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South African Liquid Reviews

Discussion in 'South Africa Forum' started by Tamakachi, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. Tamakachi

    Tamakachi Full Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    South Africaq
    Here's my reviews on list of liquids that I have tried.

    - Xplode Liquids -

    I ordered these off bidorbuy, I tried a wide variety of liquids (12 bottles) and have to say was thoroughly disappointed. Despite the availability of interesting flavors, these liquids do not live up to the expectation a person would have on e-liquids. If this was my first liquid, I probably would have given up on e cigarettes and just stuck on analogs.

    So, what's the problem with these liquids? Very simple, it's the TASTE!
    All of the flavors have a strange almost unsalted sweet taste to them, Imagine your favourite dessert with no salt mixed with a strange musk sort taste. I felt like I had thrown my money away, and the fact that these were my first VG liquid has really deterred me from trying out other VG liquids.

    On another note they aren't completely without use, these VG liquids may be useful when diluted 20% with other branded PG liquids to add moisture to the mix. Especially for people who find that PG is too dry or has side effects. I do tend to add a little to my PG mixed purely for the VG. It would be a good idea to buy this if only to use as a dilution for your other liquids, purely for the VG it has.

    Other than that, I wouldn't consider vaping it on it's own.

    (Flavors Sampled: Blueberry, Sweet Tobacco, Menthol, Cappuccino, Coffee, Vanilla)

    -The Good-

    Nicotine Strengths - 8/10 (Up to 24mg)
    Vapor Production - 7/10
    Vapor Thickness - 6/10
    Throat Hit - 6/10

    -The Bad-

    Taste - 3/10
    Price - 4/10
  2. Tamakachi

    Tamakachi Full Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    South Africaq
    - Kwik Kwit -

    I first encountered this liquid when I went to Game and I was on the look out for local liquids I'd be able to buy in town. There weren't many flavors to try and almost all of them were low and medium strength. I can't Judge this one too accurately because I have only tried 2 flavors.

    I found them to be very low on the throat hit. The flavor wasn't too bad strength wise but the flavor itself was not too pleasurable. However, when you are out of liquids and you can only get some locally - these will do. I have heard that these might be Dekang liquids rebranded. I have yet to try dekang liquids so I cannot comment on the similarity.

    The menthol flavor was not bad, the cherry on the other hand tasted a lot like a chewable vitamin C cherry tablet, not quite to my taste.

    The vapor production on the cherry flavor was rather low, the menthol however was alright in this department. It would have been nice if I could have tried some of their high strength liquids to get a decent review out of it.

    Overall, this isn't a bad liquid. But it's nothing to write home about. It's a well rounded average liquid, though, not one I would buy again.

    (Flavors Sampled: Cherry, Menthol)

    -The Good-

    Vapor Production - 7/10
    Vapor Thickness - 6/10
    Throat Hit - 6/10

    -The Okay-

    Price - 5/10
    Taste - 6/10

    -The Bad-

    Nicotine Strengths - 5/10 (up to 16mg. could not find high strength, availability is probably very low)
  3. Tamakachi

    Tamakachi Full Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    South Africaq
    - Deep Forest Liquids -

    This is my first love, and still my favourite. This was the first liquid I tried and originally got them from ECS when I got my first 4081. These are my every day liquids, what they lack for in variety they make up for in quality. Some of the liquids in this brand are rather mild in vapor production, though, they tend to be the sweet and tasty flavours.

    I first tried these with my first 4081, originally I thought they were good. Not excellent, but not bad either. After lots of problems with the 4081 I finally got myself a Twisp Stick. This is my everyday vaping device. When I tried the liquids in here, WOW.. they really took me by surprise.
    The vapour production was insane, the taste was flawless and they were really affordable.

