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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Rabbit Chaser, Oct 25, 2013.

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  1. Rabbit Chaser

    Rabbit Chaser Senior Member

    I've spent hours researching and loads of money (to me anyway) on batteries, coils, juice, tanks...tonight my Protank II starting leaking like crazy and I lost all the juice so I used my backup ego. Then on that one, despite a brand new coil and tank, my vape tasted like burning rubber. I changed the coil again and nothing changed. I then tried the tank on my brand new Kanger eGo with a new coil and the Kanger wouldn't even fire despite being fully charged. How can two batteries go bad at the same time? I can easily get to my B&M in the morning but the night is long without my vape and I am just frustrated. Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong but until then I am just so irritated and confused.:mad:
  2. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master

    it's easy if you overtighten your tanks and push that center pin down too far

    Ah you are rocking eGo's...snug down the tanks, when you feel the tank touch the pin gently turn it like 1/4 turn and done...there may even be some side to side play but it won't push the pin down

    How long have you been vaping, could be your vaping technique that is giving you the burnt (yuck) taste
  3. Scarey

    Scarey Super Member Verified Member

    I the case of your protank, take it apart, clean it thoroughly, and keep it over half full. I find that my protank II likes to start flooding and leaking when it gets under half full. I can also get wonky if I don't clean it.
  4. Racehorse

    Racehorse Vaping Master Verified Member

    I have found that pulling down the center pin from the clearomizer works very well.....had a whole LOT of Kanger clearos that didn't make good contact with ANY of my batteries, and so I knew it was not hte batteries.

    Try warhawks idea about making sure your battery center contact is not depressed.

    Then also make sure your clearoizers pin on bottom is far enough out. YOu can pull it out just a HAIR, with pair of tweezers or small needle nose pliers.
  5. Rabbit Chaser

    Rabbit Chaser Senior Member

    Thanks for the input and the video. I've been vaping for a few weeks and vape with a slow mouth draw, not a lung inhale...I've changed the coil, cleaned the tank, dropped in liquid that I know is a good batch and kept the tank full. So, one tastes burnt and the other doesn't fire. I'll just have to hold out until I can drop in tomorrow at my B&M. Until then, thanks for the replies. I'll keep you posted.
  6. happydave

    happydave Ultra Member

    i keep a box of blu high strength cartos around. they are not the best but when your vape gear is down for the count they will do the trick. i have 2 ego USB pass-throughs ones on the charger the other is in my hand. but in the event i forgot to charge them they are USB pass-through you just gotta sit in one spot well you get you nic fix. last thing is, a solar charger, if you loose power for a long time at least you can set the solar charger in a well lit windowsill and charge your batteries. if you have a usb to cell phone cable you can also charge you phone.

  7. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master

    long hard draw = bad...puff puff puff (like a pipe or trying to start a 1/2 lit analog) otherwise it pulls a vacuum on the air pocket above the juice and it stops flowing, no juice in the wick = burnt taste and/or dry hits

    You should be able to easily fix the pin issue..but taking it to a B&M if you have one available is also a good thing

    Hope your problems get resolved quickly and you are back to making clouds! :D
  8. Rabbit Chaser

    Rabbit Chaser Senior Member

    Okay, I used the tweezer trick to pull the pin up and that worked..But, with three different brand new coils in two different tanks on two different batteries with well-known juice I am tasting burnt plastic. A mystery I am unable and too tired to solve tonight so I will be waiting at the door of my vape store when they open. Bah. Goodnight.
  9. cryptic

    cryptic Full Member Verified Member

    You have any other juice to try? I was running one flavor for a while then one day it tasted like burnt crap in everything I put it in. I think it was partially the juice and partially my taste. Maybe try something light colored / minty and see if it's still burning. Might also just be too much voltage. I've found some sweeter juices just taste burnt above 3.6v with a Kanger 2.2ohm.
  10. Rabbit Chaser

    Rabbit Chaser Senior Member

    Update: I took both vapes with tanks full to my B&M (1.5 miles away - woot!) and they changed out the coils. Apparently someone there had sold me the wrong voltage coils the last time I picked some up. Bad. So, he gave me new ones for free! He also took a look at the juice (which I bought from another local store) and said it was probably ruining my coils because it was super thick. So I came home a ditched that bottle, filled with stuff from my local and am awaiting an order from dfwvapors that will hopefully be usable. Live and learn. And now, I am saving my pennies for a telescoping mod that he showed me today. Yikes. I need another job! Thanks for all you input!
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