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Discussion in 'Pay It Forward - PIF' started by loxmythe, Jan 26, 2014.

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    First of all I want to make it clear - there is NOTHING wrong with us. We are not broken nor are we failures and ashamed to be here. Smoking is addictive and we are addicts. Lets face it quitting for some of us is one of the most difficult challenges we've ever faced. While we continue in our struggle to quit completely we just can't get past the need for a cigarette. This is a thread where We can freely and openly discuss the difficulty we are having making the transition completely from cigarettes to vaping. A thread where We can chat, rant, and get the support We need from each other. We can offer up our own personal experiences and ask for suggestions how to accomplish our individual goals.

    We also welcome our other ECF friends who support "Us" in our "Transition into the Vaping World" however keep in mind (as hmlessalky so eloquently put it) "there are a myriad of threads where people can talk about how they have completely given up cigarettes and have people pat them on the back and such. This is a place where people, who may feel ashamed for not being a 'success', can post and not feel alone or guilty. I understand that people are trying to be supportive and such, but I have been vaping (off and on) for a few years, and as much as possible for over a year. I have tried hundreds of juices, lots of devices and delivery systems, and kept my nic level at 24mg for about a year. I still can't seem to give up those last few. Some days I don't smoke at all, but they are far and few between. I have eliminated at least 37 cigarettes from my life each day though, and for that I feel a huge success. I feel much better, smell much better, and look much better (not really!).

    Anyway, thank you for your stories of giving up the stinkies all together, but maybe the point is being missed. We all hope to give them up for good, but, until we do, we have a place to not feel like we are a failure of some sort, or a freak"

    This thread is a continuation of this thread here.
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    Copied over from previous thread.

    Ok I'll kick it off with my story some of you may remember from the contest thread.
    I've been vaping for 3 years now and at first I thought it was easy - I got an e-cig and 3 days later I was smoke free. :2cool:
    Then after being smoke free for 7 months I picked up a cigarette and I was hooked all over again :( now I won't bore you all with boring details or excuses - its no ones fault but my own. I'm an addict plain and simple. I smoked 2 to 3 packs a day since I was 14 and now I'm down to less than half a pack a day. I can live with that and I'm not embarrassed or ashamed that I'm struggling - point is I'm going to keep trying and I'm here to try to help anyone and everyone I can to succeed where I haven't (yet ;) )
    It bothers me that some people here are embarrassed or ashamed of the fact they haven't been able to kick those last few cigarettes. I know its frustrating reading all the success "I quit within 3 drags of an ecig" stories.
    Imagine how I feel knowing I've helped so many others either quit or stay off cigarettes - yet I myself haven't been able to.
    But I'm telling you DON'T BE ASHAMED - we're here to help. Just ask. No need to feel like a failure or be embarrassed - you've taken the biggest step and that's trying to quit. That right there is very commendable. You should be proud of the fact that although your still struggling, your committed to your goal and you HAVE NOT GIVEN UP THE FIGHT. So as of right now STOP counting the ones you do smoke and START counting the ones you don't smoke. Speak up and let us try to help you along. That's why we're here. Heck even if we can't do anything other than offer encouragement or even a friendly ear to listen to you - we're here for you. We've all been where you are - some of us still are - but we can do this together or die trying. :toast:
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    Weird. I go to post in the other thread and get "chat is closed". Huh?
    Ok. The sky is blue. I think I'm on the right planet. Now what.
    This'll be fun. Do I carry conversations over? :laugh:
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    WOO! first reply! lol.

    Welcome people, here you will not be judged for still smoking. You can tell us about anything and have support from us all.

    I know that when things in my life seem to get out of control i go back to buying a pack of cigarettes because it seems it is the only thing i can control. Then i work by way back to just vaping. currently my longest gonig without a cigarette is a week before it seems my life spins out of my control so i buy some more.

    i also have problems with my liquids losing flavor the longer i vape it. i fill up my tank, use about 3/4 of it and then it just loses taste and i have to switch flavors.

    grr, i WAS first.. then took too long to post.
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    You can copy paste any old posts over you want. The new thread should load much faster. I may also start a party thread for your videos etc. as they seem to bog down the server and slow the thread loading.
    Thoughts on a party thread?
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    Wow. This is sad and confusing but I see that is was necessary to close the old thread and start anew.

    Lox, do you want us to copy over some of our stories or just pick it up from here? Please advise.
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    Look at my post up there ⤴️
  8. aikanae1

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    I'm just going to continue where I left off.

    Top - Don't take it personally. Kids are kids and supposed to be messy. I would think good riddance because he's probably not the healthiest person to be around your child. He's got a slight problem with honesty, mainly to himself. So chances are he's not even telling his gf the truth either.