    So as you can probably tell from my introduction,I love these liquids. The best in this range are Tobacco Storm, Virginia South, Caramel, French Pipe, Tobacco Rush... heck, they're all good.
    The only thing to look out for in this range is the Nicotine Strength. Make sure to only buy liquids that are 24mg or higher. The high strength of Vanilla is 16mg, where the high strength of Tobacco flavours are 24mg. So make sure to check the exact nicotine amount before buying.

    -The Good-

    Throat Hit - 9/10
    Taste - 9/10
    Vapor Production - 8/10
    Vapor Thickness - 8/10
    Price - 7/10

    -The Okay-

    Nicotine Strength - 6/10 (many great flavors are not available in 24mg high strength)
  4. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Agreed. Kin Le Roux just said thanks (?) for my feedback which was:

    It all tastes the same - a sickening sweet (VG?) taste. The sweet tobacco was OK. I will use this if its for free - It's vapable but No thanks.

    Rather get the Dekang VG...
  5. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

  6. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I tried this as well - on special at Game and Dischem. Also had the cherry + Marlb. I agree with your review.

    Also try:
    Twisp Liquid - I used it in the beginning - was actually quite good, but I see they have changed the branding/supplier. Still expensive as ever.

    Dekang (PG and VG) - The typical e-liquid bottles - childproof orange cap is our fav (24 mg) - says YNDK on the cap. Fruity flavours normally in medium (16 or 18 mg) - just vape for longer for nic fix.

    Tasty vapor - This could potentially take your vaping to a whole new level. I like Geoffs Blend and Caramel Popcorn best. Caramel Apple is also nice. [it is in a different league then the Deep forest caramel)
    Atomic cinnacide you have to experience to understand. All the flavours I've tried were good, but I don't like the chocalate flavouring which seems to be the base of many of the desert flavours. Tasty vapor is prolly better than Dekang,but it is still not an all day vape for me.

    I find that my all day vape now is a 25/75 mix of Tasty Vapor Geoffs Blend/Dekang Stuyvesant VG. - That I give a 9 for everything. Followed by Caramel Popcorn.

    The Caramel Popcorn tastes like (yes, you guessed it) exactly like - Caramel Popcorn.
  7. Tamakachi

    Tamakachi Full Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    South Africaq
  8. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Ummm...., Yes on quite a few occasion I got Deep forest Liq in my mouth - stupid 510 (Dura C) - I'm sure you agree that the liq tastes horrible if ingested orally?

    If you review the juice I will comment, deal?

    what did you get from Mike? (last week I bought some of the Discounted Juices). I normally drive through to pick up. I think he will be shipping during this week?

    Mike is a cool guy - and I say that because we've come a long way, many mls of juice, many broken PV's. he made a couple of bucks and I'm off analogs - good deal for me any way I look at it. He uses his own products, so he can also give expert advice. (And he has as shaven head, his dog does not bite me, etc.)
    Maybe in the next year I'll be tempted to try out his Ego version, the Xpower. (My ego's batteries are starting to fade away)
  9. Leyla

    Leyla Full Member

    Dec 25, 2010
    Cape Town
    Ummmmm ... who is Mike and where can I meet him and his dog?
  10. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    LOL -- Mike Smit - owner of
    He lives in Edenvale, 15 minutes from Jhb airport so you could fly up and meet him (but overnight delivery is also an oton if you're scared of flying/Jhb/meeting new people.

    From my post last night:
    I have passed the one year milestone of no tobacco cigarettes and I have settled with the following Suppliers:

    1. Walter at eciggies
    2. Mike at Vaping101
    3. Gerhard at electonic cigarettes store (.coza)
    4. Geoff at Tasty Vapor (

    DSE901 USB PT from Gerhard

    Ego from Walter with all the atty's available, including the HUGE/MEGA/Cone attys & cartomisers. (at the moment I'm using 510 LR and 306 LR and the RN4081 Cartomisers and atty). Aargh, screw it -- if it can fit on an Ego, I've got it. (LOL)
    (The DSE905 from Walter retired. It might make a come back with the new LR atty's available)

    All my m201/m202 PV's from Mike died and went to a better place.

