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  1. gormly

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    Tips n' Tricks Thread.

    Please feel free to post you eCig related tips and tricks to help others here :)

    I'll start.

    The Chrome Tanks can be a haven for broken finger nails and scratched chrome if you are not aware of the proper method to remove the end cap and fill.

    Here is how I do it.


    Step 1: Hold the tank upright


    Step 2: Pull the carto out a bit from the bottom


    Step 3: Now slightly angle the carto and push back in, it will pop the top off.


    Done Now fill and enjoy.

  2. Big Screen D

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    Posted some of this in another section, but figured this thread needed a little action.

    With the CE4+ cartos, I've found flooding rather than dry hits is overwhelmingly the reason some of these have weak, or cool vape with these cartos.

    Quick way to see if the seal is good between the mouthpeice and the cup is take a puff, then blow it back through the carto. If there is no fog in the tank, the seal is good.

    Almost always, it is because juice is getting past the wick.

    Way to fix this is to think of these as dripping atty's in a tank. The objective is to wet the wick, but not submerge it in juice. The short wick with no bend freely transports juice to the coil. The way to accomplish this is to first off fill no more than halfway to the wick. 4th line from the top is a good benchmark. (Yes there is a reason for the fill lines after all)

    Now look at how the wicks are situated when your PV is in your vaping position. What you want is the wicks to be out of the juice when vaped. For example if the button is top or bottom when vaped like most, then the carto should be screwed down so the wicks are horizontal to the button. Keep the wick wet by tilting from time to time. Not upside down, but rather just kind of touch the wick with juice. Like I said, much like one would do if dripping, just a hell of a lot more convenient.

    Fill level: Photo0017.jpg
    Flooding position: photo0015.jpg
    Controlled position: photo0016.jpg

    They use a thick wick, but I do wish they would wise up and go even thicker. I've rebuilt some using 2mm silica sold for rebuildable atty's, and 34ga nichrome that are fog machines, and are far less prone to flooding.

    Oh, and they fit, and look quite nice on a 14650 woody with a 510 extension.:2cool:
  3. Urge

    Urge Super Member

    I disagree with this totally. I fill mine up above the wicks and it works great. I can vape it upside down-no problem. These are my fav cartos, Ive disassembled them, cleaned and dry burned them and it is so easy. My suggestion for taking them apart is when taking off the top metal cap is to use the channel lock pliers with tape like they show in the video but leave the tip in so the metal does not get deformed. The only reason to take off the bottom metal cap is so you can completely disassemble them to replace the wick. Taking off the top cap allows access to the silicon seal so you can remove it, rinse the carto out and dry burn it. I am going to get some wire and wick material and make my own coil/wick assembly with wicks that go down to the bottom of the tank. The only thing I don't like about these is having to tip and swirl it to get the juice to the wicks. To me, these seem pretty much the same functionally as the Vision 3.5ml Capacity Clear Clearomizers. They have the long wicks with the heating element up top. Yes,I know they use a bar rather than the coil but for this comparison I don't think it matters. So, if the 3.5ml clearomizers work with the long wicks why should the CE4+ not work with long wicks?

  4. TamJeff

    TamJeff Senior Member

    I don't. At least not with the + models. I have found them to work the best almost exactly as BigScreen states. I started out filling them to the top line and they were somewhat finicky and I would have to blow the flooded coil out and keep them pretty much straight up to vape them until they started to run dry, then just briefly wet the wicks and it did indeed remind me of dripping. Whenever they stop hitting, I know it's flooded. Fortunately for me, I don't mind tipping because I smoked cigs or a pipe horizontally anyway. I also try to position them so that wicks align with the button.

