The Njoy King Review Its THAT GOOD....and BAD

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Atari, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Atari

    Atari Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Please CLICK HERE to check out my blog for better pics and more reviews

    The NJOY King. The newest disposable making waves and flying off the shelf. With an ad campaign calling out traditional cigarettes saying they have "met their match" and the catchy little jingle (feels like the first time)...sorry it gets stuck in my head. My first e cig was an Njoy. I paid about 80$ for a starter kit and that experience left a bad taste in my mouth.....literally. So Im a bit bias against them. That and I know countless people that have bought an electronic cigarette at a gas station only to throw it out thinking that all e cigs suck. So lets see if the Njoy King can live up to its own hype,

    Below are 2 review styles
    Full: Detailed and technical tear down (see below)
    Basic: The short sweet truth (scroll to Bottom)

    First puff. me a sec.......WOW. This is the most realistic "cigarette" taste Ive vaped. It is most similar to a camel light. I like tobacco flavors but I quit trying to find something like this a long time ago. After you quit your taste buds seem to come back to life and the taste isnt appealing any more. But right now, this is amazing. Im going to puff on it for a couple hours and test it out.

    Look and Feel. The Njoy King comes in a nice little flip top box. It comes with a little flyer in the middle with some information about the product and the recycling program (Ill cover it later) The top flips like a zippo lighter and over all its a nice way to carry it around. The cigarette its self has an amazing feel, its like holding a real cigarette. The King is a half inch shorter that a standard electronic cigarette and is covered in a paper wrap over the plastic tubed so it feels more realistic. The tip has a clear plastic wrap over it to keep it from getting wet in your mouth. The tip looks like a burnt cigarette and glows red to simulate smoking.

    Performance. The Njoy King is supposed to last as long as 2 packs....LIE. I used to smoke a pack a day, now I vape about 5ml a day. Thats 5 standard cartridges. 1 hour and 45 minutes, thats it, and the battery died.I have never been so impressed and so disappointed with an e cig. I will admit that the battery inside is about 35% smaller than a standard 808 (Blog, V2, Volt) electronic cigarette battery. The atomizer is a woven tube with a silica wick through the middle wrapped in a soft cotton like material. When I unwraped the wick it was almost dry again almost 35% smaller that a standard 808 or 510 (Blu, Volcano) So while they claim 2 packs (does vary depending on use) I cant see any way its capable of living up to half of its claim


    Overall/Basic Review
    The Njoy King is one of the most realistic cigarette like electronic cigarettes I have ever tried. It feels like a cigarette because of its smaller size and paper coating that again makes it feel like a real paper cigarette. It hits like a cigarette with a smooth throat kick nearly identical to a cigarette. It taste like a cigarette, mostly like a camel light. But I have never been more excited and disappointed with an electronic cigarette

    The MAJOR problem is that the size of the battery and atomizer cannot support more than a couple hours. At 8$ a piece and less than a 2 hour battery life it can never touch the 2 pack life claim. They do have a recycling program(click here) but it takes 8 used Kings to get 1 for free. They also have a free trial you can order for 2.99 shipping

    Great taste, really does taste like a real cigarette
    The paper texture even feels like a real cigarette
    The throat hit isnt harsh, and again, like a real cigarette
    They sell them every where it seems

    8$ a piece is two pack price around here
    Buy 8 get 1 free?
    Did I mention it only lasts a couple hours

    So there you have it. Amazing product, for a little while. Thanks for reading and click the picture below if you want to get a free sample for your self


  2. Rickajho

    Rickajho ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Great informative review - with pictures! Thanks for posting that.
  3. Insignificance

    Insignificance Senior Member

    Thanks for the in-depth review.

    The Njoy King was the first e-cig that I purchased. Just to add a few of my own impressions for those new to vaping....

    - The nicotine level in the Kings is very high. If you do some research, you'll see that most e-cigarette manufacturers and juice vendors have a highest level of 2.4% The King Bold is almost double that, so one or two vapes and you're good. I don't really like the idea of ingesting that much nicotine but these serve a purpose in that you can keep one of these in its plastic case on hand when your out on the go and you need a reserve.

    - They are expensive, so these will not serve as a primary vaping device (and that's a shame, as these are very good at mimicking a real cigarette, as you noted). But again, keeping one around for a just in case situation could be a good idea.

