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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by sandscards, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. sandscards

    sandscards Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have come to love the sound of the snap, crackle and pop of the juice hitting the atomizer. I feel I can tell if it is going to be a good hit or not from the sound. Usually no sound means a slim or cool vape or the cartos getting old. Also seems even in the some brand some hit better than others and the juices do make a difference in the sound. It is just music to my ears. Still using an ego until other equipment makes it next week. Can't wait to hear the sound of higher volts burning up the juice, just below the burning stage. Like my vapes extremely warm so hopefully there will be more snap, crackle and pop next week.
  2. Vapour newb

    Vapour newb Full Member

    Im not really fond of the snap, crackle and pop sounds. Im more into the consistent buzz. Reminds me of laying down a bead with an arc welder, with a little echo thrown in.:?:
  3. washvap

    washvap Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Yeah, it's a good sound to hear to make sure that your atty/carto works. Get worried when I don't hear it since almost 100% of time that means the atty is dead.
  4. sandscards

    sandscards Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    In my case it hasn't been the carto but the battery has died. No sound and a flashing light means no vape for me. Time to change batteries. With only two I can't forget to put it on the charger or I will be vapeless when the next battery dies. More on the way since I want no excuse to go buy an analog. Has been great so far!
  5. dlsw

    dlsw Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I just got my third for that reason!
  6. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    I use thin juices (like 80PG/20VG) in cartos can get some good crackling, at least while cartos are fairly new. I also avoid all dark, opaque or cloudy juices that drop carto-clogging flavoring sediment.
  7. washvap

    washvap Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I had that happen to me before too. Which was why I mentioned almost 100% LOL. Gotten pretty good at noticing when the battery is getting low in power.

    It's really great to hear that your getting into vaping and liking it. Your health is going to really improve in the next month or so. Just be aware that your taste buds are going to be off soon. Since they have to regenerate. So, just get yourself some strongly flavored juice like menthol or cinnamon to get ready for that.
  8. sandscards

    sandscards Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Taste buds are way off. I have been hitting cinnamon pretty heavy as well as menthol, vanilla, and cherry. I can taste those OK but I think eventually it wil only get better. I thought I got some bad juice in that I couldn't really taste anything at first. Thought they forgot to put the flavor in. I then read on here and decided to hold in my mouth and exhale through my nose instead of inhaling into my lungs like smoking analog. I about burned my nose off with the cinnamon when I exhaled through my nose. By gosh there was plenty of flavor there I just couldn't taste it.
  9. washvap

    washvap Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    LOL It happens to all of us when we decide to quit and transition to vaping. Remember that happened to me and couldn't figure out why until I did some research on here. Typically, this will last around a couple of weeks. It took almost a month for me to get my taste buds back. I attribute it to the length of time that I smoked in my life. Which did take a toll on me physically.

    Anyways, all of this will pass and you will get your taste buds back. When that happens, you will enjoy vaping even more along with what you eat. Really makes a big difference. Just hang in there.
  10. DonG

    DonG Super Member ECF Veteran

    just like bacon. That sound is a good weld or a good vape. A win either way.
  11. Nikkita6

    Nikkita6 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    ahaha ... I was never one to mind a little snap, crackle and pop :p. My Kanger cartos don't do this though, when I was using Boge and SmokTech, especially SmokTech I got a little to much crackle and pop... and not enough vapor, and I always found that strange considering all the noise that thing was making, lol.
  12. sandscards

    sandscards Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You may have a point in that it depends on the carto. I am using Boge and SmokTech that was making all the noise and made me post about the sound. Might be the dual coil. I just kind of like the noise so that I know what is going on. I haven't vaped long enough but I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with performance. Haven't tried Kanger yet so that might be on my next order to try and see what they do. I have read good things about them and everyone seems to like them.
  13. BrashRooster

    BrashRooster Full Member

    please do not get riled up with my comment and I do not say this as some dumb person trolling. Ok here it is.......... I use to do certain substances that I will not name and occasionally the sounds will bring back a sudden flood of memories of when I did those things. I HATE when it reminds me of those times because it brings back some pretty bad emotions with the memories. I don't get it all the time in fact it doesn't happen a lot but when it does it makes me feel very uncomfortable. This wont stop me from vaping but it does make me realize that no matter how long I have been clean there is still a part of me that is an addict.

    Ok I hope I didn't offend anyone or upset anyone by that but it does fit in with the theme of this topic albeit on the darker side of things.
  14. sandscards

    sandscards Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    No offense taken at all. We all have different life experiences to draw on and certain sounds, smells or whatever brings back memories. I don't have those that you have to be reminded of. Contratulations on being clean and keep up the good work.
  15. williebb123

    williebb123 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    never lost my buds or sense of smell but my freakin gums started bleeding for like a month it really worried me i think it lasted like a month been smokefree for 19 months now
  16. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    If you were using dual coil cartos on an eGo or a 3.7V device, that makes for a poor vape. DCC's work great and produce tons of vapor at 5V and above and truly show their colors then.

    As for snap, crackle, pop...I LOVE IT!
  17. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Congrats on getting and staying clean. I know how tough it is for you. I have someone very close to me that goes through the same things as you. As for the sounds, try to lure your mind away and think of sizzling bacon or popping popcorn.
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