Triton I doing something wrong?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by SleepyEagle, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. SleepyEagle

    SleepyEagle Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 21, 2013
    Dunn, NC
    I have the Halo Triton system, and have noticed that it's very finicky with certain liquids. When I ordered the system, I also purchased a sample pack of various flavors from Halo. All of the juices vaped fine, and gave me no problems.

    However, I've been wanting to try some other vendors. I started with the oh-so-popular MBV and love the flavors (and of course the price). The problem is, with some of the liquid my wicks seem to be burning up so fast. I thought it could be just dark juices in general, but half of the sample pack I got from Halo was much darker than the flavors giving me trouble.

    Banana Cream Pie and Cinnamon Roll are starting to burn the wicks within about half a tank or so. They aren't very dark liquids at all, especially compared to the chocolaty Halo liquids (which I had no problem with).

    I also ordered Blueberry and got Red Apple as a free sample. Both of these are clear and give me no problem at all. Am I doomed to stick with strictly clear liquid? Not that I would necessarily mind, Blueberry is my absolute favorite so far.

    I'm using the standard Triton tanks with the standard 2.2 - 2.4 ohm replacement coils. The Juices from MBV are 65/35 and 18mg nic.

    Edit: I also have a few mini-tanks, and the liquids do fine in them. No burnt taste at all.
  2. Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 2, 2013
    Pretty sure the Triton tanks are plastic.

    MBV has a page that might interest you:E Juice that may break a plastic tanks | Mt Baker Vapor WikiMt Baker Vapor Wiki.

    Perhaps it's not the wicks you are tasting, but the melting plastic.

  3. BadLar

    BadLar Full Member Verified Member

    Apr 13, 2013
    Calgary, AB, Canada
    I have been using the Triton tanks for about a month, they are great, but I have modified an 808 to ego adapter and use them on my Auto Dial-A-Volts. I find that with some juices, I am turning the voltage down to 3.2 so they will not burn. I have a Auto Volt Spinner on order because from everything I have read, they are 808/vgo compatible, which is what the Triton tanks supposedly are. If you like manual batteries, you might want to look into the Triton Variable Voltage batteries.
  4. stevegmu

    stevegmu Moved On ECF Veteran

    I have vaped everything in Halo's lineup, except for southern Classic. No issues. I have also vaped everything in Alice In Vapeland's lineup- also no issues. I have also tried 6 flavors from Johnson Creek. I have had wicking issues with 100% VG, but have solved that problem by adding a couple drops of Halo's Fusion to thin them out. The color of a juice shouldn't have anything to do with coils burning up- at least as far as I know. I even use standard resistance coils on a Triton VV/twist at 4.3 + volts and haven't burned one up yet.

    My guess would be the lesser quality ingredients in MBV juice are causing this issue- especially if it doesn't happen with Halo e-liquid.
  5. SleepyEagle

    SleepyEagle Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 21, 2013
    Dunn, NC
    I'm leaning towards this myself. A couple juices from MBV seem to be fine, and I'll continue to order them. However, I have slightly better luck with other companies.

    @hanzo, thanks for the reply, but I'm sure it's the wicks. After cleaning the tanks I check them, and the burnt wicks are obvious. I've looked at that page on the MBV website and made sure to check liquids for the warning (on the liquid's page) to make sure that didn't apply to my specific order.

    I think I'll stick to other vendors for the most part. Thanks for the help everyone!
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