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    So after 2 weeks of vaping my manual has kicked it.. (waiting back on Halo) my automatic seems to be holding up well so far. The constant charging tells me that I am going to need more mAh. I like the sleek look of the e-cig style and the clearomizers ease of use. I Seem to be getting good flavor and "good" vape. I blame the output of the vape on the vg/pg content.

    I just ordered some Heather's Heavenly Vapes.. Blueberry Muffin, Nice Pear, Caramel Cappuccino, Tuscan Cocoa sampler pack and ECblends 100% VG Organic Caramel, 100% VG OrganicChocolate Cake Batter, 60vg/40pg Boysenberry, 60vg/40pg Eggnog sampler pack. Also ordered 4 more clearomizers from litecigusa.

    What can I do about the Battery situation?
    Should I just bite the bullet and upgrade? I dont wanna spend an arm and a leg yet..

    Has anyone tried these flavors or vendors with good experience?

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