Thanksgiving Savings!

Discussion in 'One Stop DIY Shop' started by Kimerpuff, Nov 26, 2013.

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  1. Kimerpuff

    Kimerpuff Forum Supplier


    Thanksgiving Savings!
    All coupon codes will be worth 15% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday!
    We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!
  2. Blueser

    Blueser Super Member

    Hey and I just made a little order tonight :(
  3. HeadInClouds

    HeadInClouds Ultra Member Verified Member

    (message deleted - posted in wrong forum)
  4. BuddyGoodness

    BuddyGoodness Senior Member Verified Member

    ECF doesn't work. What codes work?
  5. thatick

    thatick Super Member Verified Member

    yep ecf not working
  6. Roobs

    Roobs Senior Member Verified Member

    Do you think we could get the codes ??????? Please
  7. RenaissancePuffer

    RenaissancePuffer Supplier Associate

    Not sure what happened but the codes should now be working. Sorry for the delay!
  8. Kimerpuff

    Kimerpuff Forum Supplier

    Sale goes until Midnight! :)
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