Thinking about upgrading from my volt

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by ozpkchris, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. ozpkchris

    ozpkchris Super Member ECF Veteran

    Thinking about upgrading from my volt

    well i have been vaping for about a month and a half with my volt- and i love it.

    but i m not a big fan of cartomizers- too much refilling, taste diminishes quickly- I've tried mega carto2 ce2, fix to my problem

    i went to my local shop yesterday and they had those new smokeymizers - which i like and are currently using on my volt-

    now my volt is huge it is 68/78mm batt + a 808/510 adapter + the smokeymizer- vapes like a champ. batt life is 1-4 hrs per batt. but it is no longer a cig size pv its now a pretty dmn big

    Now this is where my mind is going- the local store owner was smoking an ego- and I'm thinking about upgrading to one.

    they have bigg battery life 650mah- 1000+ mah, they are a 510 connection so i can use my smokeymizers or they have tank setups that i know nothing about - i believe an atomizers plus clear carts-- look good to me but not sure

    so am i crazy to leave my beloved volt and my stock pile of 808d cartos (I guess i can get a 510/808 adapter) or do you think I am making a positive upgrade.

    need some advice ?
  2. uba egar320

    uba egar320 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Here's where I stand on batteries. I started with cig sized ecigs, and quickly moved away and went with mods. Did the mod thing for about a year, and then found the newer 808 styles to fit my needs just fine. Then, I heard of an Igo. Holds 3ml of juice with a 1300 mah batt. And....can also use your fav 808 cartos. So I still use my 808's, my mods, and now a comb of the two with the Igo. But if you're tired of cartos, you may want to give an atty of some sort a try. Like the 510 ego. But, imo, after dripping for most of a year, you're kinda jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire as far as refilling goes lol. But then again, you could always use a tank system or something on it. By the way, what's a smokeymizer? A clearomizer type deal or something? Sounds neat. Hope my ramble helps!
  3. ozpkchris

    ozpkchris Super Member ECF Veteran

    igo sound interesting ill check it out,

    the smokeymizer is the ce3 (upgrade to the ce2) at the 2.4-2.7 ohms it performs way better then any carto i've been using
  4. Nomoreash

    Nomoreash Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Smokeymizer is the name they've given to the CE3 and has the coil on the bottom as opposed to on top in the CE2.
  5. uba egar320

    uba egar320 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hmm. Sounds neat. Might give that a look.
  6. fray

    fray Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Everyone is different. My advice is to try a few options and find the what you like best. I eventually found the reo grand which has everything I was looking for.

    It's a little expensive buying multiple types of PVs but other than going to meets and trying other devices for free it's just the nature of the beast.

    So what types of things are you looking for from a PV?
  7. ozpkchris

    ozpkchris Super Member ECF Veteran

    i have only used auto analog style ecigs, but i think i have become a heavy vaporer.

    i want some thing with a larger batt than my 808's, when I'm at home vaping say i find my self going through batts rather quickly
    but more importantly i want some thing that i won't have to refill all the time. i refill my 808 cartos way too often.
    i really like the taste and performance i have been getting from clear carto mizer, i don't think i ilke the filler, i hate that i can taste the filler half way through a carto.
  8. uba egar320

    uba egar320 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I can feel your pain on that one. The Igo is nowhere near the end all be all.

    Pro 1: holds 3 ml, and last a good while 2: battery is 1300mah and easily gets me through a work day with little performance lag
    3: the flavor is pretty dawgone awesome compared to some of my other devices 4: the hits are massive(seriously....this thing hits like a train)

    cons 1: it holds 3ml only the first couple of uses, then it's more like 2ml 2:at 3 bucks a carto it ain't cheap but I get about a week per carto, so 15 bucks a month doesn't kill me. I could stretch it out more if need be 3: You'll still be topping off, as it helps keep the carto alive and well 4: 3ml last so damn long, it's hard to tell when you need to top off as to not damage your carto

    So in the end, it's like everything else out there lol. Ups and downs....But seeing as how you're already a 808 guy of sorts, I thought I'd share a few thoughts on it. Good luck dude, and I hope you find what you're looking for!
  9. ozpkchris

    ozpkchris Super Member ECF Veteran

    could you send me a link from the place you got your Igo, i think i would prefer the ego, but i would like to check it out.

  10. uba egar320

    uba egar320 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

  11. uba egar320

    uba egar320 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I doubt you can go wrong with an ego though. I don't have one, but plenty of folks seem to really like it.
  12. ozpkchris

    ozpkchris Super Member ECF Veteran

  13. Lax

    Lax Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm sort of with you Chris... I like my Volt a ton and plan to continue using it for some situations but wanted something more. I've been thinking about 901 attys, 306 attys with adapter for volt batts, and many different mods. I ended up ordering a Echo which is a automatic 808 threaded 650 or 1300 mah fat battery. They make Echo cartomizers that are huge, hold 3ish ml, or you can use any 808 carto (ie. your volt stuff). I was also seriously considering the iGo also and depending how I like the Echo I still may get one.
    So there are a number of larger battery options that will still work with all the gear you already have if you don't want to move to a 510 connection, which the eGo is.
  14. Lax

    Lax Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oh yeah, and if you're checking out the iGo at Nhaler they also have jumbo cartos that work fine with the volt batteries. I prefer the volt cartos but the jumbos aren't bad at all.
  15. Stosh

    Stosh Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Regarding the volt, I bought one for my GF, and a couple extra boxes of blank cartos. Tried a couple on my own PV's with a 510-808 adapter and they are really good cartos. Good vapor, clean flavor, no burning even at 5v on my mods. If you want longer battery life, get a 808 fat battery, or an adapter and a good 510 power source (ego, e-power, Puck, boxx mod, etc....) and vape on :)
  16. uAdC

    uAdC Senior Member ECF Veteran

    .. same here. i've wanted to buy an extra battery and a pcc for it, but i'm thinking of saving my money towards another device.

    does anybody have any feedback on the Ego-T tank type (B?)..? i'm not sure what the "B" represents as far as the Tank, but it seems like a good step up from the Volt.

    any help is much appreciated and best of luck to you too chris. hopefully we both find our next upgrade soon! ;)
  17. uAdC

    uAdC Senior Member ECF Veteran

    bump for opinions
  18. ozpkchris

    ozpkchris Super Member ECF Veteran

    i think I'm gonna go head and pick up the ego w/ a 808 adapter so i can finish up my volt stuff.

    I'm still gonna keep my volt for when i go out to a bar, club etc...

    i believe the type b tank is a larger capacity than the a
  19. uAdC

    uAdC Senior Member ECF Veteran

    just realized how expensive the ego-T can be...

    for that price range i might find myself buying a nice mod instead... like the Vapage VMod or something...

  20. JD1

    JD1 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    The VMod is neat looking. I have the e-power and love it, but I may have to try a vmod in the future. Have you seen this video. They are using a couple of small 3.2v batts for 6v vaping. That's a lot of wattage and I'm not sure I would like it but I would like to try.

    If you're already using the 14500 battery in anything that would also make it a good choice. My wife uses them in her cell phone. Word is the vmod provides short connections from batt to atty and gets good results from the 14500.
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