Shelf life of e-juice?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by lexpres61, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. lexpres61

    lexpres61 Full Member

    Just wondering if anyone knows the shelf life of vg e-juice and pg. I want to stock up but not over do it if I might have to throw some out.
    Thanks all.
  2. corruption42

    corruption42 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I've functioned on the idea that the shelf life is typically 8 months to a year -- but I'm purely quoting that off the top of my head. None of my juices ever last that long :)
  3. Jadesrayne

    Jadesrayne Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Have always heard a year as well.
  4. lexpres61

    lexpres61 Full Member

    Thanks all. Was thinking about a 3-4 month supply. I should be set.
    I know you're supposed to keep it in a dry place but what about the fridge? Good or bad idea?
  5. dspin

    dspin Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    They can and do last up to 2 yrs. I have some that are 2 yrs now this month. The nic strength has faded, but still taste good.

    I guess it could also depend on who made them. The ones I speak of are extracted tobacs from Want2Vape. They use to make them 70vg30pg then switched to 70pg30vg which I dont like.

    I have been nursing them for quite awhile. All rest of my juices dont even go 6 months and they are gone.
  6. corruption42

    corruption42 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I've not experimented, but I've read/heard bad. I believe it causes some separation of the juices -- I could be wrong about this. It definitely wouldn't allow steeping to occur. I'll see if I can find any links to back that up.
  7. lexpres61

    lexpres61 Full Member

    I learn something new everytime I come in here. That's why I joined this forum. Thank you all.
  8. corruption42

    corruption42 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  9. lexpres61

    lexpres61 Full Member

    Thanks corruption. :)
  10. T41CK

    T41CK Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  11. Tanti

    Tanti Super Member ECF Veteran

    should be kept in a cool dark place, If they have VG in them its a perservative. so id say they would last a long time. Keeping them in a cool dark place extends the life of the nicotine.
  12. corruption42

    corruption42 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Good post T41CK -- can't get much more authoritative than direct from one of the bigger juice vendors around. :)
  13. hvac999

    hvac999 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I had some old Tasty Vapor juice and asked them. They told me one year or until the color looks or smells "funny", whichever is first.
  14. lexpres61

    lexpres61 Full Member

    T41CK. Thank's a million. Just read your link.
  15. Vaptor

    Vaptor Super Member ECF Veteran

    If you do some non-ecig related search on PG and VG shell life, the manufacturers claim two years in room temperature. With e-juice it very much depends on how fresh PG/VG the vendor uses. They buy it by a bucket load to get it cheap so one never knows how long it's been hanging around. Probably that's why some vendors give you one year expiry date. Dekang gives two years so they likely use fresh PG/VG and being the World's biggest seller the would do a lot of rotations. I haven't researched food flavors so don't know.
    But I keep my e-juices in the fridge at 4C. Even tried to freeze some and nothing happened but I imagine some flavorings could crystallize, menthol comes to mind but can't be sure of that. Anyway, with ejuice made from fresh ingredients you're good for two years in room temp.
  16. fe_chef

    fe_chef Full Member Verified Member

    that was great to find out, especially due to my bobas addiction and a propensity to order 100ml bottles :) looks like i can stock up a little bit with bottles not being used foil wrapped in the fridge
  17. thelion717

    thelion717 Full Member Verified Member

    I was wondering the same due to the FDA decision. I am planning to stock up out of fear they will put all the juice vendors out of business & I don't want Dekang from china to be the only option
  18. Vapo_Dave

    Vapo_Dave Full Member Verified Member

  19. Disconnect

    Disconnect Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'd avoid the fridge - either the freezer or a cool dark shelf. In the fridge you can get water vapor condensation which can interact with sugars and airborn mold/bacteria to spoil the juice. (While it is possible that can happen in the freezer, the chances are much lower and the growth rate is nearly zero.)

    The DIY guys have similar suggestions to the linked post - glass bottles in the freezer for long-term storage, but bring to room temp (or at least warmer) and mix well before taking some out, then the rest goes back in the glass in the freezer. The rule of thumb there (mostly for unflavored) is 2 years and open as infrequently as possible.

    A few months in a dark climate-controlled place should be fine, its pretty much what you do to steep it anyway :)
  20. Vaptor

    Vaptor Super Member ECF Veteran

    all ready posted
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