    Dekang (VG) from Walter
    Dekang (PG) from Mike
    All kinds of interesting juice from Geoff @ Tasty Vapor (You guys MUST try it!!)
  11. Tamakachi

    Tamakachi Full Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    South Africaq
    - Feellife Liquids -

    So I ordered these new liquids from Vaping101. Delivery was rather delayed but let's review the liquid. First impression was that these liquids did not have as much flavour as the Deep Forest liquids I had grown accustom to. It is not that the flavour was bad in any way, only that the flavour was not incredibly strong. Quite a few people have mentioned that these liquids have a perfumey taste, I did not find that with these liquids.

    One thing I noticed right away was the strength of these liquids, I bought mostly 24mg and a couple of 34mg liquids (yes! my first 36mg liquid!) and the nicotine strength of both the 24mg and 36mg were very strong. It is not that they make you want to cough from vapor consistency, but that the nicotine strength is considerably high and this gives a GREAT throat hit.

    These are some SERIOUSLY strong liquids, just to give you an idea - with all the other 24mg liquids I could vape every 5 minutes. These, you can only vape for 5 mins per 30 minutes.
    This liquid wins my nicotine strength award.

    These are the first liquids that have managed to slow down my vaping to less than 10 minutes per hour. I spend less time vaping, which is great. I vape less than I used to smoke! Which is truely a feat.

    The 24mg liquids are stronger than any other 24mg I've ever tried before. This is a good thing, I use my pv a lot less now because of it.

    The flavours I sampled were:
    (All PG based)

    36mg (Marlboro, State Express, Camel, Virginia)
    24mg (Watermelon, Liquorice, Hilton)

    I enjoyed all of the flavours except for State Express which left a strange milkey, creamy aftertaste in the atty.

    The Verdict:

    -The Good-

    Nicotine Strengths - 10/10:evil: (Up to 36mg, nicotine absorption is rapid in this one)
    Vapor Production - 9/10
    Vapor Thickness - 9/10
    Throat Hit - 10/10:evil:
    Price - 8/10 (Because of the strength, you vape a LOT less)

    -The Okay-

    Taste - 7/10 (Could use a little more flavouring, though the flavours themselves are good)

    These have to be the strongest liquids I've ever tried, the 24mg kicks all the other 24mg I've ever tried. Order these if you're looking for some seriously strong liquids.
  12. Leyla

    Leyla Full Member

    Dec 25, 2010
    Cape Town
    Ok going to try to review some e-juice here - sorry Tamakachi I cannot do them the kind of justice you do though.

    I know taste is VERY much subjective but one of my biggest issues with vaping has been being able to TASTE the flavour of the juice *sigh*

    I have been vaping now since 22 Dec 2010 so not really very long – 2 month anniversary on the horizon. I did not start vaping to STOP smoking just to cut down and still currently smoke 5-10 analogues per day (down from 25-30 p/d). I have been smoking menthol for almost 9 years now %$

    I bought my HW from Twisp – a Classic because it was so pretty and with that I survived on *blegh* Twisp juice until just over a week ago when I got my first package from Walter (Electronic Cigarette Store Pretoria, South Africa) of I take it Dekang 18mg & 24mg VG juice flavours:

    Lemon: Excellent fruity flavour, not too sweet, reminds me of Lemon meringue YUM – this is my fav of the bunch.
    Blueberry: Again excellent fruity flavour, lovely after taste and for sure competes with the Lemon.
    Menthol – a wee bit strong on the MENTHOL even as a menthol smoker but I have been mixing it with the next two flavours …
    Chocolate – Horrid – it tastes like cheep cooking chocolate as mentioned above I mix it with Menthol and it brings it to a more “Peppermint Crisp” taste which I can cope with.
    Cappuccino – again the cheep cooking chocolate taste so mixing as with the Choc.

