Suicide Bunny

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Racoloish, Sep 1, 2014.

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  1. Racoloish

    Racoloish Full Member

    Where can I buy it online?
    It's true that suicide bunny ejuice line are good?

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  2. Despraci

    Despraci Super Member Verified Member

    Suicide Bunny Is loved by many and I would say it's worth a try. There's a lot of place to buy online, and the price is controlled, so don't expect find better prices from one vendor to the next, the best you might be able to do is find a discount code, especially with Labor Day sales going on.
  3. Susan~S

    Susan~S ECF Guru Verified Member

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    I did a google search for Suicide Bunny. There are many places you can buy if from.

    I have not tried their eliquid but many other members have.
  4. Fictitious Character

    Fictitious Character Super Member Verified Member

    I like MM TIS so if you think you might like it then try it. The strawberry is pretty subtle but clearly there. I am waiting for Beentown's Oh'Face to arrive.
  5. jamikaze

    jamikaze Full Member

    Mmmmm suicide bunny is great! I really like Mother's Milk. King's Crown Claim The Throne is pretty delicious too.
  6. cubey

    cubey Senior Member Verified Member

    I really like Suicide Bunny's Derailed. Snicker doodle cookie with banana on the back side. I tried the Mothers Milk and to be honest, it tasted like a bunch of other people's strawberries and cream but I also know that everyone's taste pallet is different. I go down to my local B&M store and sample my brains out before I buy anything usually.

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  7. nukleusx

    nukleusx Senior Member

    +1 for King's Crown: Claim Your Throne. Was one of first juices I dripped and have gone back to it repeatedly since. Usually is my w/coffee vape in the AM.
  8. Sukoshi777

    Sukoshi777 Full Member

    I might have to check it out, sounds good
  9. Big Dewey

    Big Dewey Full Member

    I like SB sucker punch.
  10. kekkonshiki

    kekkonshiki Full Member

    Mothers Milk is an ideal representative of "Premium" eJuice. It is complex and unique (and pricey). I have also enjoyed OB, Suckerpunch, and Madrina. If you like Suicide Bunny, Kings Crown is also worth checking out. Bound by the Crown is very interesting.
  11. GinnyTx

    GinnyTx Ultra Member Verified Member

    That was my first vape, Mother's Milk, Suicide Bunny, and in a tank always, Claim Your Throne is Ed's favorite (an offshoot company of Suicide Bunny's King's Crown) Madrina's another favorite but I found "Hoops" by Alpha Vape and Ed likes it better and I do too, it's melons and who can go wrong there?

    some of theirs tastes like old gym socks to me (OB is good, but to each their own)

    I am with Cubey on the "go taste some" before buying if you can.

    If you can't, universally everyone we've given set ups to or helped friends start, loved Mother's Milk, if you like strawberries, we have one die hard Marboro smoker friend that liked Ed's Thrones it's subjective.
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