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Discussion in 'MyFreedomSmokes' started by AlexStiff, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. AlexStiff

    AlexStiff Supplier Associate

    The ECF exclusive coupon code has been changed. The "ECF-DISC13" coupon code is no longer valid.

    On future orders please use the following coupon code: ECFDISC14

    This coupon code will get you 10% off of almost everything in the store and is exclusive to ECF members only. Please do not share or post this coupon code anywhere outside of ECF
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  2. daleron

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    Never mind ...
  3. kalligator

    kalligator Full Member

    Coupon code "ecfdisc14" is not valid.
    My bad, was applying it to an item marked as in sale.
  4. UnclePsyko

    UnclePsyko NET Squonker... Verified Member

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    I knew I should have snooped around!
    I just received my order, didn't know there was an ECF exclusive code... :blink::facepalm:
    I'll remember next time! :D
  5. pistolpete

    pistolpete Senior Member

    Thanks again
  6. Formosa

    Formosa Senior Member Verified Member

    Any 10% off coupon to use now? Thanks.

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