The TVA Show: Vaping's Newest Podcast; 1st Episode went live TONIGHT!

Discussion in 'Vaping TV and Radio' started by Thefreeze336, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Thefreeze336

    Thefreeze336 Full Member Verified Member

    Hey Guys! Freeze here, and Im wanting to invite you all to listen to this new Podcast, The TVA Show (Totally Vaping Awesome). So far GrimmGreen and The Vaping Greek have tweeted us, and we think you will enjoy it too!
    It's new, it's fresh; and we hope you enjoy it!
    iTunes subscriptions available soon!
  2. chambe

    chambe Full Member

    Good to see a new podcast out there. Just finished listening to VaporCast and am fiending for more!

    Any chance you will be on iTunes any time soon?
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