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Discussion in 'Reos Mods' started by JayTheVapingGuy, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. JayTheVapingGuy

    JayTheVapingGuy Super Member Verified Member

    I have a brand new Reo's Woodvil mini, used it for less than a week and i just went to fire it up after changing juices and BOOM... it doesn't fire, i opened it to see if i had reinserted the battery upsidedown or something and as soon as i did i noted a smell of burnyness and my battery was loose in the box... the spring at the bottom was roaring hot.

    what happened? i was just using a normal carto that i'd used on it for several days on the woovil...

    is there a simple fix, did i do something wrong or is this just one of the hazards... i really hate to have spent over 200 dollars (mod and batteries) for a dud device...
  2. redeyedancer

    redeyedancer Forum Supplier

    There is no simple fix it has to come back to the shop .This has been happening more then I would like to see. I have found the problem and have been taking measures to make sure its not going to continue. I rebuilt close to 100 mods that were already built that I had in the shop last week . Send it to me there will be no charge for the repair .I feel bad but there is nothing I can do at this point but stand behind the mod and repair them
  3. demon72

    demon72 Super Member

    WOW... thats a really stand up, honest answer, delivered promptly. I dont own a REO yet, but this sort of behavior makes me confident enough in you and your product to spend the money on one. Thank you.
  4. FunkyVapes

    FunkyVapes Vaping Groovily! Verified Member

    Supporting member
    That is some speedy customer service my friend. I was watching this thread for a few minutes. Hats off to you and your business.

    Best of luck with the repair too.
  5. Rhapsodies Fire

    Rhapsodies Fire Supplier Associate

    Hi Jay...
    There was a short. So there is a couple of things that could have happened...the carto could have been screwed on too tight or has a break in the gasket or what I call the "insulator ring" This can be found between the center post & outer wall of the carto and the 510 connection on the mod itself. It is usually white or translucent white in color. The insulator gets squished or breaks and the post (positive) & outer wall (negative) can come into contact with each other causing the short. The spring collapsing is a good thing. It severs the battery connection so the battery doesn't burn up and damage it or the mod. The spring can be replaced. Send Rob a PM about what just happened. Include information like your name, your email address you used to place your order and what your setup is (battery, atty, etc). Send the mod to Rob and he'll fix it for you.

    *edit...I see Rob's already on it :wub:
  6. mlinky

    mlinky ECF Guru Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Rob, you are the best!
  7. davedrumdude

    davedrumdude Full Member Verified Member

    i have the grand and this happened to me also. not only did the spring collapse but the button melted so it no longer worked without sticking in the firing position. also caused the plastic casing at top that covers the metal firing trigger melted enough so that it no longer stays in place, it droops. i dont have a backup vape so i pulled out button and turned it 180 degrees and just pulled the spring up after it cooled cant do anything about casing. would love to send it to be fixed but afraid i would go back to smoking cigs during the wait.
  8. Beans

    Beans Ultra Member Verified Member

    I'll second that! Rob rules!
  9. JayTheVapingGuy

    JayTheVapingGuy Super Member Verified Member

    rob, no problem, will do that first thing tomorrow... (its too late to do now on sunday)

    don't feel too bad... i honestly expected that the odds of things going wrong with the new devices was higher than with the ones you've perfected... Woodvil Mini V1.0 is going to be glitchy... all you can do is as you are and stand behind the device...

    Thank you so much for your quick responce~!!
  10. dopeh

    dopeh Ultra Member Verified Member

    Get an eGo batt or something on the cheap, and send your REO in for repair. Or you could sell it as damaged on the classies, and buy another, used or new.

    Or you could buy one off the classies, send yours in, then sell the extra one later.
  11. redeyedancer

    redeyedancer Forum Supplier

    Hey Jay its not that its a new device this was happening with all the mods more often then it should have.It wasn't happening to the veterans so I chalked it up to new users doing things they shouldn't. It was eating at me I take pride in my work and when one of my mod shorts I cringe . To make a long story short I found the center pins I was using were thicker then they were suppose to be .That on top of some bad center pin gaskets well you see what can happen .
  12. the ob

    the ob Registered Supplier - Offline

    That is a amazing response. It is nice to see someone take credit for something that went wrong and just do what they can to provide excellent customer service. This sort of thing is increasingly rare these days. I am proud to be joining this family.
  13. want to quit

    want to quit Ultra Member Verified Member

    You could have prevented this from happening if you would have used a atty instead of a carto!!! Na I am just kidding glad you can send it back in and great that you don't freak about it the way Robert handles things you should have it back lighting fast because that is how Robert does it.

    +1 for Robert and great CS
  14. JayTheVapingGuy

    JayTheVapingGuy Super Member Verified Member


    would that affect it seriously? if so i'll put an order in for atties adn they should be in just before or around when he returns my woodvil.

  15. tybin

    tybin ECF Guru Verified Member

    Supporting member
    i don't think so
  16. Mudflap

    Mudflap Vaping Master Verified Member

    If you want to play it safe with your mods, don't swap attys and cartos around on different mods.

    This is one of the best LR 510 atomizers I've tried in quite a while. I wasn't expecting much from it, but it's a nice atty for a nice price.
  17. Lori68

    Lori68 Super Member Verified Member

    Oh Jay I'm so sorry this happened! But the good news is that Rob will make it ok again. It just sucks that you only had a week to play with it and you have no other reo back up.

    I know you have plenty of other ecigs to see you through until george comes back, but reo's are such a pleasure to use I myself couldn't imagine using anything else again.
  18. Rhapsodies Fire

    Rhapsodies Fire Supplier Associate

    No...he was just kidding.

    What does WTQ mean? :laugh:
  19. demon72

    demon72 Super Member

    WTQ=Want To Quit

    In response to the poster above.
  20. Rhapsodies Fire

    Rhapsodies Fire Supplier Associate

    Dave... Do you know someone nearby who could loan you one for a few days? Check with your local vaper's group to see if you can borrow something for a few days. Your mod needs to be sent in for repair pronto. Sounds like you cooked this one good. Do you have the atomizer/cartomizer or adapter marked and set off to the side so you don't use it again? Please send Rob a PM referencing your name, email address you ordered with and your set up. Tell him what happened. And at your soonest opportunity, get it repaired. The next time it shorts, the spring won't collapse and more damage to the button and even the battery can occur.
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