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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by 504_Brunhileld, Oct 24, 2013.

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  1. 504_Brunhileld

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    Well as some may have gathered I'm new here, and well I am some what straight to the point when in conversations. So far nice site I will add by starting out, and it looks very informative and full of good folks. So anyway, I am semi new to vaping, in the past I had tried several types of ecig, from a yetti 510, to a brand called elektro, to encore, revolver and blu cig to wind up back on analogs again. Most due to frustration, nerves, or just not liking the device. Recently my hubby gave me an early birthday gift of a Volcano Inferno. But due to past bad experiences, I'm just not excited. He also got me a bottle of their tobacco pure (it has small traces of the tobacco leaf in it they say when it was made) and a bottle of menthol. For the most part its an ok unit, but again I feel past bad experiences are ruining it for me. While my mood swings from past having a day one are not as extreme as in the past, I am finding myself very fidgety a a tiny bit moody. Granted I have not had an analog, nor really wanted one outside the mental part, its I tend to be a person of ritual, and missing some of my daily rituals and it seems to be adding to my frayed nerves. I am only 34 hours in to using the new device, but not sure I like it and is expecting the same old failures to re-arise. Am I being way to critical of this or am I just doomed to hate the item due to the past. I know my mindset is crappy about this at the moment, but I know a 16 is a bit harsh and anything higher isn't awesome sauce either, its I feel an 8mg fluid is too low, because in the past I would only use 16's or 24's despite it sometimes hurt my throat, but its seeming like the 8 is as well. This phenomenon of a sore throat happens regardless of pg or vg. I do apologize for seeming like I am jumping around in my post, but I worked a over night shift(not fun being day one of no real cigs) and a day shift behind it so I am getting off of a double. Any help is appreciated, I just don't want to look like I wasted money, he got the same brand for him, but is doing great and ecstatic with his.
  2. OlDogNewTricks

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    Welcome, the forum is a terrific source for knowledge and support. First, your gear will be enough to learn how to vape with. It isn't smoking and you can't reliably do it the same way. There is a learning curve that you need to work through. Second, you will soon want a better setup that can supply you with a better experience. You may want to begin researching tank systems and variable batteries with a 510 style connection. That way, you can use your gear interchangeably. Next, you will want to experiment with flavors and nicotine levels to find what works for you. Good luck and have fun!
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    Welcome to ECF
    I don't think I can be of much assistance but I can at least try. The setup you have should work. It is a ton better than the blu. So it pretty much leans me to say it may be the juice. Can you give us some more information on those, PG/VG percent? is it a good quality juice?
  4. 504_Brunhileld

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    Volcano uses mostly pg, I have in the past used vg but like stated in my original post neither seem to help. The Volcano Inferno does use a tube tank cartomizer canister like piece and contains a smaller battery with pass through avail and a larger batter same thing just bigger battery. . The juices I purchased was a pure tobacco w/essence of tobacco. At first I thought some of my issues was due to cigarettes hijacking dopamine. Like also stated my moods are minorly better since trying that. Also I have a menthol one as well. Granted my husband loves his, I am wondering if its something in my head or what is it.

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