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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Shannon1234, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. Shannon1234

    Shannon1234 New Member

    I initially ordered V2 cigs and they are great, cowboy flavor does come close to marlborough, other flavors are really good as well. Nicotine level is good , you know you are getting your nicotine. I prefer the manual battery with the button, better vapor. The V2 Power cig is great, plug into computer and it gives great vapor, my favorite. these are disposable cartridges, easy to deal with, have not tried E Juice yet.
    Also tried cartridges from Cig Easy, they are aweful no flavor no taste and for 16 mg of nicotine,??...I do not think there is any in it.
    Hope this helps someone.
  2. toddos

    toddos Super Member

    I started with V2, but they're sooooooooooo slow on delivery that I'm done ordering from them (took them a month to deliver my starter kit and the PCC from that took yet another 2 weeks, second order of cartos took 2 weeks to arrive after ordering). I switched to Vapor4Life for cartos and bought some juice from them as well.

    I really suggest you try getting some juices and fill your own cartos. V2 doesn't sell juice other than via pre-filled cartos, but V4L does as do so many other places. More importantly, as your taste buds recover from years of smoking, you'll find that the flavors you like now may not be the flavors you like later. I know that I can't stand the V2 and V4L Parliament flavors, even though that was my brand of analogs and the V2 Parliament was sufficient to get me off the analogs. Now it just tastes like ashes. Even the V4L 555 juice that I was using for the first 1-1.5 weeks is too smokey/ashy for me now. I've found a couple of flavors that I really love from Freedom Smokes USA, and I've been filling blank cartos from V4L (and cleaning old cartos to refill with good juice).

    Check out the suppliers forums for juice suppliers and order a bunch of 3mL and 5mL samplers until you find the juice you really like, and then buy mass quantities. Don't just try to replace the flavor of an analog, because after a couple of weeks you won't actually like the taste of analogs anymore anyway :)
  3. juicejunky

    juicejunky Vaping Master

    Took 2 days shy of 2 months for V2cigs to fill my 2 starter kits and of course they took my money immediately. Their site is filled with falsehoods but they have a great customer referral system that pays the referrer $15 for new orders, so their fanboys praise them like they invented the KR808D1. I referred one friend before I knew better and was so sorry when they had to experience the nightmare of slow delivery and constant excuses. This has been going on since they opened last April, same excuses "we're growing", "we just moved","product didn't meet our quality control so we rejected it". The owner claims he has two V2 factories in China run by Americans and every time you order something the product is different.

    Their product is mediocre and they charge $29.95 for a standard KR808 battery, but to each's own. Another KR808D1 rebrander with horrendous customer service.

    Welcome to the forum Shannon, try anyone of the vendors in the vendor's forum section and find out what good product and good service really is. There are so many excellent juices out there.
  4. DeeLeeKay

    DeeLeeKay Super Member

    I do not even know where to begin with V2. let's just say I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

    There batteries are at best in the mail being replaced. No stock of the cartomizers. And no juice to buy.

    Vapor4life or bloog are much better companies to deal with. And MyFreedomSmoke juice is the best.
  5. greyrat

    greyrat Senior Member

    I use cartomizers mainly from CigEasy and have had great luck. I also use their e-juice (24mg) primarily and it is great! But everyone has to find their own favorites.
  6. Doomed!

    Doomed! Senior Member Verified Member

    I haven't had one good experience with V2. You can read about my experience with them. There are soooo many vendors out there that are so much better than V2. You will be amazed when you order something from another vendor and they ship it to you right away!
  7. nmargio75

    nmargio75 New Member

    Ok so I was looking at V2 Cig myself. This is my first glimpse at e-cigs at all. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction for my reasearch: I liked the fact that the V2 was a catridge that did not need cleaning as they claim. As opposed to filling it with a needle as I watched on a video. Is that a specific type of e-cig that I can find at a company that does not have the issues above? I am also looking at price. I agree the investment is worth it but I need to becareful with finances. Where should I start in terms of those factors?
  8. toddos

    toddos Super Member

    The V2 e-cig is just a regular old KR808D-1. There's nothing wrong with their product. The problem is with the company. Other vendors like Vapor4Life have been mentioned here, and they sell exactly the same thing.

