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Discussion in 'Southern Cali Vapors' started by Oolong, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. Oolong

    Oolong Senior Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I've put together a Google custom map for brick and mortar shops out here in SoCal. Even though you can just close your eyes, spin, point and find a vape shop, I just thought it would be nice to have a decent repository :vapor:

  2. voidNIL

    voidNIL Senior Member Verified Member


    I have a trip to SoCal planned in April and this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! Based on this map I'm going to visit Vapor Loft, Vape Revolution, and Local Vape. I'm curious what shops I should add to my list based on the experience of people here on ECF. I'm looking for shops that carry interesting mechanical mods or really any unique items. Nothing against Egos, Lava Tubes, ZMax, etc. but I'm looking for the can't miss stuff in the middle of what appears to be vape heaven! Any tips appreciated.
  3. Oolong

    Oolong Senior Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    My pleasure, man. Vape Revolution is the home for exclusives, but hopefully they're stocked when you're in town. May as well hit up Ecig City 2 as it's close by. They don't always have rare mods/rbas on hand, but sometimes have items on consignment. Local Vape stocks a lot of Filipino exclusives, so that's a good choice. Vapor Loft works with them, and stocks many of the same items. Vapor Labs is less than 2 miles from the Loft, so you may as well stop by. I grabbed a Nimbus there recently. If you're interested in Titans, check out Vapor Solutions. For Sentinels, try New Age Vapor. Vape Station Exclusive is a new shop that will be stocking great gear soon. AC9s for cheaper than you will find at any other b&m. Definitely make it out to Vapor Craze. If you're lucky, they may have Ihys and Orions in stock.

    If you're looking for anything in particular, let me know! I get around ;)
  4. tbx59

    tbx59 Senior Member

    I live in the 626, every place around here is out of everything. Could someone suggest some good shops in LA county/metro LA/OC, with good stock, and even better if there are a cluster around, would love to take a day trip and check out some good shops without just blindly guessing. thanks.
  5. tbx59

    tbx59 Senior Member

    ps thanks for the great map, man socal is stocked with vape shops
  6. Oolong

    Oolong Senior Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Let me know what you're looking for specifically, brada. If it's in SoCal, I should be able to hook you up.
  7. forg1vn

    forg1vn Super Member Verified Member

    thanks oolong, do you know which locals stock some good high end gen rba's with glass tanks?
  8. AaronY

    AaronY Ultra Member Verified Member

    amazing work thanks. :) It is cool to be able to see where the vape shops are.
  9. bigchefjoe

    bigchefjoe Full Member

    Cool start. Like to see what else is nearby. You are right with all the shops opening up lately its hard to keep track sometimes
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  10. Demiurgous

    Demiurgous Super Member Verified Member

    Any good shops in the Santa Ana / Orange area for liquids?
  11. Demiurgous

    Demiurgous Super Member Verified Member

    The Vapor Lounge on Main Street in Orange, CA is really nice. Swing by there today on a recommendation and am quite pleased.

    Not a huge variety of equipment, but decent variety of liquids. Walk in, snag a test battery and a clean tip, swap out cartos for as long as you like. All flavors for test are either 12mg, or 0mg (front area). Test as long as you like, as much as you like. No charge, no pressure, and friendly staff.

    Picked up Halo Tribeca, and a monkey buns from Vaping Monkey, both 18mg. Pretty nice selection overall, with the standard variations of mg and ml.

    Definitely visiting this store again! Would love to see it on the linked map.
  12. Usmcmonkey

    Usmcmonkey Full Member

    Try vapor labs in garden grove or vapor craze in long beach there alway have what am looking for tanks, ejuice, cartos,
  13. sdramones

    sdramones Full Member Verified Member

    The Vapor Loft in Orange and its near Main Place mall
  14. Oolong

    Oolong Senior Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Agreed. I'd bet that Paul has the largest selection of juices in Orange County.

    Map is constantly updated. If you know of a shop not listed, let me know, and I'll add it.
  15. AaronY

    AaronY Ultra Member Verified Member

    You need to change vapor spot to its new location 2378 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064 I drove to the one in culver city today to find out it moved :(
  16. Demiurgous

    Demiurgous Super Member Verified Member

    Not sure if it's on there. VaporCigs in Riverside on University is worth visiting. Nice eye candy, great flavors. Just don't make a wrong turn or you end up at this door:[​IMG]
  17. AaronY

    AaronY Ultra Member Verified Member

    Wow you changed it fast thanks :)
  18. hottierockstar

    hottierockstar Super Member

    there is 805 Vapor in Thousand Oaks :)

    2219 E Thousand Oaks Blvd #202 Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
    (805) 244-5099
  19. areohwhy

    areohwhy Full Member Verified Member

    OOlong, Vaporholic just had their soft opening last saturday! Dope store! Good selection of tanks, mech mods, VVs, and pretty good selection of juices. Andy, the manager is very good at what he does, and enlightened me to the world of RBAs and Dripping. If anyone is in East GG, check them out!
  20. Oolong

    Oolong Senior Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Added, thanks :)

    We were in attendance at the grand opening ;) Great shop with an excellent selection of juices and a lot of potential. Have had a number of conversations with the owner Jack, and he's a real genuine guy.
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