    - The rechargeable line is garbage. I purchased one from my local convenience store and the battery takes more than twice as long to charge than it lasts. The life of the cartridge is also pathetic compared to the slew of other models out there. Also, the carts are not made to be refilled (or if they can, it wouldn't be worth the effort).
  4. Starlyte2

    Starlyte2 Super Member ECF Veteran

    i'm griping about. Apart from a wonderful taste, although I must admit that the juices I DIY are perfect for MY tastes, it looks and sounds like pretty much any disposable I've bought, although I've paid 10 euros for one, ONCE!
    Nothing really new on the construction, if you've taken other dispos apart. So what are Njoy crying about? Unless it's the paper wrapping...:( Good review though, no insult to you, very honest facts, shame it's not "revolutionary" is all I'm griping about. :blink:
    And to be honest, most people only buy a disposable at the corner shop, or to try it out, or because they left their ecig at home, my case being the 1st situation, and I only bought them while waiting for real rechargeable to come in the post. ;) Followed by shinyitis, as far as my budget allows :)
  5. Starlyte2

    Starlyte2 Super Member ECF Veteran

    PS : Do Njoy sell the juice they use in them, too? Now THAT would be an advance for quite a few vapers... ;)
  6. Atari

    Atari Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    No they still don't sell liquids. And the prefilled carts dont tase anything like the kings.........sad really.
  7. Lilkurty

    Lilkurty Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I have finally found my match! Thank you Atari for an excellent review. I bought my first NJOY King a couple of days ago along with a Blu (yuck) just to try out since I only quit 3 weeks ago. For me, this is it! I am not that interested in messing around with DIY and bulky PV's anymore. The first couple of things I tried were OK (cig starter kit and eGo) but I just couldn't find a good tobacco flavour and I'm not really into the multitude of flavours, however, I am waiting on HHV so that may change. This one (NJOY) was created by a master and I believe that. I didn't smoke much, so this is ideal; convenient, great packaging and still less than $15 per pack in Canada! I figure I'll spend about 1/4 to 1/2 of what I used to spend.
    I will still be vaping my others and experimenting because, as I said I haven't been vaping long.
  8. Atari

    Atari Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    If your dead set on a cigarette style and size try 1. bloog they are having some great sales right now, 2.Volt by smokelessimage 3. o2vapors. All three are top of the line batteries, the best cartridges onthe markey and some great liquids. I think the King is junk for battery life
  9. Lilkurty

    Lilkurty Senior Member ECF Veteran

    OK, I'm replying to my own post because now about 1 week later I have changed my mind. While at first blush NJOY seemed like the panacea, it has now lost a fair bit of lustre. In the meantime I have rcvd and tried HHV and so my previous statement of not being that into flavours has totally changed. The battery on NJOY is horrible, not sure how something that must cost pennies in China can be so expensive and so flawed...disappointing :(
    On the upside though, I am still exploring the wonderful world of vaping and I'll still use NJOY just not that much.

  10. Atari

    Atari Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Whatever works. Ive spent thousands in the past couple years. Ive said before that i turned a habit into a hobby. There's just so much out there you want to try all of it
  11. Koman

    Koman Moved On ECF Veteran

    Looks nice and a great review. Thanks!
  12. blondeambition3

    blondeambition3 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Perfect Review! :thumbs:

    Wish I'd written it... :glare:

  13. chuckie

    chuckie Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the link Atari,I got my sample today.All I can say is njoy should be ashamed to sell this piece of crap at any price.On the brighter side,the juice tastes just like hangseng dk-tab which I like very much.I feel ripped of for the $2.99 shipping charge.
  14. Atari

    Atari Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    It is sooooooooo close, but yet so far
  15. Methusalen

    Methusalen Full Member

    Now that I can post in other areas of the board besides the Newbie Board, I wanted to thank Atari for writing up this review.

    It was the reason I found the e-cigarette-forum, after having tried the NJoy King as my first e-cig. I was extremely disapointed in the lifespan of the disposable, as I was a pack-a-WEEK smoker; and their "2 pack" equivalent barely lasted the weekend.

    On the plus side, their customer service rep I spoke with had 'believed I had a defective unit' & sent me a replacement for free; which went well with the free sample I paid the $2.99 to ship out to me... So, for just over the price of 1 of their disposables; I had received 3... Which together *STILL* didn't hit the equivalent of '2 packs'...

    All-in-all, I liked the flavor (especially as this was my first hint at what the Vaping world had); which was a nice transition product... I just wish that the darned things actually *LASTED* as long as they claimed...:glare:
  16. jmadden22

    jmadden22 Full Member

    So today I finally got my hands on an NJOY gold disposable. My overall reaction was exactly the same as yours. I've also tried Real Feel disposables and the infamous Blu and V2 rechargables so I had something to compare it to. The NJOY King easily has the most potential. It looked and felt just like a Marlboro Light and had a pleasant sweet tobacco taste with decent vapor and throat hit comparable to an analog. But, like you said, the battery was absolute rubbish. My main pv is an eGo VV, currently loaded with STL Gooey Butter Cake so I was alternating back and forth, mostly sticking with the eGo to save the disposable's battery. I doubt I hit 100 puffs before the NJOY King's LED started blinking. DEFINITELY not worth 9 bucks as that would get 2 packs of Marlboro Special blends(~400 puffs) at the closest smoke shop to my house. If NJOY can somehow fix the battery get at least 400 drags, then it might be worth the steep price tag. Until then, the NJOY King is merely a jester.
  17. Rickajho

    Rickajho ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    What Atari said.

