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SG vapours! Need help!

Discussion in 'SG Vapers' started by raynorong, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. raynorong

    raynorong Full Member

    Hi guys, I am a vaper and like to know more suppliers to get more juice. Can pls pm me, thks
  2. sixfiend

    sixfiend Super Member Verified Member

    i guess you can look around here for websites that are recommended. i don't really want to explicitly mention any websites and perhaps you could try using the search function in future :) hope this helped.... alittle.
  3. raynorong

    raynorong Full Member

    Thks , like to check janty Neo is good ?
  4. Necromancer

    Necromancer Super Member

  5. Necromancer

    Necromancer Super Member

  6. sixfiend

    sixfiend Super Member Verified Member

    the janty, looks like a souped up ego to me (but i'm guessing for the price, i'm sure they have better qc than normal ego). if you're getting it, get the manual version instead of the auto (never liked auto).

    but not a fan if you ask me.
  7. Dicktracey007

    Dicktracey007 Unregistered Supplier

    Good luck. Should not be too hard to find reliable and reputable suppliers. Worst come to worst can go to boleh land.
  8. JIMP-er46

    JIMP-er46 Super Member Verified Member

    I like boleh land. Boleh this and boleh that. Here, tak boleh this and tak boleh that.

    Ok, tt didn't make sense. But yeah, i would love to check out boleh land's vape shops.
  9. raynorong

    raynorong Full Member

    Guys need help.. Which is better? Lavatube or janty Neo?? Lava tube good to use? Need any special cart?.
  10. Dicktracey007

    Dicktracey007 Unregistered Supplier

    Vote goes to Lavatube.
  11. sixfiend

    sixfiend Super Member Verified Member

    personally i would go with the LT over the janty. the lavatube uses a normal 510 cartomizer. you can also add a tank in future. :)
  12. Yunn85

    Yunn85 Super Member Verified Member

    I second that, 510 connector is the most universal out of all the others. That way you can test out the different atties, cartos and DCTs to find the "one". =)
  13. newbieme

    newbieme Full Member

    Exactly, I prefer 510 too. More varieties of Cartos, be it tank or clearo. It's like iPhone, more apps to choose from.
  14. raynorong

    raynorong Full Member

    thks guys, i guess i will chose LT, any prefer websites to order??
  15. MC28

    MC28 Moved On Verified Member

    I beg to differ...

    Use to be on iOS until i took an Android to the knee.. :lol:
  16. dingoblue

    dingoblue Senior Member Verified Member

    depending how much are you willing to paid for... open ur eyes wider and you can see vapers here are feeding info to you.
  17. tcss000

    tcss000 Full Member Verified Member

    510 connections rocks! So many good attys on 510s....
: lavatube
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