Stop vaping because of throat/lung issues?

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by likuidbeats, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. likuidbeats

    likuidbeats Full Member

    Has anyone ever heard of someone having to quit vaping because of throat/lung issues. I have been vaping for 2 weeks and I am going on my second day of a sore throat that just came out of nowhere . Might have to stop vaping because I never had this problem with analogs
  2. rdbeads

    rdbeads Full Member

    Are you drinking enough water? How many mg of nic is in your juice? What pg/vg ratio are you using?
  3. likuidbeats

    likuidbeats Full Member

    24 to sometimes 11 mg it depends on time of day mornings are 24. Yes trying to drink lots of water and 60/40 vg/pg ratio strawberry
  4. Rickajho

    Rickajho ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Not a new vaper at this point. But I had a sore throat a couple weeks back, and I should know better by now, but one of my first reactions was to try and blame it on something about vaping.

    Within three days that sore throat turned into a sore throat - and congestion and swollen neck glands and coughing and a runny nose and blocked ears and body aches and a mild fever and sinus congestion. I caught a cold. It had nothing to do with vaping.
  5. likuidbeats

    likuidbeats Full Member

    Oh please let this be a cold.... Never thought I would say that. I smoked analogs for 15 years and now finally stopped for 2 weeks . Finding vaping was the best thing that could have happened to me so I sure hope its just a random thing and it's just a cold that goes away after a few days
  6. rdbeads

    rdbeads Full Member

    After your reply, I would tend to agree that it's likely a coincidence.
  7. ninjuh

    ninjuh Super Member ECF Veteran

    I had the same experience recently. Its hard not to think vaping is causing the sore throat but sore throats DO happen. Vaping 'shouldn't' cause a sore throat, but I doubt it helps once you do have one. Take lots of dough drops & gargle hot salt water.

    ~Vaping is a lifestyle~
  8. pan

    pan Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I have had a minor sore throat for 2 days. It went away a few hours after I realized that the throat issues started shortly after I cleaned my atty's....and worse with the one I dry burned. I may not mean anything..but I then dry burned all of them again, cleaned them after the dry burn with vinegar and rinsed...a lot..vinegar now I have been keeping the well saturated and the sore throat is gone..I dont think I had them wicking as easily as they had been. I seem to be sensitive to anything left behind..any ash created?..or any scorching of the wick.They were NOT hitting with a burnt flavor..just enough to irritate..the wicks were darkening at the tips. I gave up on all of the models that had the wire wrapped directly around the wick..although most people seem to have great luck with them. maybe after 2 weeks..the atty itself is irritating your throat...I only say this, because it happened to me.
  9. likuidbeats

    likuidbeats Full Member

    Wow, I think that might have been it . I went and picked up a fresh atty and the harsh hit disappeared . If this works and the throat pain goes away I'm gonna be soooooo happy. thanks to everyone who gave Advice, it's hard being a noob and not knowing anything about this vaping thing.
  10. Susaz

    Susaz Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    OMG! Vinegar is an acid, and it corrodes everything. Although mild, it shouldn´t be used on e-cigs. Get new attys soon!!!
  11. Susaz

    Susaz Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I´m coming out from a long episode of Hay Fever Allergy, I was on meds for almost 3 months. That also gives me mild asthma, in the form of cough. The first few days back on vaping I took extra asthma medication, just in case, as I´m not completely over it.
  12. EvilGrym

    EvilGrym Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The reason may be as discussed here
    Summary of more than 300 pages: wick material of pv is not suitable for vaping, and must be replaced with another one. There's some main opinions about replacemet material bamboo yarn (my favorite) , cotton (used first), stainless steel (classic, but hard to manage with).

    After switchind to alternative wick throat simpthoms gone.

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  13. pan

    pan Senior Member ECF Veteran

    hey Suzas..thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I have read the same advise posted over the past few years. Tried it for the first time yesterday..the iso alcohol didnt seem to rinse well..( care directions for the imist) oh well..I certainly am not going to recommend it again. I am starting to think that the only safe method is a new atty..that is not to say they cannnot be worked with..just never seems to work well for me...dry burning ANY atty seems to leave a burnt metalic flavor...thought I found the one thing to get rid of it..I guess live and learn (and not cause any harm in the process).
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