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Discussion in 'Vapor4Life' started by BHam, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. BHam

    BHam Supplier Associate

    Hey Family, BHam here, just letting you guys know that I will be out of the office for the next week starting tomorrow. For those who don't know, I am having surgery on my heart. SCARY! But don't worry, it's not as serious as it sounds. It's serious but I expect to be home tomorrow (or Thursday :) ), resting. Simply put, I have a funky arrhythmia and the doctors are going in tomorrow to correct it. It was MUCH worse when I smoked and has gotten MUCH better since switching but the doctors want to make sure the arrhythmia doesn't escalate to something more in the future so I'm have surgery to correct it tomorrow.

    I just wanted to let the Family know so you guys don't freak out or think I've abandoned you. If you need anything, still feel free to email me at and I'll get back to you asap or as "asap" as I can :). Send me good wishes/vibes vapers!!!
  2. Amraann

    Amraann Ultra Member

    Good luck tomorrow!! Please let us know how you are once your feeling up to it:)
  3. mcol

    mcol Vaping Master

    Aw - good luck and take care of yourself! Check in from the hospital if you can - ha ha.
    Will be thinking of you!
  4. MystStick

    MystStick Senior Member

    Positive thoughts and vibes coming your way from your V4L family! We know you will do well, but want an update when you feel like it. Take care and many prayers for a speedy recovery!
  5. LorraineS

    LorraineS Super Member

    You will be in my thoughts & prayers for a successful operation & speedy recovery!!!!!
  6. Morandir835

    Morandir835 Idiot Guru

    Supporting member
    Hoping for a quick recovery and everything goes off without any issues BHam sir. Get some rest and don't over do it afterwards either. :)
  7. K9Luvr

    K9Luvr Ultra Member


    Will be sending prayers your way. Please take it easy and remember your V4L family loves you!
  8. plantlvr

    plantlvr Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Best wishes and speedy recovery BHam, take care!
  9. Sallyem

    Sallyem Ultra Member

    Prayers and best wishes go out to you, Bham. Get well soon!
  10. EleanorR

    EleanorR Vaping Master

    Thoughts and prayers for you here, dear Brandon! Take it easy after your surgery, too!
  11. dedi

    dedi Super Member Verified Member

    Healing thoughts to you:)
  12. Mary Kay

    Mary Kay ECF Guru

    God Bless! I hope you take it easy and veg out for a few days!
  13. EleanorR

    EleanorR Vaping Master

    Anybody heard anything yet on how Bham's doing? :blink:
  14. JenJen

    JenJen Vaping Master

    I hope you are recovering well from your surgery and hope to see you back soon! Best wishes to you BHam!!! :)
  15. Nailz

    Nailz Vaping Master Verified Member

    This was posted on the main V4L forums

  16. EleanorR

    EleanorR Vaping Master

    Thanks, Nailz. :)
  17. dink44

    dink44 Senior Member

    Good luck Bham and a quick recovery.
  18. dedi

    dedi Super Member Verified Member

    .............still missing Brandon! Hope you are continuing to improve! :)))))))))))
  19. BHam

    BHam Supplier Associate

    Hey Family! Sorry I've been so DARK lately! I am finally feeling 85% so I am jumping in an saying HEY EVERYONE!! MY surgery went well and I've got some notes from the doctor on how to carry on from here. Long story short, I'm good and well and HERE FOR THE LONG RUN!!! Thank you all for the wishes and prayers and support. I couldn't ask for a better group of people! Ya'll are the BEST!! It's so exciting seeing Smilin jump on with all the teases ;). Things will only get better from here! thanks again everyone, MUCH LOVE from the bottom of my heart!!!!
  20. Nailz

    Nailz Vaping Master Verified Member

    Good to hear everything went well Brandon, take it easy for a while though :)
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