    I would like to try more of the fruit based flavours from Dekang as I do really enjoy the taste of the Lemon & Blueberry.
    This juice has a fair to good T/H and vapour production is pretty good, it is by far far far over the hill better than the Twisp juice!!!

    Ahhhhhh now onto the Cadillac of e-juice from what I have read in the USA forums …..
    Todd @ Vaperite (Vaperite) – I ordered these at the end of Dec shortly after I realised that *blegh* Twisp juice was total crap … however our dear postal service took until this past Friday (18th Feb) to get the juice to me!!!

    Juice ordered: Organic 18mg VG Flavours:
    Chocolate Macadamia Nut – WOWOWOWOWOW I really do not think I can say anything more about this but that it is like popping a decent Belgium chocolate in your mouth of this flavour – it is PERFECT!
    English Toffee – again as above spot on perfect to the very last, it competes favourably with the Choc Mac Nut for perfection (I got this as a sample bottle and will be ordering a BIG bottle next time around).
    Cappuccino – again spot on for the taste of a full flavour delish cuppa you can almost taste the FROTH (not cream) it is fantastic not too sweet just perfect.
    Coffee – again simply super tastes like what a new open bag of fresh ground coffee beans smells like.
    Chocolate Mint – so far of the flavours I have tried this is sort of the bottom of my delights – I think I have over done it on the Menthol mint flavours for now due to having mixed the Dekang in with the Choc/Coffee and really I don’t even want to smoke my analogue menthols right now LOL. It is however a very delicate and I think I would enjoy it more if not for the Dekang juice.
    Flavours I have yet to open the bottles from Vaperite: Chocolate Almond, Mint, Blueberry Cheesecake, Lemonade/Lemon Drop however after what I have tasted so far I have no doubt that I will enjoy these just as much.

    The Vaperite juice has a very smooth T/H with STACKS of vapour – I am really blown away by it – so much so that I have put together every battery and atty I have in order to vape 4 flava’s “at the same time / in rotation” whahahahahahhaha!!!!

    Verdict – I will never ever smoke Twisp juice again, I would like to order a few more Dekang juice in the fruit flavours but will never try any chocolate or coffee base flavours from them.
    Vaperite blows my socks off even though I am currently still actually smoking analogues I can TASTE the flavour and I tip my hat of to Todd, WOW!! Will order any of his flavours and will be placing an order again soon so that if our SA postal service decides to take this long I will never be with out his thing of beauty again EVER!!! Long live TODD!!!! Long live Vaperite LOL 
    Both Dekang and Vaperite juice has a lovely “clear” colour and more viscous than the thick syrup of Twisp juice, the atty’s don’t seem to get quite so gunked up and the wicks don’t get that nasty ... yucky stuff stuck in it – more so with the Vaperite juice where the wick is perfectly white again when I pull it out for re-filling.
  13. Leyla

    Leyla Full Member

    Dec 25, 2010
    Cape Town
    ooops meant to add some where in all that that I got an eGo from Walter and oh yeah oh yeah loving him - sill using my Classic too but the eGo rocks ;)
  14. Fabsta

    Fabsta Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 25, 2010
    Jo'burg, South Africa
    Dekang's strawberry and apple are two of my favs. Had the same experience with their chocolate. Litchi and mango weren't so lekker either. This was all with PG juice so I don't know how much that would affect the flavour. I think I might have to try some lemon and blueberry now!

