strange, lingering chest discomfort

Discussion in 'Health, Safety and Vaping' started by ssgswjohnson, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. ssgswjohnson

    ssgswjohnson Senior Member

    ok, I realize that most questions have been asked and answered already... I understand the disclaimers and that step one should be to see a doctor. I have no aversion to going, i just want to discuss it with others and hear about people who may have experienced similar issues. I cant bring it up to the wife due to the fact that she is leary of vaping in the first place. So here is what I got going on.

    I started about 8 months ago, started GERD like symptoms about a month in, and quit (also started meds for GERD). I started vaping again about a month ago... and I am starting to get the feelings in my chest again. Its basically a pain in the right lung area... almost like a strained muscle or trapped air or something. It is persistent and doesnt seem to be worse when i take deep breaths. It seems to build over time, rather than be something that comes and goes with each vape. Most other stories I have read, people can experiment with different mixes and what-not and they can feel it being better or worse pretty quickly... for me, any change seems to take days or weeks to take effect. Tell me what you think!

    I use a VV bat set at between 3.8 and 4.4 V depending on how well its wicking and the juice im using.
    I use an Aero Tank with a mix of cilica and cotton wick and both single and dual coils
    I use NicQuids Midnight Express at 12 MG
    I use B&M juice (one tobacco and one bannana nut) also at 12 from a place called Gypsy Vape here in the Bmore area
    I like deep lung hits, mouth to lung, as well as cigar style mouth only hits
    I have been hitting it pretty heavy but backed off the last week (with no improvement) i was at around 8ml/day... now im down to about 3

    Im hoping i can figure this out since i have a DNA30 clone and a RBA on the way...
  2. rolygate

    rolygate Forum Manager Staff Member Admin Verified Member

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    It seems as if vaping is either the cause or making an existing problem worse.

    You could change various factors or give up vaping. While most people have a trouble-free experience, some find they need to change something in order to achieve the best result. For example you could:

    1. Not too sure, but it sounds like you might be doing direct lung inhales (as you say "deep")? If so, try mouth to lung inhales instead, exclusively, for a week. (Inhale to the mouth, hold, then into the lungs.)

    2. Alternatively, avoid the deep inhales, and go shallow for a bit.

    3. Try unflavored base, no flavors, in case that is part of the problem.

    4. Try unflavored VG base. You may have to add some DW distilled water to make it vapeable, some is way too thick to use as it comes (glycerine needs diluting between 10% to 20% with DW depending on the flavor addition percentage).

    5. Reduce the nic strength to the minimum that prevents cravings / provides whatever benefits you use it for (e.g. improvement of concentration etc.).

    6. Go and get a chest scan. Maybe you have some kind of pulmonary disorder that is being exacerbated by your specific vaping methods.

    You need to swap out various things in order to find the culprit. If things stay as they are, your problem will only get worse.
  3. valooper

    valooper Ultra Member

    Hold on jus a sec tell me thats a powerstroke in your avatar??
  4. ssgswjohnson

    ssgswjohnson Senior Member

    I plan on talking to my B/M shop to see if they can help me get to the bottom of it. I'm going to ask for unflavored VG, PG, at 0 nic and then try each one separate. One thing I think is applicable here, is that I have been diagnosed with GERD, and its very possible, maybe even likely, that it is aggrevating that. So, maybe on that front i can talk to the doctor about increasing my medication for the time being (until the Esophogial Sphincter has more time to heal) and see if that helps. As far as the toke style, the deep hits are in fact, quite deep. A few times i have warmed the coil with some short cigar style puffs (think one to two seconds) and then ill hold it down and fill my lungs until the over-time kicks in and shuts the coil down. produces some rediculous clouds that probably shouldnt be possible on my kit... and writing it out and re-reading it... it sounds really friggin stupid... lol. normal, non showoff, style for me is like smoking a cigarette with less force. light five second pulls either into the lungs or mouth to lung.

    So, im going to experiment with my juice first, take a more conservative approach to my style, and see how that works out. if that doesnt seem to be doing it, ill see the doc about some better GERD meds...

    That WAS my baby. Only a 5.4, but I had a shop ready to do a Cummins conversion for me. I am a Cummins fan through and through, but I love the Superduty body, interior, and frame. Sadly, I am also the father of six great kids, and recently moved my mother in to help her stop being a ..... and felt that the truck needed to go. it was getting to the point that it was sitting on empty for about four days before each payday.

    By the way, i have NEVER regretted a decision more in my life...
  5. ssgswjohnson

    ssgswjohnson Senior Member

    Doubled my dose and its gone... I guess that's that... I think vg was giving me more acid so I think that's why going up in my dose is helping

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  6. Se/\/te/\/ced

    Se/\/te/\/ced Senior Member

    doubled your dose of what?
    i dont have GERD but i do feel something in my right chest when i take lung hits, like a sharp pain for a sec, dosnt stay there even if i take deep breaths after i feel pain.
    i use all VG MBV flavors.
  7. ssgswjohnson

    ssgswjohnson Senior Member

    I doubled the GERD meds. I haven't had an issue since.

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  8. Se/\/te/\/ced

    Se/\/te/\/ced Senior Member

    Oh ok.
    I feel whenever I use any of my brass drippers I feel chest discomfort. Maybe I should stop using them.
  9. Nana Gail

    Nana Gail Super Member

    Hi, Your being foolish, I don't like going to the Dr. either but gerd is not felt in the lungs. Gerd may cause Cardiac type pain but not lung pain. You didn't say if you were an ex smoker or not but me thinks just to releave your mind it's time for a chest xray. Gerd medications like Nexium and Protonix can act as pain suppresants on other tissue in the body,this may be masking the pain not curing the pain. For your and your loved ones sake make an appointment with your family Dr. Get a good report and you can Vape till the cows come home with an easy mind. Let us know how it goes :)
  10. fatherdano

    fatherdano Ultra Member Verified Member

    what do you take for your GERD?

  11. ssgswjohnson

    ssgswjohnson Senior Member

    I take protonix. However, as the above poster mentioned, you should definitely see a doc first. My protonix dose had been halved by my doctor just prior to starting to vape again, and looking back, that's the time that correlates with the first onset of discomfort. Vaping made it more obvious though. I did see a doc just a few days ago and they checked my breath bags thoroughly and agree that the dose was dropped too soon. I've spent 25 years eating chili peppers as snacks and dumping hot sauce on everything (even salads)... so I think my docs realize that its not going to heal up as quick as they thought. Seriously see your doc though.
  12. fatherdano

    fatherdano Ultra Member Verified Member

    i'm taking nexium and don't care for it.
  13. Katmar

    Katmar Ultra Member

    What your doctors DON'T tell you is that PPIs are not meant to be taken long term. Do some research and you will see that there are too many side effects taken long term. PPIs are WAY overrated and don't always solve the problems and sometimes simply mask them or create more problems. At any rate, good luck to you both. It's your body, so be INFORMED about what you put into it.
  14. ssgswjohnson

    ssgswjohnson Senior Member

    The problem is, short of surgery, long term PPI use is the only option (I am also looking into my wife's essential oils for a cleaner solution). Once the esophageal sphincter is damaged to the point of GERD diagnosis, the stomachs acids have to be controlled to allow the body to heal itself. Every person I have talked to that has experienced this had to be on the meds for a year or more. I am definitely open minded and hopefully don't come across as argumentative. But I do love myself some informed discussion!
  15. Katmar

    Katmar Ultra Member

    Not argumentative at all. But I agree we must all be informed about what goes into our bodies and what effects they might have. Have a look here:

    FDA sounds alarm on dangers of antacid drugs
  16. classwife

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