    I started to pull one apart to clean it with channel locks and these must be glued because if I pulled any harder, the pliers would have slipped or something would have broken. I abandoned the breakdown and just blasted them with the sink sprayer and dry burned a few cycles.
  5. gormly

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    they do (DV edition) and they work REALLY well, :) mine from last night is almost empty and still performing like a champ, the original one does not do this. The longer wick helps in my opinion. In my opinion, the DV version is better for the everyday joe, the non tinkerer, someone who doesn't want to work to get it working properly. I am not saying there is anything wrong with the original, just that this one is improved.
  6. Urge

    Urge Super Member

    TamJeff wrote...
    Did you get yours from Eric? and speaking of Eric, do you fill yours up to or above the wicks? Do they flood? Does Anyone else have flooding issues? How far up do you fill yours? If the tip is not screwed down tight to the silicone seal then they will leak. I really can hold them upside down and chain vape-no problem!

  7. sonicdsl

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    I only get flooding if I fill above the wicks. If I stop at the wick line, all is good. I might vape vertical a little bit, but then I'm good w/angled. Love these!! :D
  8. Big Screen D

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    You guys with the no flood CE4's, what revision do you have? All of mine (10) are still from back in January. The next version came with what is affectionately known as cone heads...the metal washer above the coil protruding into the drip tip.

    FWIW, none of the ones I have had the flooding issue until after being used for a period of time. A day or two usually. The flooding is definitely not at the mouthpiece seal in my case. It is at the wicks.

    I had refrained from buying the coneheads since some people were reporting dry/harsh hits for some reason. Wonder if there may have been other slight changes where the wick seals.

    Oh, and the flooding occurs with 100VG!

    Time to give Eric's new long wick ones a try. I'm down to 3-4 that have no cracks in them now anyway.
  9. TamJeff

    TamJeff Senior Member

    Yes, I got mine from Eric, and they only flood occasionally. These are the CE4+ with the extended tube that goes up into the tip, but with the short wicks. And it isn't leaking thru the tip, but thru the wicks. I am tempted to believe it is from me screwing the tips down too tightly and it is deforming the gasket because they don't do it all the time. It's really a non-issue because they are leak proof on the exterior. By that I mean they don't spill juice in my carry cases or get my battery connection wet like some of the other clearomizers have in the past. They chuff right along once you get them cleared. To be honest, they flood less than I expected them to. It was just part of the learning curve as far as I was concerned. I'm not going to complain. I was really tired of dripping/atty's.

    ETA: I buy almost all my hardware from Eric now. Fair prices and great service.
  10. PaulieD

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    Some of the older Go-go User Guide and Things specific to Go-Go would go here nicely, any one feel like searching, hunting cutting and pasting??
  11. madmach

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    Got that stuff down pat and stored up stair if it is needed it is too a point were i just fill the carts and vape ond so on just can not beat a no fuss deal.
  12. HzG8rGrl

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    I use a drip tip like this tip for filling my tanks. Place it on the carto and slide the carto down pushing on the drip tip. Tilt the carto to the side and fill the tank to the top. Realign and push back up. No shearing o-rings by having the delrin tip on the carto and I never get unwanted juice going into the carto! Hope this tip and tip can help others out-LOL.
  13. mohawkx

    mohawkx Ultra Member

    Here's some threads I posted on the gogo and gocarts it seems like centuries ago. The rate of change in the e-cig development has been phenominal so this info may be dated but by the same token, it may help some. The cleaning of the gocarts thread was done when they first came out and were 3.00 apiece.

    Happy Trails to you all........:)
  14. Bayemon

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    Ha ha ha. And then Eric came along and that $3.00 came down by just a bit...
  15. gormly

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    I'd like to post the content of those links on my website under Go-go, is that ok with you?

    (I will attribute properly)
  16. mohawkx

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    Absolutely. :)
  17. gormly

    gormly Forum Supplier

    Thanks! I'll put it up on the main page so people can see it, most helpful!
  18. PaulieD

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  19. LookMa`NoSmoK

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    Back on topic =)

    If you have an atty/carto/etc. with to tight of a draw, adding an extender/adapter can 'loosen' it up a bit. Granted, not a whole lot, but enough to make it noticeably better.
  20. Koman

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    Awesome tips guys! Keep them coming!

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