    I also want to start experimenting with VG now. So the US juices are sooooo much better. I'll must check them out!
  15. Leyla

    Leyla Full Member

    Dec 25, 2010
    Cape Town
    Thanks Fabsta will sadly stear clear of those two even though they were top of my list .... *sigh* have already placed another over $100 order for Vaperite juice though ... flippin ek just could not help myself ... Todd does seem to specialise in the "chocolate" and "dessert" flavours so will probably head over to tastyvape for some fruit then rather than hit up Dekang for any more fruit flava'z, hubby is MOST addicted to their "stvsnt" so will just order that and perhaps the lemon and Blueberry from now on ...
    I did buy hubby the Vaperite Organic Tabacco that every one seems to be going ape $T over but he said I should just order the Dekang StVsnt or what ever it is called rather .... he is a creature of habit and has smoked Styversant filter for 27 years ... seems happy with the Dekang Stvsnt so really I will leave things there ;)
    Out of interest Vaperite do a $20 sample pack of 6 flava's .... if you want to try that first could be an option but really I wish I had just bought Litre bottles of everthing (if only he sold bigger bottles *sigh*)
    Yes seems the USA peeps are perfecting the art of juice making and really for some thing so mouth wateringly delish I am willing to pay R10-R40 more if it deters me from the cansa sticks!!!
  16. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Wow, Leyla - you are really excited about the Vaperite Juice!!

    The stuff from Geoff at Tasty Vapor is way different from Dekang as well. But very dark and will gunk up the Std resistance attys.
    My favs are Geoff's blend, Caramel Apple Candy, Caramel Popcorn. Pina colada and Bananas Foster are also OK. I hated all the chocolate and desert flavours.
    The Atomic cinnacide i don't like and their fav: tasty Finger - taste like their chocolate fllavours: Horrid (like you said) - I have given up on the search for a good chocolate flavour and after the Deep Forest liquid I used i am nauseated by coffee flavours.

    In the dekang stuff my favourite is Stuyvesant and Winston - for the times when I miss the taste of an analogue (thats everyday!, and especially with a cold one).

    I will try the Apple, Strawberry and Lemon. Most of the others I tried are Ok - Grape and energy cow are nice and sweet. I used to love the Caramel/Toffee but now it just tastes like soap. Pineapple has a soap under taste as well.
  17. Fabsta

    Fabsta Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 25, 2010
    Jo'burg, South Africa
    Hey Leyla, what was postage like? I went to check out the site but didn't feel like registering and they didn't have a shipping estimate thingy.
  18. Nomdo

    Nomdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Also want to know the shipping cost, pls Leyla....Is it a flat rate?
  19. Nova Sphere

    Nova Sphere Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I also had my hope up for some vaporite juice, ordered it 21 march and am still waiting. Who knows when I complain like this it usually shows the next day. I ordered about 90 mls of various (5 bottles) and the postage was $7.00 Pretty fair. I just ordered from health cabin, they are having a 15% sale till the 15th of may. China registered post has never given me a problem, just a slight wait...but not as long as unregistered. Bought 6 X 10ml flavors and a drip tip for $5.53 +$4.30 shipping. Fair enough for me!!
  20. RevTrip7

    RevTrip7 Moved On

    Jul 17, 2011
    South Africa
    Only vaping just over 2 weeks now and I have only tried the Twisp liquids that I ordered additionally. There was a bottle of Kwick Kit lying around my house as well that my father use to smoke back in the day but from what I read neither of these even match anything out there. So I'm hoping when my liquids arrive from Walter at Eciggies (I ordered the Italian Stuff, no idea what it is) and the Deep Forest liquids off Bid or Buy (purely based on Tamakachis' review, that I get a whole new experience!


    My stuff arrived today and these Italian Liquids are great and I'm just wondering who has tried this and if they think there is something better out there! I wish I could score these for you guys, but since I haven't tried many liquids out there I don't have much to compare this against except for Twisp liquids. And since we all know where I stand on Twisp liquids I really have NOTHING to compare them against, but in all honestly: if this was all I knew I'm be a happy camper.

    Since much has been said about the flavors the one I'm very impressed with is the Dark Vapture.
    VERY dark... something like ground coffee and cocoa with that bitter dark chocolate sensation (don't let it put you off). It's not too sweet and that it what I love about it. It's a VERY dominant aroma, great for when you're getting pissed and after meals! :D
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