Sick, Sick SICK of cartos/clearos/tanks/Ce2s etc etc etc...

Discussion in 'Cartomizers' started by MadMixtress, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. MadMixtress

    MadMixtress Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    *ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGHH!!!*:evil:I am SO TIRED of feeling flustered over trying to get a good CONSISTANT vape. Either Im wasting juice filling and REFILLING cartomizers, alternating between dry burnt hits :blink: and flooding on the clearos, leaking carto tanks, juice spilling all over everything....yadda yadda yadda. There has GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!!!!!


    Had to vent. I feel better now.:oops:

    Ok....The question is: Whats out there that I dont have to use a carto for? Any -->durable<---- mods? Suggestions?
  2. whitetortuga

    whitetortuga Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I personally love boge 2.0 cartos. Real consistent hit! Don't burn out to fast, and don't think I've ever had a dud!
  3. MadMixtress

    MadMixtress Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Oh...and thanks!
  4. Caelius Felix

    Caelius Felix Senior Member ECF Veteran

    There are few things worse than filling up a carto with a ml or two of juice and then having to throw it all away when the thing doesn't vape well. I used to love my Leos because of the huge, 4 ml cartos, but got tired of having to pitch so much juice when one out of three or four simply didn't work. Quality control of cartos isn't very good, in my experience. Since I don't like the hassle of dripping and use thick juices that don't work well in a tank, my personal solution has been to stick with regular-size cartos so that at least I don't waste as much juice when I get a dud. I have to top them up every ten minutes but it sure beats three or four good hits at a time when dripping. If you find a better solution, please share it with the rest of us. You are not alone in being frustrated by inconsistency.
  5. MadMixtress

    MadMixtress Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    I like the cartos, too- they give great flavor. Both Boge and Smoketech LR rock my world.....(Especially when filled with Bobas!) But I am trying to find something a little more efficient that I dont blow thru so much juice on- and, more importantly, have to keep refilling!
  6. thymetraveler

    thymetraveler Senior Member ECF Veteran

    First, congratulations for toughing it out, (as far as leaks, burnt taste, I believe came in 1st place for flooding,) I still do @ times & my quit date was 12/6/10.
    What are you currently using?
  7. MadMixtress

    MadMixtress Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Thanks for your input, Caelius Felix ! If I cant find anything else, I may have to stick with the Vision Stone. So far, in the tank/CE2 area, thats the only thing Ive found that I like oither than the cartos.
  8. MadMixtress

    MadMixtress Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    lol Hi thyme...Good to see someone else had been here!I have a KGO setup. As far as clearos/cartos ...everything. You name it, I probably have one. Right now Im using a Vision Stone II, because it seems to handle my vg juice best.
  9. MadMixtress

    MadMixtress Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Who has a bottom feeder? What do you love about them?
  10. sumoman25

    sumoman25 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    If you've got the time or money, make or buy a genesis atomizer. I personally love carto tanks, but I use 80/20 PG/VG. I'd say stick with standard cartos and keep refilling them, or get a bottomfeeder so you only have to refill the bottle once a day or so.
  11. MadMixtress

    MadMixtress Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Sumoman25, do you have a bottom feeder? I am wondering if you still get dry hits etc...
  12. sumoman25

    sumoman25 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sorry but I don't, but I don't see why it would give you dry hits very often. So long as you keep supplying juice properly it'll work.
  13. JC Okie

    JC Okie Tulsa, Oklahoma Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I have a bottom feeder....I have (several, actually) a REO and it's absolutely WONDERFUL! It's like dripping on an atomizer all day long. You should visit the Reos mods forum and just introduce yourself and do some reading. I spent the first 10 months of vaping using various cartomizers and atomizers with a Joye 510 setup, eGo setups, Riva setups, etc. Once I discovered the REO, it was all over....I haven't owned anything else since.

    The best part, really....besides how darned convenient they the fact that every single hit is like I dripped onto an atty. I don't want to just gush, but I'm telling you....this is the way to go. There are several sizes, and Rob's in the process of building a variable voltage REO that should be released within a week or so. I have a REO Grand that holds 6ml of juice at a time, and uses an 18650 battery that lasts for hours and hours and hours (1600 mAh.) There are also REO Mini's that hold 3ml of juice and run on a 14500 battery. Then there's one in between....

    Just visit the reos mods forum and see for yourself. Ask questions. Talk to the folks.


    EDIT: Here's the link:
  14. erictho

    erictho Super Member ECF Veteran

    my vote is with a liquid feed mod. :)
  15. MadMixtress

    MadMixtress Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Thx for the info, JC Okie.:) Erictho- how funny. I just finished reading a thread you posted when you got your first bottom feeder. Did you wind up being comfortable with it? Do you use cartos at all anymore? I am waffling between just buying a @#*&ton more vision stones and sticking with those......or getting a bottom feeder.
  16. Vego

    Vego Super Member ECF Veteran

    Bottom feeders! They were built for consistent, fiddle-free vaping. Use with atty or carto. Fill a feeder bottle in the morning and vape all day without hastle. Hey, btw, did you see the VVPV review in the review section? This looks like a very interesting top feeder... looks real easy to use too. I'm getting very interested in it myself. Gonna wait for a bit though to see how reliable it is.
  17. sumoman25

    sumoman25 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    LordDavon did a review of a demo version, he really liked it
  18. John1952

    John1952 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I heard about these juice-less devices that don't use cartos. You can buy 'em in a pack of 20. They only cost about $6-$10 a pack. You don't even have to charge 'em.

    But they require a special "lighter," but that's just a minor inconvenience. Once you start sucking, they get hotter and hotter. And smaller and smaller. But -- get this! They are designed to remind you of when you should stop! That's right. After you've sucked on it for a while, they just stop working. Then, it's just a minor inconvenience to dispose of the little end piece.

    Some say they really stink, but if you use them you won't even notice the smell. Right now, they aren't available in many flavors, but that could change as they get more popular.
  19. MadMixtress

    MadMixtress Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Thx Vego- headed that way now...
  20. ambientech

    ambientech Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Get a Genesis Atty
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