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    Just got Janty Pink eGo Sets and batteries in! Pink eGo atty covers too!

    Also in:

    Janty eGo XL Sets eGo-XL-Set

    We're fully stocked on Janty XL cartomizer and XL atty's again Janty Accessories

    Janty PCC's

    Janty Dura-C available in Red now :)

    Janty Dura/eGo TAWA atty's

    Janty eGo button protectors

    Crystal Liquid PG American Tobacco and RY4 are back! :D crystal liquid - 30ml bottles
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    No cartomizers? Have you not found one you can trust yet?
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    The Janty eGo Cartomizers are in... but if you're refering to the M601 Cartomizers, I have been using one with my eGo for several weeks now and it is AWESOME!
    We are getting our stock of the M601 Cartomizers in next week... and they may be available both empty and pre-filled with Crystal Liquid :D

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    New Sampler Pack pricing - 30ml Sampler Pack now with 5 x 30ml Bottles & 5 x 10ml Squeeze Bottles!!
    Crystal Liquid - 30ml Sample Pack

    New Flavor - Crystal Liquid PG-line 'Chocolate Coconut' available in 30ml
    Chocolate Coconut

    By popular demand... Crystal Liquid PG-line 'Menthol Ice' is back and here to stay!! Now available in 5 strengths!
    New PRO-line PG-'Menthol Ice' available in 24mg/30mg/36mg strengths
    crystal liquid PRO-line

    New Formula - Crystal Liquid PG-line flavors; 'Crisp Apple', and 'Summer Strawberry'!! New fuller fruity tastes with no tobacco flavor
    crystal liquid - 30ml bottles

    Janty eGo Sets available in Pink and Blue! Batts, Atty Covers and Sets for your eGo now in pretty pink, and blue!!
    eGo sets

    The BB now in Silver Vein - the new, nice textured finish now for the BB.
    The BB

    Janty eGo XL Sets - now in Stainless. Extended batt life eGo sets. Now with XL Atty and XL Carts.
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    New- Ultra Cartomizer Kit, and PowerPal Cartomizer Kits. The M601 Ultra Cartomizers are pre-filled with premium US-made Crystal Liquid e-liquid. Ready to use right away - Simple to use! - Cartomizer Kits

    New Silver Bullet - in Silver Vein finish. Gorgeous dark grey color with black specks, textured finish!! SB- black finish back in stock as well.

    New Ultra M601/M601XL/M301 Kits - New pricing!

    New - PRO-line Sample Pack - 5 x 15ml (36mg) Bottles & 5 x 10ml (empty) Squeeze Bottles.

    New Sampler Pack pricing - 30ml Sampler Pack now with 5 x 30ml Bottles & 5 x 10ml Squeeze Bottles!

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    M401 Kits are back in stock!

    M601 cartomizers are back in stock!

    Blue Omega... coming soon :)
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    Blue Omega's are in!

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    The Alpha is now shipping
    Black / Silver / SilverVein
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    Silver Bullets are back in Black! ... and Chrome and SilverVein :)

    Chrome BB's now available!
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    Chrome Silver Bullets and Omega's back in stock :)
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    The PowerTube is back in stock
    Now available in Black, Silver, and Red


    The New Mini PowerTube in stock as well :)


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    New Products Added:
    eGo-C Atomizers -
    The new eGo-C Atomizers are here!! Modular Atomizer design with replaceable inner atomizers. Work with all eGo batteries. Type A Tank Carts are used with this atty.

    EDC-eGo Dual Coil Clearomizer -
    These cartomizers have a very good throat-hit, and provide a long vape between refills. Great finished look with a soft flat tip that is easy to twist and open. No cone is needed as this fits over the eGo cone threads, providing a nice finished look.
    Holds approximately 3.5ml of juice and is about 1.5ohms.

    PowerPal DCT-eGo Tube Tank -
    This new DCT Tube Tank for the eGo has the thread covering to give your eGo a smooth finish/ look. The PowerPal Tube Tank is the new solution for the ultimate cartomizer/clearomizer setup...PowerPal Tube Tanks are a vapors dream; less refills... more vaping time and pleasure!
    Holds approximately 3.5ml of juice and is about 1.5ohms. high quality Electronic Cigarette Kits, 100% US-made e-liquid, e-cig accessories.

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