    Like you, I initially wanted cartomizers (the two-piece e-cig where the atomizer is part of the cartridge) for cleanliness purposes. But then it got ridiculous throwing cartos away after a single use, and you don't get anywhere near the "full pack of cigarettes" that they claim. A carto might last between 8 and 10 analogs depending on how you vape, and I find myself topping them off after the equivalent of only 4 or 5 to avoid nasty burning flavors. Also, I wanted to branch out in flavors and the best way to do that is with separate juice orders.

    Filling a kr8 carto is pretty easy. You don't need a syringe or anything like that. Just pop the soft rubber cap (or hard plastic cap on some vendors' cartos) and drip some juice down the sides until the filler is wet. Cleaning is just as easy. Toss the cartos into boiling water for ~15 minutes, run them under cold water to cool them off, blow out the water (I do it from the open end, others blow from the battery end, either method works), and then let them dry overnight sitting open end-down on a paper towel.

    I'm not quite 3 weeks into vaping (will be 3 weeks next Tuesday), and I'm done buying pre-filled cartos. I have a stack of cartos I've cleaned and am reusing, 30 blanks I stocked up on during the last V4L playoff sale, and a bunch of juices (I found I really love Freedom Smoke USA's juices, especially their Cocoa, Wyatt Earp, RY4, and Rocking Chair). I fill my own cartos and love it, and I'm not longer paying $2+ per carto and throwing them away after a single use.

    I also have an eGo-T on the way from CigNot (hopefully should arrive by Tuesday, maybe by Monday if I'm lucky), and investing in juices for filling my own cartos means I'm stocked up and ready to start filling tanks as soon as it arrives.

    I still don't drip, though. Lots of people on ECF do, but it's just not something I'm really interested in. I also don't use atty/cart combos, since they seem to hold so little juice compared to a carto. Even once the eGo-T arrives, I'll still be filling kr8 cartos for my passthroughs.
  9. nmargio75

    nmargio75 New Member

    toddos - can I clarify something in your response. Are you saying that you use the old KR808D-1 and use a filling technique? In other words I can get blank or filled?
  10. SweetPuff

    SweetPuff Super Member

    I ordered the v2cigs starter kit...while the product is very good, the shipping was a nightmare. I had to call and instant msg them at least 4 times, and then tell them to just cancel my order an refund my money for them to ship out the order. I haven't had any issues w/ the batteries at all, but their charger has a "glitch" so you never really know when the battery is fully charged. The one plus they seem to have over v4l and other companies that sell cartos is that theirs are far superior than others i've tried (taste, how long they last, th, nic, etc.) Long story short, it would probably be best to purchase your kr808d1 elsewhere just to avoid the extreme frustration of waiting for a partially shipped order. If you're not in a rush though, their kit is really good for the price and the quality is good.
  11. toddos

    toddos Super Member

    You can refill both, though you'll want to clean any previously-used cartos unless you're filling with similar flavors.
  12. toddos

    toddos Super Member

    I have the same problem. It's supposed to display a green light when it's done, and it actually does, but it doesn't turn off the red light so you get an orange-looking light instead. However there is a foolproof way to know when it's done -- look at the tip of the battery. If it's still glowing, the battery is still charging. If it's not, check the light and if it's orange (tilt it around and you should see green around the edges of the LED port) the battery's done.
  13. IOU

    IOU Registered Supplier - Offline

    I too went through many stages of Vaping, one included the V2. The V2 product is nice and worked very well for me. I also experienced the huge delay in shipping, many live chat sesions regarding where my order was etc. They are another one of those companies that won't tell you that their product is just a rebranded KR808D-1 with nice shiny paint and their own logo, but you can get the same thing for much less at many other vendors. They also do not sell e-juice because they would like you to throw away cartos and order new ones through them (at an exceptionally high price).
  14. DeeLeeKay

    DeeLeeKay Super Member

    The V2 is no better then the other kr808d-1 batts. I currently use bloog. Their(bloog) cartomizers are vastly superior to V2's.
  15. toddos

    toddos Super Member

    Actually, V2 isn't quite that shady. They won't tell you the batteries are KR808D-1s, but if you click through to purchase a carto they do have a little note after the description saying, "NOTE: V2 Flavor Cartridges (Cartomizers) are compatible with all KR808D1 Threaded Electronic Cigarettes (i.e. Premium, V4L, etc.)"

