Things I don't do anymore!

Discussion in 'Reos Mods' started by Navy4life, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. Navy4life

    Navy4life Senior Member Verified Member

    I've been thinking about some things lately; things that I don't do anymore since I've got the REO. Some are simple, but some are truly earth shattering!

    1. I don't smoke anymore. Nope, from the time I put the REO with the RM2 in my mouth, I was able to quit!
    2. I don't stay up late at night looking at Phil Bursado, Grimm Green videos. I don't need to; I've got Vapdivers and now Statistics.
    3. I no longer dream about blowing clouds like southeast Asian vapors. I can blow bigger clouds with a REO mini, with minimal effort.
    4. I no longer have boxes and boxes of cartos or tanks (1 box emergency)
    5. I no longer have a tube mod, the only non REO is a IVAPE and it's rectangular. 4 day battery for power outages and it can power my cell phone if required.
    6. I no longer gotta have something because someone else said it's great; I just buy REOs because I know they are great.
    7. I no longer visit other vape sites; this is the only one I need.
    8. I no longer think those guys building IGLOs, Z Attys, and DCT are engineering Gods; I can wrap a micro coil now; they fear me.
  2. debzcf

    debzcf Ultra Member Verified Member

    1. I no longer drive the Parkway with a phallic MOD in my hand (I used to get MANY a strange look);
    2. I no longer shop new tanks;
    3. I no longer care about the money I've wasted on "the newest and the best" (ala Z Atty Pro -- what a pain in the bum that thing is/was).

  3. Vash

    Vash Vaping Master

    I know longer worry if Ill need more juice for when I leave the house for the day
  4. Vash

    Vash Vaping Master

    Funny thing is I look like I have pack of smokes in pocket again vs looking like Im very happy to see everyone :p
  5. supertrunker

    supertrunker Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    But what you really did was quit smoking and just swap one lot of habit for another. My daily 'before i walk out mantra' was - phone - fags/ciggies - wallet - keys and car keys. Now it's phone - Reo - batteries - juice - wallet - keys - car keys.

    And Sunday mornings are reserved for making coils and cleaning them, because i am banned from all churches on account of laughing too loud and being the AntiChrist!

    sounds like a sweet deal to me!

  6. debzcf

    debzcf Ultra Member Verified Member

    hahahahahaha. I used to live down there -- I was referred to as "that evil Yankee." ;)
  7. pdib

    pdib Registered Supplier - Offline

    1. I'm sorry I missed that

    3. . . . . . . . . . . never mind :closedeyes:
  8. debzcf

    debzcf Ultra Member Verified Member

    Oh know what I meant.
  9. Justice

    Justice ECF Guru Verified Member

    When I hear people comment about not wanting to have to change batts during the day I think " I'm so grateful I dont have to go buy smokes anymore" Ie get into truck drive to store etc :D
  10. chohan

    chohan Earthbound Misfit Verified Member

    Supporting member

    That's the one that never really impressed me. Perhaps like some of you, I've spent some time in the Philippines. Go outside on a humid summer day in the southeastern US after a rainstorm and vape some 100% vg. Amplify by 10x and you've got the PI climate. You could probably blow plumes on a 510 cigalike with a cartridge.

    I no longer spend time punching cartos, priming them with a syringe and then filling a tank.
    I no longer gnash my teeth over the dark caramelized juice in a genny tank.
    A reo is freedom compared to all that.

  11. johni

    johni Extractor Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I no longer suck the life out of my batteries trying to get a decent amount of satisfaction from a genesis RBA. Ran two full workdays on one battery in my Grand this week (by accident). 3X to 4X battery life using a microcoil in RM2 vs. AGA T2!:D
  12. Rhapsodies Fire

    Rhapsodies Fire Supplier Associate

    It's been a long time for me....but there are a few things that come to mind since I started using Reos...
    I no longer smoke....that's the most important.
    I no longer get angry with my vape gear (especially little batteries, lame chargers and those confounded cartomizers, atties, blue foam and junk juice.)
    And I no longer care about the science involved in vaping....actually, come to think of it....I never cared about the science. :blink: I just do it and enjoy. :D

    It just needed to be easier than smoking.
  13. FeistyAlice

    FeistyAlice ECF Guru Verified Member

    Yeah. We had only two items that necessitated an emergency run to Costco; stinkies and dog food. (Found a food at grocery that has Salmon and doesn't give them gas or such so no more emergency runs to Costco.)

    Stinkies were $8+ a pack when we quit in 2010. $65 a carton at Costco. We were going through 4-5 cartons a week.

    Feisty Alice

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  14. FeistyAlice

    FeistyAlice ECF Guru Verified Member

    No more dripping and driving. I was actually pretty good at it. Didn't kill anyone.
  15. FeistyAlice

    FeistyAlice ECF Guru Verified Member

    Heathen here, too.:D

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  16. Rhapsodies Fire

    Rhapsodies Fire Supplier Associate

    Oh...and I just realized something else. I've greatly reduced my chances of winning any lottery...don't shop at 7-11 or AmPm for smokes, so I don't buy tickets anymore either. :facepalm:
  17. supertrunker

    supertrunker Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    But those Filipino girls are still hot - if a cloud of vapour is what it takes....then Smurf will kill me sooner than later~!

    i see some serious flaws in my plan - maybe a Russian one instead.

  18. new kid

    new kid Super Member Verified Member

    There is a lot I have not been doing. Problem is I'm bored. No tinkering, no new stuff to try, and even looking at new stuff on the market isn't interesting.

    I'm ruined by the Reo.
  19. gbacon

    gbacon Super Member Verified Member

    I just noticed yesterday that the old coffee can is still sitting next to the step at my back door, still full of nasty cig butts. So I guess I don't empty ash trays any more :laugh:
  20. Awkwardly Awesome

    Awkwardly Awesome Senior Member Verified Member

    The single best thing that I don't do anymore is hide my smoking from my wife. She was never happy about my smoking, I never smoked at home and if I was out with her, I didn't smoke either. But then for a while I just started hiding it, I am not proud of that and our marriage has never been better ever since I switched to vaping. I was pretty good at hiding it though. Most of her family had no idea I was a smoker until I started vaping.
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