Turbo EZ Tank - Great design, great flavor!

Discussion in 'CigEasy' started by djtonyb, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. djtonyb

    djtonyb Super Member Verified Member

    Just got mine this afternoon... thanks again CigEasy for fast service!!! So far, I'm very impressed with the flavor and vapor... the draw is a bit tighter than the 808 elite, but the flavor is a lot better than either the 808 cartos or clear and easys! I don't know why there's not any glowing reviews other than SSV2's, because this little baby rocks... I like the design a lot, and I'm definitely going to order another kit ASAP. The 808 elite was good, but this unit is great! Definitely would recommend this to someone who wants to step up from KR808s but doesn't want to have to experiment with different cartos and variable voltage systems to get it right. I was a little leery of getting a system that's not compatible with all my older 808 gear, but I'm glad I bit the bullet. :smokie:
  2. djtonyb

    djtonyb Super Member Verified Member

    Still loving this system... for a size comparison, I dug up some of my old KR808 batts, and my Elite 808:

  3. SSV2

    SSV2 Supplier Associate

    Nice comparison pic there djtonyb!

    I'm betting the Turbo Ez battery is probably lasting longer in between charges than the other four combined...eh? :smokie:

  4. Lapoleon

    Lapoleon Senior Member Verified Member

    The turbo EZ has replaced my go-go as my all day setup. Although that may change when I pick up some tanks for the go-go. I like the turbo so much I bought a second kit! My only caveat is that I keep cracking the top of the mouthpiece. Does anyone else find it fragile? Or am I just to rough with my stuff (could it be the super hot cinnamon juice I vape)? In any case it has completely turned me on to tanks. I don't think I can go back to cartos knowing what I know, and tasting what I've tasted. Thank you cigeasy for both of my favorite systems.
  5. djtonyb

    djtonyb Super Member Verified Member

    Well, after one month, I have to say that I am still impressed with this little powerhouse! I got up at 8:00, filled my tank and screwed it on to a freshly charged battery. I put the spare batt in my pocket along with a bottle of juice and started the day with a 3 hour drive to go empty out a storage unit that I don't need. I am not a chain vaper, but I do use it frequently... I got home at around midnight after the 3 hour return trip home, and a light bulb appeared over my head. My tank was almost empty, but I had not changed batteries or fiddled with a juice bottle all day! :headbang: This is what I want in an e-cig... simple and long lasting. The coils are a breeze to change, and clean up nicely with a soak in hot water and polident, followed by a rinse and a dry burn (I remove the rubber cap, soak them in the polident, rinse them in plain water, blot everything dry with a paper towel, dry burn, then put the caps back on).

    The only two negatives that I can find are:

    1) The coils/wicks gunk up with dark, sweet juices rather quickly. I can do 4-6 refills with a clear 70/30 pg/vg Cherry Cough Drop from Tasty Vapor and the coil still works like a champ. Boston Cream Pie, OTOH, usually lasts through only 2 refills before you have to switch coils to regain flavor or cancel out "off taste".

    2) Be careful not to drop the assembled unit on a hard surface... I have already lost one tank due to the threads separating from the base of the tank. Entirely my fault, but due to the plastic threads vs. metal on other systems, these tanks can't take many direct hits before they lose enough thread to make them impossible to catch on the female thread on the battery. I'm ordering 2 more tanks and vowing to be much more careful with them. :vapor:

    YMMV, but I've found a great system as a go-to while I think about exploring the world of mods, VV, and rebuildables. I never want to use a cartomizer again!
  6. bobalex

    bobalex Super Member Verified Member

    Hey djtonyb - Have you tried rinsing the coil under really hot water? I've resuscitated a gunked up coil many many times before it was time to switch to a new one. Might work for you. I'm an "all tobacco all the time" guy but maybe your Boston Cream Pie won't be as cooperative as Cowboy or Desert Ship.
  7. djtonyb

    djtonyb Super Member Verified Member

    bobalex, the coil is fine after cleaning... they just need to be soaked and cleaned more often when using dark sweet juices.
  8. djtonyb

    djtonyb Super Member Verified Member

    One little tip... if for some reason you're not getting much flavor or even tasting a bit of burning, unscrew the mouthpiece and pull the rubber cap on the head up just a bit, then screw the mouthpiece back down letting the mouthpiece push the cap back down. I've found this helps tremendously if you're having wicking issues. Still love how simple this thing is to run around with all day! 3 or 4 tanks with different flavors, and 2 charged batteries will get me through a day of heavy vaping, and I don't even have to carry the charger or extra juice bottles around! :w00t:
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