    Oddly enough, that note is what made me check out Vapor4Life, after which I never bought anything from V2 again. Certainly an unintended consequence on their part :)

    I do find it weird that they sell blank cartos but no liquid to put in them.
  16. juicejunky

    juicejunky Vaping Master

    That video is actually kind of funny with all its falsehoods and exaggerations.
    If I were starting out with the KR-808D1 (industry standard. There is no old or new version) I'd keep it simple, but order cartomizer and battery security. You don't want to run out of either.

    Here's what I would order.

    Vapor King Ultimate XL Kit $65 (2 XL Manual batteries, Includes 2 chargers, the auto adaptor that runs the Passthru, and a passthru. No PCC or carry case, which are a waste. Mine are collecting dust, I'd rather use XL and carry a spare than deal with a PCC.)

    Vapor King Diamond Series Auto XL Battery $18.50 (This is the newest version similar to Bloog, supposedly. I think an auto might help with quitting. Some prefer them, but they are not great for refilling if you get juice in them. You need to try one anyway to see if you like them)

    20 Cartomizers - Buy 3 extra packs of cartomizers, get one pack of 5 with kit. Pick from tobacco, coffee, dessert, fruit, or fancy sampler packs that sound good to you. Order different strengths below and above what you might think you need. High will cure cravings, lower is good when you just feel like constantly vaping. You won't know what's right for you until you try it. No one can tell you.

    Don't worry about blanks and refilling yet. After you get your kit and see what you need and like, come back here and research juices and blank cartomizers. You'll want to hang here for quitting support anyway. An order will arrive in 3-4 days from most vendors, so you have plenty of time to restock with 20 cartomizers on hand.

    Lastly if you wait a few days Vapor4Life will probably have a Super Bowl sale. Sign up on their site to get the notice. Their current SuperSale30 30% off ran out tonight. Smilin15 I think always gets 15% off, if not try Smilin10 or Smilin5. I only buy during their sales, so I forget.

    Check other recommended vendors for similar equipment list. They may be cheaper. The vendor forum list has many good ones and no reallly bad ones. Don't worry about the colors matching cigarettes, it is frankly best that they don't. Cartomizers come in a rainbow of colors, so my preference is silver or black to not clash, but I do have some fun colors. If you don't like the length get the regular length batteries, but they won't last as long so you may want another extra one two.

    Just my opinion.

    Good luck vaping. Private Message me if you have questions.
  17. juicejunky

    juicejunky Vaping Master

    What's worse is they sell blanks with hard plastic caps that break coming off. Also they are designed without a sealed post in the middle so they leak like crazy when you refill them. Maybe they have switched back to soft cap ones, but the December ones they were selling were a nightmare.

    You can never tell what you will get from them because their cartomizers, batteries, and chargers keep changing spec depending what they just got in.
  18. toddos

    toddos Super Member

    I never ordered their blanks, but the pre-filled cartos I got from them were soft-tipped and easily refillable. I've boiled out a number of them for reuse and they worked well enough. Not so well that I'd go back to them and buy blanks, but at least their hardware isn't total trash (usually).
  19. yorkiegirl

    yorkiegirl Ultra Member Verified Member

    I'm very new to vaping but since I picked up my V2, I haven't smoked an analog. I think they have a very good product however they have many problems that are just not worth it. I placed an order but after reading on their forums about their shipping issues, I decided to give them a call to make sure they had everything I ordered in stock. Come to find out they didn't have the menthol cartos that I had ordered so I changed my order to chocolate and cowboy cartos and my order shipped right away except for the backordered carrying case. I recieved my order pretty quickly but I too have the issue with the charger not turning green when the battery is charged. My automatic battery won't charge at all so I contacted V2 and they are sending another one out. In the meantime I've been researching here and decided to buy a Riva from LF. I'm waiting on that to come and then I will be sending the v2 back and will use that money for parts and juices. I feel I paid way too much for the problems I'm already having yet I can't just totally bash them because I would still be smoking analogs if not for them.
  20. DeeLeeKay

    DeeLeeKay Super Member

    I tried with the V2. But their supply issues had me going back to analogs within the week.

    I am now 12 days no analogs with Bloog Cartos and batts. Am I am in love with myfreedomsmokes mint.
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