toronto wants to ban vaping..

Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by vincom, Aug 12, 2014.

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  1. vincom

    vincom Super Member

  2. SoftSell

    SoftSell Super Member

    This is not a ban of ecigs, this is simply not allowing ecigs in places where cigarettes are currently prohibited.
    Flame me all you want, I agree with it. I don't care if the output of an ecig is not harmful, the odours can affect people in a number of ways, be it scent allergies, dehydration (it does happen), or rekindling the urges of someone who quit smoking.
    Vaping in a restaurant us ridiculous, and the same goes for IN work places or schools. Believe me, I've vaped in most places, only after permission from owners/managers and whomever is with me, and I do not "chase clouds" inside of any buildings other than my own. We must be respectful of public spaces; if someone is blowing massive clouds in a restaurant, they're drawing attention to themselves in a negative and obnoxious way.
    Now, if an establishment was allowed to declare themselves as "vape friendly" all the power to them, and if others throw up "no vaping" signs, the same goes for them.
    I do disagree with an all out ban, and I do agree with regulations, to a point. Like any consumer products, e liquid needs to have standards as far as the "production area" is concerned, as well as quality of ingredients. As it stands any jerk can produce their own liquid in an alley and sell it online as "canadian made natural ingredients." With operations like that (ok, maybe not in an alley) all it does is add fuel to the all out ban fire. Legitimacy is the only way to approach this market, whether for brand popularity or a dedication to safety or quality.
    An all out ban would be foolish, as I'm sure the number of tobacco related deaths will decrease as vaping increases. And that's a good thing.
    Our commitment to keeping ecig products on the market is key, this community and every community like it does have a voice, and if we are heard in the appropriate way, this "Wild West" ecig market may continue. All it takes is a few mistakes for this to end for all of us.
    The end.
  3. Towmotor

    Towmotor Super Member

    Soft, I wont flame you...but...while I do agree that a vaping ban that restricts use in the same way as smoking is fair enough...the politico's in this neck of the woods have banned smoking in outdoor areas such as parks and playing fields. Since vaping would fall under the identical restrictions as smoking this seems a typically knee jerk response. I dont vape in restaurants etc, but I do vape at work with no objections from my co-workers. A municipal ban will prevent me from so doing even if my employer permits it, it just wont be up to him any more.
  4. vincom

    vincom Super Member

    then lets ban perfumes since people are effected by them, strong vapers from certain foods since some of them make me gag when i go into the lunch room at my work, i could keep going on.
    the toronto health board cites studies that prove vaping is harmful, which ones they dont mention and they dont mention the studies that state there are no ill effects to users or to people standing nearby.
    how can u treat vaping as a tobacco product and as such have the same prohibitions as tobacco

    i think the name "e-cigs" has the connotations thats its just like smoking analogues, people actually think im smoking tobacco electronically, , thats why i tell people im vaping and dont use the phrase that im using an ecig
  5. Towmotor

    Towmotor Super Member

    Many workplaces do ban strong perfumes and food bans have been commonplace in schools for years. Not saying I agree with them. Fact of life tho, pick a subject or an activity and someone somewhere is looking to ban it for your own good
  6. vincom

    vincom Super Member

    but the health board didnt ban it did they
  7. SoftSell

    SoftSell Super Member

    Valid points, as we don't have those same restrictions in Sask.
    As far as perfumes, many establishments do have restrictions on them. "Scent Free Zones" are more and more common, mostly in government facilities and schools, or office situations. I believe it's the up to the discretion of each establishment to allow or not allow vaping. I always took pride from being a polite smoker, and now the same with vaping. If coworkers agree to it, then that is nothing short of an awesome place to work.
    I've heard countless conversations from various people using vaping devices which state "I can do this wherever I want and no one can do a thing about it." I would not allow anyone with that opinion to vape anywhere near me. Unfortunately a few Vapers out there are simply dancing around the law regarding where you can and cannot smoke cigarettes. Thise actions and attitudes will destroy vaping for us.
    But remember.... Taste is subjective.....
  8. granolaboy

    granolaboy Super Member Verified Member

    I love how the canadian government pretends to be so concerned about our health, while they go and subsidize oil and gas and mining operations that poison and kill and destroy over and over again.

    But back to the OP. I have to agree that not allowing vaping in public spaces in general, but I also think it should be up to the owners of the establishment to decide, and the patrons to decide. Most night clubs don't care if you vape indoors, but that makes sense...smoke machines and cheap cologne are worse for you than vaping. But in my office at work? In the check-out line in a supermarket? Come on...

    An "all out ban" is absurd. They couldn't possibly enforce it.
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    I edited the thread title as the exclamation used via dashes is censored by the forum's censors.

    Please do not evade the forum's censors :)
  10. moralizer

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    I mostly agree with granolaboy. Restricting vaping should be up to owners of establishments. I also find an "all out ban" absurd, but I do feel some something needs to be done to bring some people who insist on blowing clouds in confined spaces such as the TTC subway and buses. It's quite inconsiderate for people who don't know what e-cigarette are and forces the bystanders into the wrong side of the debate.
  11. retired1

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    However, enacting a ban based on bogus studies is always wrong, regardless of intent.
  12. retired1

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    There's the reason. Has nothing to do with "evidence" gleaned from some bogus study claiming there's a risk with second hand vapor.
  13. vincom

    vincom Super Member

    thats what im trying to state
    the toronto health authorities mention studies that conclude the negative health implications to vaping, but they dont mention the studies and/or state what the negative health implications are, heck everything has negative health implications, tylenol is poisonous to ur liver and if over medicated you can o.d. because of it, just breathing air will kill you.....eventually lol

    the toronto health board main jurisdiction has todo with overall health issues/concerns to torontonians and they have to be more specific as to why vaping is a major health concern to the general public, does it increase cancer risks to users and/or bystanders, does it effect the lungs, does the vape contain more carcinogens than whats in the air as is, etc etc.

    i hear them talking to news reporters but no one asks these questions they just let them make a general statement and no counter questions to their statements.
    they actually use the phrase "the normalization of smoking" as to why vaping should be banned like analogues are banned
  14. Ryedan

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    Global News did a blurb tonight on the 6:00 news about the same thing and have a article online here. I left a comment there and both sites are open for more ;)
  15. Stiiinger

    Stiiinger Senior Member

    Thanks for the heads up, Ryedan. I threw in a quick blurb on the comments as well:

  16. Toronto_Mike

    Toronto_Mike Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

  17. Stiiinger

    Stiiinger Senior Member

    Yeah, I love how they always state they KNOW there are harmful things in the vapor, but don't quantify anything.

    Pretty much everything has some harmful things in it, some level of contaminants or impurities, but at such low concentrations that they're harmless.

    I wonder how regular polluted everyday air in a big city like Toronto compares in concentrations of "bad things"....
  18. Bobbilly

    Bobbilly Super Member ECF Veteran

    POLL hxxp://
  19. Fergie

    Fergie Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hog Town is definitely going to the dogs. :(
  20. vincom

    vincom Super Member

    afaik toronto might be the only city to treat vaping as to smoking analogues, feel free to correct me if im wrong
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