Sainsbury food flavourings/essences?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by locha, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. locha

    locha Full Member

    I saw a nice idea somwhere, might be in tips and tricks section, that its possible to "aromatise" your normal cardridge using food flavouring. As i'm still waiting for my njoy I wasnt to start experimenting with it now, but doing some shopping i checked what i can find in baking area in sainsburys. The choice wasnt so good, but they had vanilla esssence and that was my favourite tobacco flavour, the only problem is, they using vegetable oil in that - not glycerine or PG (alcohol and water in few others). I also found some glycerin, small (50ml?) bottle, vegetable and extremely cheap; yet there is no flavour in that.
    As i understand i may use glicerin to make my own juice (which i dont intend to, at least now) or use glycerin based food flavouring as flavour enhacer in prepared cartridge, but how can i add flavour to that?
    Does anybody know where i can buy such flavourings? Or maybe i'm mistaken, and its not possible?
  2. ted26

    ted26 Super Member

    look in the tips and tricks section "diy e-liquid"

    All the answers are in there :)
  3. locha

    locha Full Member

    My newbiesness fights with my blindness... DIY liquids, why of course!

    Thanks ted26 :D
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