THE OFFICIAL BLOOG "Hey Leaford, I have a question!" THREAD!!

Discussion in 'Bloog' started by leaford, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. leaford

    leaford Supplier Services Provider ECF Veteran

    OK, we all know that the best info on this forum has a tendancy to get buried in random places in threads on a totally different topic. People ask me about this or that wherever they see me posting, because they have something they need my answer to but for whatever reason don't want to start a thread for.

    SO, the topic takes yet another turn farther away from he thread topic, the question might or might not be seen and answered, and sometimes it makes the thread take an ugly turn from the cross talk.

    That' actually part of the charm of our happy gang; it's as if this were free flowing chit chat at a cocktail party. Anyone might pop up, anything might be said, from the harsh to the hilarious, and you never know when the police might be called. And I LOVE that about this place. :wub:

    But if you have a simple question, it does make it hard to find the answers you're looking for, or even if it's been asked and answered.

    SO instead of you guys following me around that cocktail party peppering me with random questions like fanboys stalking a third rate celebrity Guest of Honor at a con party, I thought I'd make a single thread for those kind of questions. Ask me for updates, suggest new ideas, go wild. Anything you want to ask me specifially, but that you don't want to start your own thread for. You fanbois, you. ;)
  2. beachpuff

    beachpuff Super Member ECF Veteran

    Hey Leaford, I have a question. Did you find out if the "new" 65mm batts have the same innards/MAH as the "old" style with the ash cap? Aloha :)
  3. Frick

    Frick Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I second beachpuff's question. They definitely do not last as long in actual use.

    Also: what's the status on juice?
  4. redempti0N

    redempti0N Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I got 1 important question. Hey leaford how are ya?
  5. pmos69

    pmos69 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Status/ETA on Bloog clear cartos?
  6. uba egar320

    uba egar320 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hey Leaford, I heard Bloog is gonna have manual batteries. Is that true, and will you carry the 102mm batts in manual as well?
  7. leaford

    leaford Supplier Services Provider ECF Veteran

    Not yet, I haven't gotten to do the testing yet since they aren't in production yet. The tubes got delqayed and are being printed right now.

  8. leaford

    leaford Supplier Services Provider ECF Veteran

    Still not ordered. It was decided that we would wait until the new website is in sight, because adding all the SKUs to the current site would be too much work. Easier and more efficient to wait. Sorry. But I am getting samples now for two new mystery flavors.
  9. leaford

    leaford Supplier Services Provider ECF Veteran

    Pretty good actually. I found a grocery store downtown that specializes in imported foods. I got almost everything for pastrami sandwiches but sauerkraut, and had to settle for processed swiss cheese slices. Not perfect, but pure bliss for me after months of NOTHING. I also got taco/nacho fixings, spaghetti fixings, garlic bread fixings, and Capn' Crunch and Lucky Charms breakfast cereals. I didn't realize how much I'd been missing dairy until I was staring into a cart filled with Milk, Butter, sour cream, and four kinds of cheeses. :p :wub:

    Oh, and there was a Pizza Hut just down from it, so I got a couple Super Supreme pizzas and a couple lasagnias to go. :D :lol:

    No more KFC or McDs for at least a MONTH! But I have to hurry up and freeze some of it, like the meat, to make it last.

    Speaking of which, next weekend I'll go back for steaks, more hamburger, and some Bacon! MMMMMMMM, Bacon!
  10. leaford

    leaford Supplier Services Provider ECF Veteran

    Prototype still ahd issues with cracking. Sent back to try another material.
  11. redempti0N

    redempti0N Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    you can never have enough bacon.
  12. leaford

    leaford Supplier Services Provider ECF Veteran

    Yes, in all lengths, and in all colors except the 102mm mauals's won't come in pink or purple. Sorry. Next time we reorded 102mms, I promise.
  13. uba egar320

    uba egar320 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    NO PINK 102's!!!?? What are you trying to do to me Leaf?
  14. Frick

    Frick Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks. Follow-up question: rough guess on when the new site goes live?
  15. leaford

    leaford Supplier Services Provider ECF Veteran

    Now I don't want too wait until the weekend. :)

    The funny part is that on the one hand, it was the biggest grocery shopping run I've had the entire time I've been here, with the biggest bill, 750 Yuan, or RMB. Usually I spend 100-300RMB, and thats for a few days or a week. THis is seriously a month's worth of food.

    But on the other hand, that's only about $125. That's a minimum for a typical week back home. And this is western food, which is serious luxury food here, with scandalous prices compared to the local grocery stores near me. But it's WELL wrth it to me. :D
  16. leaford

    leaford Supplier Services Provider ECF Veteran

    Keep you wanting more. ;)
  17. uba egar320

    uba egar320 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Evil genius.
  18. MichelleDen

    MichelleDen Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I have a question, if tracking lets me know that my package left USA last friday, but its not here yet, 5 days later. Who do i call?
  19. redempti0N

    redempti0N Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Michelle you would have to call USPS
  20. leaford

    leaford Supplier Services Provider ECF Veteran

    I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure all our CS dept would be able to do is confirm when it ws shipped. Once FedEx or whoever has it we can't do anything but see the same tracking info as you. I wish I had a better answer for you, but that's just how it is.

    But OTOH, I'm 9,000 miles away so I'm really not the guy to ask about shipping or other CS issues.

    For any CS question, First try contacting Red or Chris, preferably by e-mail at or if that fails or you need more immediate assistance, by phone at 1-877-MY-BLOOG. CS is available Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM.

    If you cannot reach Red or Chris, or they fail to solve your problem, don't hesitate to call Mike, our CEO, directly. His cell number is 732-492-1122 and his e-mail is

    You notice that I am not in that contact chain. I am sorry, but I am around 9,000 miles away from that side of the operation, and cannot really help with that. That said, if all else fails, I still invite you to contact me by e-mail at, and I will at least try to pass it on. We're all dedicated to not only keep you happy, but keeping you vaping.

    Notice also that PMs and Forum posts are not included as a contact method. Sorry, but keeping things in the proper channel will help us keep records straight, track issues, and so on. Also, please don't use this thread for CS issues. Let's keep it to my areas of operation.

    Again though, if all else fails, we'd rather you be heard than stick to the proper channels.

    One last note, please respect that Red's duties do not include posting or answering CS issues here in the forum or by PM. (With the sole exception of updating the Stock Status thread, that is.) He is only here as a member of the community just as he always has been, on his own unpaid time. The fact that he will occasionally do all of the above, just as a good friend and neighbor like he always has, is a privlidge we should not abuse.

    And I am going to post this info as a Closed Sticky of it's own to make it as easy to find as possible..

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