    I got the $2.99 free sample and have nothing outstandingly different to say from the original review. Atari nailed it. A few observations to add though:

    This was a curiosity experiment. We know these things are out there. And for some people an NJoy King might be their introduction to vaping. I figured checking one out was worth the $2.99 "free" price. If I was ever going to recommend it I wanted to know what someone would be getting into.

    Equivalent to 2 packs? Gimme a break. My estimate is an NJoy King is equivalent to half a pack - tops. Just based on price alone, at regular retail they certainly offer no cost savings over smoking.

    I can't put a finger on the flavor. And I certainly can't get all bowled over by any claim that this tastes like a cigarette. Initially I thought it had a somewhat sour flavor note in it. That seemed to disappear after about 25% of it's use was up. It sort of tastes like the smell of an open pack of cigarettes. At the same time I was fiddling with the NJoy King I also had on hand a cheap (and I mean really cheap) $5.00 rechargeable China import. You know, one of those that comes in a charger that looks like a pack of cigarettes. The laughable part about this was I didn't taste much of a difference between the NJoy king and whatever was in those cheap China cartridges. In a blind test between the NJoy King Gold and this cheapie China thing I'm betting a lot of people would be having trouble picking out the NJoy King Gold.

    Oh, and at five bucks at least the China import battery is still working.

    The other thing that bugs me about the NJoy King is the packaging. All that packaging. All that packaging for one disposable cigarette. All that packaging AND the disposable cigarette for one disposable cigarette. I'm not exactly a tree hugger, but for what little you get out of this experience there is a hell of a lot of plastics and battery and electronics even that has to be dealt with. Sure, NJoy has a response - a recycling program. But that's only gonna work for a very tiny - minuscule - percentage of people who buy one of these and then become devoted followers. The vast majority of this spent product is heading for the trash. The clear plastic box isn't even marked as being recyclable.

    Oh, just noticed: The clear plastic box is stamped "Made in China". Perhaps that explains a lot about the similarity in flavor I found between the NJoy King and my $5.00 rechargeable import. Just sayin'...

    It was interesting. But that doesn't translate into dominating the market place. At an MSRP of $9.99 each this product is going to be relegated to the "try it once" market share. Once you experience it, you won't go back for another at those kind of store retail prices.
  18. thewomenfolk

    thewomenfolk Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm real disappointed in the Njoy product. I got the Traditional Gold Bold flavor, and it's good, but you can't buy have to break the bank to get this ejuice only in these ecigs. That was my problem with Njoy 3 years ago...they had one wonderful flavor but never sold the ejuice by had to get their ecig too, and it was just tooo expensive.

    As for the 'idea' of's great. I love the size and feels of it. BUT I will NEVER buy these as they're just way TOO EXPENSIVE!!!

    I have since bought a couple of eRoll ecigs and they're the cat's meow. The size is very comparable to the Njoy, and the little "take it with you" charger is wonderful. Always charging one while using the other. I vape the eRoll and my Provari Mini every day.

    I think Njoy tries to trap you into these Njoy Kings with the massive amounts of Nicotine in them. Cheaper to just buy your own Nic and add it to your ejuice.

    I would NEVER pay $9 for one lousy Njoy King. Never. (I wouldn't even pay that for a whole pack of them.)

    I think Njoy shoots itself in the foot with its greed. I know I won't buy more of these.

  19. thewomenfolk

    thewomenfolk Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran


    Njoy....message to you. What you got right...and wrong about the Njoy King.

    Right...look of ecig, feel of ecig, weight of ecig, size of ecig....all these are perfect

    Wrong...price. Much too expensive. Which is why I won't buy any more. (I enjoyed the sample though) But...the flavor is weird, not too bad but not too good. Not half as good as their Traditional was 2 years ago.

    Also, not being able to buy the ejuice and refill ourselves means putting out a whole lot of extra money.

    Also...I did a review on Njoy's site and it was fair...not quite as harsh as this one, but they failed to publicize it, which tells me they're dishonest, not wanting the public to see any actual negative reviews. They showed minor things like the person had to get them to replace their charger, but they publicized that just to make the public 'think' they're being fair. They're not.

  20. Atari

    Atari Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I also rock an eRoll when Im out and about so I dont have to explain my Vamo and AMP tank every time I pull it out. But Ive found a black eVod on a black 650mah twist is pretty easy to explain too. Still the eRoll gets a lot less gawking
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