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Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by want to quit, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. want to quit

    want to quit Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I just learned about clearomizers which if I am right is just a cartomizer without the filling? I would like to try some out either on my GoGo which is a 510 I guess and on my bloog which is a K808 kinda deal. I heard some good and some rather bad things about clearos cracking, inner tube issues, leaking and so forth. Do any of you use clearos and if so which one are the best for you? I am just about to place an order with gotvapes but wanted to ask you guys here first.
  2. mylose64

    mylose64 Super Member ECF Veteran

    I used clearomizers for a while. There really good! The only cracking you'd get is from using it for a very long time or using a high acidic liquid like cinnamon. I never had one leak, except for when it cracked at the bottom from being dropped. They are very interesting to look at and are basically a mini-map tank.

    I'd recommend them, plus it's so much more convenient than dripping!

    The CE2 XL clearomizers are the best. They hold a lot of liquid and are amazing.
  3. mylose64

    mylose64 Super Member ECF Veteran

    also You'll need a syringe to fill them, I'd def get a few plastic needles, they tend to bend rather easily.
  4. garyinco

    garyinco Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    To me they are more trouble than they're worth. The tubes crack too easily and they don't wick all that great, unless you roll your PV around to keep saturating the wicks.

    Putting them in a MAP tank mod makes them far more usable. (out of stock at the moment) sells a tank mod that allows you to simply screw in the internal part of the cartomizer. The tank holds a ton of juice and doesn't "pinch off" the wicks like the clearomizer tubes do. I'm sure the tank mod's rubber will start to effect taste, but when it does I'll just replace the rubber plugs. I've been through about five fills on mine and so far so good.

    Cleaning the clearomizers is easy and produces good results. Far better than a regular carto. I've never found a good cleaning method for a regular carto. A cheap $20 dollar ultrasonic cleaner from Harbor Freight or Amazon does a miraculous job of cleaning the clearomizers; and attys and eyeglasses, and .... If you don't wait too long (maybe 8mls of juice in between cleanings) they can last a very long time. After you take them out of an ultrasonic cleaner and let them dry, give the clearo three 3 second burns without the outside tube on. This will burn off accumulated residue on the coil. This is known as a dry burn.

    At first I wished I'd never bought mine, but after finding the MAP tank mod and using my ultrasonic cleaner they are starting to grow on me. Clearos do have a tendency to leak if you store them horizontally or upside down.

    Sorry if this sounded patronizing, but I thought it might help those not familiar with this stuff.
  5. jp1000

    jp1000 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    A GoGo is not a standard fitting. There is an adapter now but not for 510 fitting. Cigeasy has two adapters for the gogo based on the 808.
  6. Nomoreash

    Nomoreash Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I've been using them for a while, the latest 2 revisions are getting better but before that I hated them. If you don't have to have clear the steel CE2 or Flux at gotvapes are just as good and you won't have the tube issues.

    I use the clear but I mod every one now out of the box using a 3ml BD Syringe tube and they work great. I don't have any wicking issues other than turning it upside down for a few seconds when the tank starts getting lower, works every time.
  7. cricket1176

    cricket1176 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have a question for you do you tell when you are getting low on juice with the steel CE2 or Flux?
  8. want to quit

    want to quit Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    lol I could spit in your backyard you are that close to me. Acworth Ga
  9. Nomoreash

    Nomoreash Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Same as any other non clear carto. Flavor will start dropping off and if you go to far with it, you'll get a burned taste. Once you use em for a while you can pretty well know how long they last but when in doubt top it off. It's better to fill it to much than to let it get to dry.
  10. mylose64

    mylose64 Super Member ECF Veteran

    I remember someone mentioned using a tiny syringe tube to put over clearomizer instead of the stock tube.

    maybe you can try that if your worried about the cracking.
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