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Discussion in 'Buzz Mods' started by cricco, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. cricco

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    For those that recall, months ago I posted a story about losing my BP II ECF edition while mowing the lawn. It was run over by an Exmark Z mower, and lost outdoors for 2 days. When I found it, the tank was destroyed, but the unit continued to work for months more. Well, I recently returned it for repair as it had stopped firing. When I called, I jokingly reminded them that this was serial number 13....AKA, the lawn mower edition. Well, I had a crappy day today, but when I got home and opened my mail, I was absolutely ecstatic to see my newly engraved, beloved "Lawn Mower Edition"! Thank you guys! This truly is a sentimental piece for me.

  2. DPLongo22

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    Absolutely awesome!
  3. frazz

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    Very nice to see a company that listens to people!
  4. tnt56

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  5. Steven_

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    What a trip. Very awesome that the company did this for you. +1 for great support
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