    Uncle - I caught part of that. If I recall, there was a store involved that had a sale on mods they didn't have permission to sell. A friend got caught up in that drama. He'd tried to cancel the presale and they refused. Sold 125 mods even after he'd posted on his website the sale was cancelled. He never told the store how many they had to sell. What disturbed me was that no west coast store was carrying them NOW (store above was in L.A.) and that's petty. I was saddened to hear that independents could join forces in BS, but not when it comes to fighting legislation (Calif. is still threatening online sales; shipments out but not in - good for them?). Of course I don't know if that's it, but it looks that way. His mods were sure nice looking. Loved the purple one. I'd consider rebuilding for a hybrid ... maybe.

    I took someone's advice and kept the show in the background and didn't watch chat. I'm glad now. I fell asleep for most of it. On the show they said there was an attack from overseas crashing the chat program. Uh huh. That sounds convienent. I'm sure there were more attempting to get in than they could handle. The captcha's stopped working for anyone trying to sign up and they were blocking ppl. Vapor Joes' sites always get crude.

    In any case, not ready for prime time. I have seen a couple of shows (others) that were pretty good. Jake from Nude Nic hosts a DIY show on Mondays. The potential is there, overall.

    Hey Karen, ever think of hosting a show? Free juice and mods ... disco in the background... mix it up with cocktail hour .... Shoot, maybe I could find a mirror ball for ya ... You've got the smile required. Serious. It's better than hanging out in chat.
  9. aikanae1

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    I'm not sure about a party thread. I don't know if I'd go to a different place. I'm thinkin....
  10. lulu836

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    YES, please.
  11. Claudia P

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    What about a Facebook group for parties?

  12. alisa1970

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    Good afternoon,

    Still dealing with health stuff here, just trying to adjust to yet more things I can't consume. Nic apparently being a major player in my cortisol problems. Looks like I'm going to be dropping down to 6mg soon, which is fine because lately I've been feeling over-stimulated with the 12mg I have now.

    Nothing else new to report, no life events to share. Don't have enough "oomph" to do much following, just posting here and there. Hope everyone has had a good weekend, it's sunny here and feels rather spring-ish.
  13. loxmythe

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    I'm just thinking we seem to have lost some friends because they quit smoking and feel out of place here now and some people looking for help think we're all nuts :p A thread for silliness and chat might bring more people to both threads.
  14. Claudia P

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    I feel kinda bad about not participating in the videos and such but the truth is I am usually browsing the thread while watching tv or when Cliff is still sleeping and I have my volume turned off, I very rarely ever watch youtube videos. The only time I ever watch them is for a tutorial. I just kind of stay away when the video stuff is going on.

  15. aikanae1

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    Ppl tend to fall away because this thread works and they stop smoking. I mention that because finding the right balance isn't always obvious. I see where you are coming from and agree, this thread should be attracting new vapers that are still smoking - yet at the same time, a steady diet of smoking related topics tends to make me want to smoke. It's been helpful to me to talk about minor frustrations and stresses since that's a reason I smoke.

    So IMO, idk. No everyone's into vids, not everyones into FB, not everyone deals with stress the same way. It might not even be a stress issue they deal with, finding an ADV or hardware or ... I'm trying to brainstorm and it's not working.
  16. Karen N Daytona

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    I'm all in, I can provide a lot of silly, Thaya will be onboard, I am sure of that. you want me to start it? I can do it on Monday or Tuesday for sure. I was thinking of doing it anyway for the same reason, I didn't want people to be unsure of what was going on here. Can we do it in PIF? that is why I didn't start one, I wasn't sure where to put it.

    We all need a place to go for fun and relieve stress. I will be first in the Conga line!

  17. loxmythe

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    We need to keep the social aspect of support. IMO that's very crucial to have a non judgmental place to vent, rant, or just feel at home. But it's also nice to have somewhere to just forget it all and be silly ;)

    I'll set up a new thread soon and post a link. It's not like we can't have fun in both.
  18. Karen N Daytona

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    I could try one on facebook, I have to see what I need to do, I also need to get a few ADMINS for it. Maybe a sponsor or two if we are lucky. I know a few that might help out.
  19. Claudia P

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    Someone needs to PM Lori and tell her where we've gone. Could Jazz take care of that?
  20. aikanae1

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    I think a repeated issue is the fact ppl feel they need to read all the posts before participating. There are days that could be 10 pages. A new person would've had to read 2,000+ pages. IMO that's a big issue. Idk if anything can be done about that.

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