question for a suggestion, a random invoice number question, like say --

    Who was RMV's invoice #2785?

    Oh wait... that was ME!

    Do I win? Do I? Do I? Huh? =)
  19. MickiO

    MickiO Super Member ECF Veteran

    Myshkin: will the trivia question be posted here on this post or on your website?
  20. Myshkin

    Myshkin Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    The question will be in this thread. All answers must be in thread NO PM ANSWERS!!!

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